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About Houdini Llewellin Setters, LLC

Dedicated to breeding healthy, field tested, intelligent gun dogs that are also wonderful calm family pets. .

These gun dogs make great pheasant, chuckar, quail and grouse hunting partners, they work for you NOT for themselves in the field. 

All my breeding stock has been health checked and screened to produce only the best.  DNA registered Llewellin Setters - FDSB registered, NOT IPBDA the "created" registry.

I am continually trying to improve my breeding program by evaluating what other breeders have in their kennel, if I like what I see I may incorporate a certain line into my breeding program. Our dogs are not only hunted but a number of my foundation stock are field trialed in the American Field and AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests. Most of the foundation stock have field trial placements, hunt test titles and the cream of the crop are all out of my American Field CH. Arties Royal Mac. At this time Mac is one of three living llewellins in the USA that is a true AF Champion. I believe he still has the most Amercian Field horseback placements of any living llewellin setter so far. Not only is Mac an AF CH. in walking trials he also has a horse back AKC Field Champion (FC) title and is a point short of his AFC title. These same dogs that compete and place in the field trial arena against all breeds are intelligent enough to adapt to hunting the 30 acre hunting preserve field that requires the 50 to 70 yard dog vs. the 300+ yard field trial dog when hunted on horseback. I feel it is very important to start with not only hunt proven dogs but Field Trial proven dogs, the way the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) intended when it started back in 1874. Look around you will see some of the next generation llewellin kennels and llewellins running in American Field are from my foundation stock, so I must be doing something right.
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Randy J Herman
9460 Elmore Ave.
Lonsdale, Minnesota 55046
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Adam Malcheff on Aug 05, 2017
I looked long and hard across the United States before purchasing a new dog. I work in the hunting industry and needed a great pheasant dog but also needed an easy dog to stay at home with my wife and 2 young kids while I travel. I found the perfect breeder and line with Randy at Houdini Llewellin Setters. I have hunted with several of his dogs and my dog "Citori" is a joy at home and in the field. She is more than willing to lay around the house all day if needed, but the minute you get her in the field she flips the switch and becomes a bird finding machine. Citori is a joy and I am sure I will own another Houdini Llewellin soon. Keep up the great work Randy!
Submitted by: Andy U on Oct 18, 2016
My wife and I were looking for a great family pet with a strong personality, beautiful looks, and the right temperament. We discovered Llewellyns and immediately fell in love with their intelligence, instincts, and kind personalities. We adopted our dog Lou from Randy and Terry and he has become an instant part of our family. He is whip smart, has a soft mouth, and loves to please.

Randy and Terry could not have been better to work with. Definitely recommend.
Submitted by: Bill Orndorf on Mar 24, 2015
I have bought two llews from Randy. It is very tough to purchase anything sight unseen, let alone an animal (two in my case) that will be part of your family for the next 15 years. Matching personalities with potential owners I assume has to be tough. Randy and I spoke and he matched my families wants and needs with what we would consider to be the finest two dogs I could have hoped for. The dogs are perfectly matched with us and each other. Everyday is an adventure with Ranger and Axe. They are energetic, loving, birdy as heck and smart as whips. They came perfectly socialized with bold personalities and drive to spare. I probably sound like a proud parent but thats exactly what I am. Randy is a joy to deal with and I have to say the dogs are even better than promised. AAA+++. If I can answer any questions about my experience, please feel free to call me at 321-505-4609.
Submitted by: Bryan Wentz on Nov 24, 2014
We purchased Whiskey from Randy at Houdini. She is a great dog with a great nose. This year was her first year hunting and she locked on to a bunch of Pheasants and holds a point. Whiskey does good in her kennel as well as in the house. If I was going to get another setter it would be from Randy.
Submitted by: Mark Rose on Nov 07, 2014
I am an avid Upland bird hunter. After a long wait, I was finally in a position to purchase a Llewellin. I did my homework and decided to contact Randy at Houdini Setters. It was a great decision. Randy and Terry have answered all of my questions, and made the decision to purchase from them a no brainer; from picking out the pup, to questions on training, and puppy care, they stepped up and have been very helpful. This customer attention has continued after the purchase.

So, what did I end up with for a pup?

I recently sent her off for puppy training/bird introduction with a highly regarded trainer. The trainer's description "very high prey drive, tough gritty little pup, overachiever." With those words, I am looking forward to watching her develop.

