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About Wirehaired Portugese Podengo Medio
Fuzzy and adorable yet these primitive, prick eared scent/sight/speed hounds are fast and furious on critters such as raccoon, opossum, squirrel and most of all what they were bred for...rabbits. 2 or 3 could even take down a pig or deer for you. Some can even catch birds in the air and some actually enjoy going in the water.
You will enjoy a well trained Podengo Medio in the house with people but they don't mind being a kennel dog, either. They have a sharp, loud bark that lets you know when they have spotted or tagged game from a good distance. They have natural instinct to bring game back to the hunter.
You will appreciate their keen instincts and lovely personality. They can be tough with other dogs and small pets, so be wise.
In the right, experienced hands these dogs will excel in hunting. In Portugal (and here in the US with Portuguese Americans), some hunters who have these dogs run them with the beagles and take down dozens of bunnies in one hunt.
Hunting instinct is hard wired and comes naturally. Very few WPMs are untalented at hunting once introduced to the kill with good training. No breeders in America train for hunting yet. These dogs come loaded with instincts, though.
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Portuguese Podengo Medio
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 5 years.
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