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About Marshland Gun Dogs
Experience one of the Finest Gun Dogs Available Marshland Gun Dogs is a Midwest based kennel providing premier Pudelpointer gun dogs to hunters everywhere. We specialize in Pudelpointers, a breed that comes with exceptional blood lines and has proven extraordinary in the field. Bred for European field sporting competition which use live birds in real hunting situations, the Pudelpointer is bred to carry the traits that reinforce a natural hunting experience. Pudelpointers continue to be imported into North America to continually diversify the breed’s gene pool and reinforce the natural hunting traits of the breed.
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Anthony Bezenar
3640 Quarry Avenue
Anoka, Minnesota 55303
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: Brian Mustonen on Oct 09, 2012
I would just like to say thank you for my experience with Marshland Gundogs. From the day I met you standing in the pouring rain at the NA test in Hugo to this past weekend when I called with some questions you have been an invaluable resource. My experience with Marshland Gundogs has been nothing but spectacular. I thank you for taking all my calls which were more than a few. I met you in June 2011 and I must have called you at least every two weeks until the litter was born! You always took the time to talk with me and I appreciate that so much. Fisher is doing great and he is just what I asked you for! If he tracks in the NA test like he does now that part of the test is going to be in the bag!

Submitted by: Peter Jentz on Mar 29, 2011
This dog is incredible! He defies standards and is incredible in the field. This guy learns commands in minutes and shows his true love/instinct once out in the field. At nine weeks he is pounding through brush, maintaining acceptable distance and is fearless. At home he is proving to be an incredible companion and an incredible family/neighborhood dog!

Thank you so much for all your critical care and love for this breed, it has undoubtedly produced the finest dog I have ever owned.

He is whip smart, patient, conscious, and strives to please his master on a daily basis.


Thank you!

Peter Jentz

Submitted by: Doug Agustind on Mar 17, 2010
Hey Tony,
Chewy had his second set of shots on Monday - - he has gained 6 pounds and is healthy as a horse.
He is definitely mellower than Jaeger was - - and still getting along famously with his big sister, Marte.

By the way I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed and been impressed with how you run your operation.
First off, Your dogs are all in the house - - - which makes me feel good but more importantly, I think, makes for better balanced and better overall dogs.
Your knowledge of the breed and genetics is excellent and you obviously care about the dogs beyond just selling them. Your breeders agreement is also one of the best I have seen which again points to your concern for your dogs.
Even though I love pudelpointers, I would likely not have pursued getting another given the far flung locations of other breeders and the added issues that means, so it must have been fate that I ran into you at the store that day.

Thanks again for your loyalty and integrity to the breed!

Have a good one - - or if you have the time, have two!
Submitted by: Cale Ross on Jan 08, 2010
We had the opportunity to take the afternoon and go Pheasant hunting with my Dad.
Lots of fun was had... a couple of pics attached ( wish I had more of this hunt, but I was more interested in being in the moment than preserving it).

This was Bojan's first Pheasant hunt and I could not be more pleased. He was so excited when we arrived and I just let him explore and get into his groove. He did a great job of quartering in front of me and was always mindful of either my call or a simple whistle; he is so responsive and at this point I see no reason with his training to use a collar on him. Although, I know that can change. He really is learning how to use his nose. We were working some very tall grass and I loved watching him turn upwind and hunt for scent; tail a waggin' of course, but as he was on a scent it was all business. Low back, much more refined and very purposeful... Magnificent - He's just a puppy.

I know we have discussed a lot about training and I appreciate those conversations. You were absolutely right, training is necessary for some fundamental hunting skills and safety of the dog but, this breed is 90% inherent talent that comes out when they are exposed to just about any hunting environment. I am so confident, and by the way; excited; about this dogs future it's hard for me to put it into words. The skills he has shown already regarding retrieving ducks, pointing, scent following, blind retrieves and love of hunt have been very impressive.

A quick story, at the end of the hunt we were headed back to the truck and a rooster appeared out of nowhere across the horizon. My father took a very long shot that usually results in a down bird as he is a fantastic shot. Not the case here, he just dropped a leg on the rooster. Bojan watched and then marked the bird down, a good 150 yards into tall grass, with Crimson (my seasoned Visla) right behind him. What a sight... Not only did he immediately handle the bird's location, he simply picked it up and brought it to my Dad straight away. He never dropped it, lost course, or even lost sight of my Dad. The bird was not yet dead and in fact was very much alive but injured. He is not hard mouthed at all but seemed to know how to hold the bird with enough pressure to not let it get away. Very nice, I've seen dogs chew a bird up before they get back from a long retrieve. Then Bojan put the bird into my Dad's hand and when I said "leave it", he just released. My Dad was speechless!

Oh, and by the way, as I write this Bojan is right here next to me relaxing from the fun time we were blessed with today. I can't even tell you how much of a great all around family member he is. From going to my Son's football practices to listening intently to my Daughter practice her clarinet, to getting along with (and bonding with Crimson) he is no doubt a big part of our family. He's very people friendly and when I take him on a walk I rarely ever use a leash because he has taken to his commands training so well. When I say "HUP" he is right by my side, no matter what. What a great friend I have found in him!

Tony, once again, thanks for your dedication to the breed. Myself and I'm sure many others appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,
Submitted by: Tim Payne on May 06, 2009
I acquired a pudelpointer pup from Tony & Trixie Bezenar of Marshland Gun Dogs late in the summer of 2008. I was happy to see that they ran a small operation out of their home in a suburban setting. It was obvious to me that the Bezenar's were very proud of their dogs; they were well cared for and well loved. Tony was passionate about the dogs and genetics behind their carefully planned “A” litter. We selected a little female and named her Alice. We have been more than happy with our addition.

At nine months she has developed from a little brown shoe shredding machine into a beautiful, stylish, intelligent, and trainable young dog. Very importantly, Alice is all about birds, 24/7. It is her life’s mission to hunt and she absolutely knows it. Although this is my first pudelpointer, I am not a rookie bird dog owner. Her natural abilities in the field are all there, with loads of intensity and desire. Without having begun force breaking for retrieval, she has retrieved every bird shot over her without stopping short or dropping birds, and overall, with a soft mouth. Autumn just can’t arrive soon enough!

Just as importantly, Alice is a sweet dog around the home and well integrated into our family. At nine months, she has developed a wonderful personality. Alice always takes whatever our four and six year old children “dish out” with her tail wagging. She is a very enthusiastic playmate. People frequently stop to ask questions about Alice when we are out on walks. Almost everyone initially thinks they are looking at a first generation cross between a poodle and a pointer when I mention the breed...I will forever be explaining our pudelpointer! She is a joy to own. I am very proud to own a dog of her quality from Marshland Gun Dogs. I’m looking forward to many, many hunts down the road. Thanks Tony!

Tim Payne
Roseville, MN
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