Thanks Randy
Submitted by: Travis Raske on Nov 02, 2014
After hunting over a friends' Llewellin Setter years back, I started my search for one on the internet and found a couple breeders that had available pups, but after talking with Randy on the phone, I knew he understood what I was looking for in a companion. I am an avid hunter, but live in town with my wife and 3 young boys so I needed a dual purpose dog as he is in our home more than we hunt. Randy answered all of my questions and was very honest and professional. He understands the breed and matched the litter with my family's needs.

My pup is now a year and a half, he has the best calm temperament, was easy to train at home and has a natural field ability. He picked up house training fast along with basic obedience; heel, come and whoa. He is a beautiful tricolor with long legs and gets lots of compliments on behavior and appearance on walks. In the field, he is fun to watch run big in the pheasant grass, and weave his tall, slender body through the grouse woods. He holds his head high on points with his tail curled up, very stylish. He has guided youth hunts for Pheasants Forever and been the favorite of the kids. He is a dog that people are attracted to because of his disposition and his ability to point birds.

I am very pleased with my dog and recommend Randy Herman and Houdini Llewellin Setters without reservation.
Submitted by: Chris Vesperman on Oct 02, 2014
Awesome breeder! My first dog ever. Got a male Llewellin from Randy and have been so happy!

We have two kids 7 & 6 and they (and their friends) pile on the dog and play and he just loves it. I've had many questions about training, first aid, you name it and Randy has been so helpful. Pheasant hunt and grouse hunt and he's got great drive, very smart, very trainable...then get him home and he's a sweetheart, cuddler! Took him out to SD last year on his first 'big' hunt right after his 2nd birthday, after the first day one of the regulars asked if I'd trade him for his lab! :-) They couldn't believe his ability, from a newbie dog owner such as myself.

We often put his bed in the kids rooms and he loves to sleep with them. Can't say enough...Great dogs, Great breeder!!!
Submitted by: Mike Ramsey on Sep 26, 2014
I have owned Llewellins since 1975 from a number of sources. Randy Herman at Houdini was the most helpful and thorough in all aspects of the transaction. The pup I purchased arrived here on the west coast in perfect condition and already socialized! The pup was hunting at 5 months on sage grouse in harsh conditions with success. At 6 months she had held pheasants and chukars (my favorite) in northern Nevada and at 10 months merns quail in Arizona. She is now 17 months and has been successful on sage grouse again. The dog is the best hunter I have owned and exhibits natural ability for finding and holding birds. As for family life she is a dream. I knew when I picked up the pup at the airport that Randy had spent considerable effort to socialize her. It was great to receive updated videos of the litter at play. She arrived at the airport relaxed and ready to play rather than the usual freighted little fuz ball. I would most certainly buy another pup from Houdini Llewellin Setters for both the quality of the dogs and the first class service.
Submitted by: Robin Krueger on Sep 05, 2014
I own two setters from Houdini Llewellin Setters. They are amazing dogs and hunters. The process of buying these puppies was easy and a pleasure. Mr. Herman’s kennel is in an area near me so I was able to stop and meet the litter. He listened to my needs and helped me pick a perfect dog. I was so pleased with the first Setter, we reserved another pup from the next litter. I was able to pick up the puppies and it was an easy exchange. I was giving all the pups papers and lots of information on registration and how to set up the locating chip which I had put in both dogs. Randy Herman and Houdini Llewellin Setters, LLC has get setters and you will be very pleased with the dogs you get there.
Robin Krueger
Submitted by: Lee Clancy on Sep 01, 2014
I came to Randy and Houdini Llewellin Setters (HLS) to simply purchase a gun dog. What my family and I got in return was something that we truly had not expected. From the moment I spoke to Randy on the phone inquiring about puppies for sale, I could sense the true passion he has for these dogs and breeding the best Llewellin Setter possible. But, Randy’s passion alone wasn’t enough to convince me that HLS was the right breeder for my family. What truly sold me on HLS was how business decisions are made on the best possible outcome for the customer AND the dog, even if those decisions may impact the bottom line. Randy loves these dogs, cares greatly where they end up, and that they will have a long and fulfilled life.

Another major benefit of working with Houdini Llewellin Setters has been the ease of access to information. Randy has always been easy to contact with training questions, food needs, help with hunting gear, and recommendations for professional trainers and shooting preserves. I never expected to get this much help from a breeder.

And most importantly, the dog that I received from Randy has been EXTRAORDINARY. Houdini’s Upland Chase (Chase) is an absolute machine when he’s in the field and a complete joy to have in the home. He’s calm, polite, was easy to train and is a lot of fun to be around. So, thank you Houdini Llewellin Setters for not only an amazing hunting dog but a new best friend.
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