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Submitted by: Sue Daniels on Feb 13, 2015
Kaden breeds dogs with great personalities. We couldn't be happier with Abbey. We have had Labrador retrievers for at least 35 years, and Abbey possesses those lab qualities you're after. Healthy, happy (always has the tail wagging), smart as a whip, fast learner, constant companion and a nose and enthusiasm for hunting. She is truly a joy. Kaden was super easy to work with, accommodating in every way.
Submitted by: RICHARD HER on Feb 13, 2015
I have seen the dad run numerous times at akc hunt test and has hunted with him. By far Maxis has been the best dog I have hunted with in my 8 years of hunting. I had the opportunity to purchase one of the female pup from him and can't be happier. always wanting to please their master and she also received her jr title at 11 months. Their dogs are worth the $$$. Thanks kaden
Submitted by: THAI MOUA on Feb 12, 2015
Owning a dog at this caliber has been a blessing. This is my first hunting dog and he has be a great asset in the blind. Also at 10 months we passed our first ack jr hunt test and titled him a month later. Couldn't be more satisfied.
Submitted by: Pat on Feb 12, 2015
We got Hunter from Kadens Labs as a started 15 month old Lab this fall. From the begging it was obvious that Kaden was a pro trainer. Hunter was amazing, me and my two boys hunted him hard all fall, mainly duck hunting. It didn't matter what conditions, cold or hot, shallow & muddy, deep fast current or cattail retrieves he always passed the test. The best part is that he will calmly sit by your side for hours until it's time to work then he will break ice or knock down cattails if need be to make the retrieve. I have owned several labs from different breeders over the past 25 years and have finally found the last breeder / blood line I will ever own.
Submitted by: Troy Dodge on Jul 25, 2014
I have had Rex for three months now. What a great dog. He is a fast learner. Training him is so easy I think he is training me. They have great dogs and worth every penny. Thanks for letting me in the family. Troy
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