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Since 1982, Holzinger Kennels has developed an award winning, World class training program that can be fully customized to your hunting and obedience needs.

Holzinger Kennels also offers access to a stable of top quality, award winning Labrador Retriever Stud Dogs and litters of recently born Labrador puppies.

With our years of experience in careful breeding, and countless hours of training and fieldwork, Holzinger Kennels is dedicated to producing and training the finest upland game bird dogs available.

Holzinger Kennels is located on 600 acres of prime hunting and training grounds in Prior Lake. We are located 30 minutes south of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Terry Holzinger
2920 East 220th Street
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Laura on Jul 21, 2016
On 7/20/2016 9:21 PM, Chad Nelson wrote:
Terry and Laura,

I was just enjoying the videos of Colt's pointing demonstration again.

What a great year for us with Lute getting his master title and Colt doing so well with his pointing!

We can't thank you enough for all of the great training you have given to Ole, Garth, Lute and Colt (and Patrice and I!) since we picked up Ole and Garth in 2007.

Our dogs mean so much to our family, and to have had all of them be such nice dogs, and to do so well in the field, has been very rewarding. You have helped us pick pups, learn how to deal with them, take them to a high level of performance, and even deal with loss.

Thank you, we wish you continued success!
Chad T. Nelson
Submitted by: Todd Fuchs on May 23, 2013
Terry & Laura,

Holzinger’s Black Ice (3-2-12 Riley x Baily)

Ice is doing great. He is by far the best dog I have ever owned. I do not remember Terry mentioning that he might point. Man does he ever.
He started pointing almost immediately and seen a lot of birds last fall in North Dakota. Ice has an amazing nose. He can wind a bird from 30 yards (and more), whirl around, lock up on point and hold it until I get there.

The instincts are really coming out as he is getting more experienced. I cannot say enough about the breeding you are doing and cannot wait till the time comes for another dog. I will expect to pick something from one of your breeding’s. Please keep up the excellent work.

I entered him in all 3 of the LCRC competition hunts this winter. He pointed every single bird without fail. He had 4 runs between 3-5 minutes (10 months old at the time). By the 3rd hunt, I had people asking if they could walk with to see the “super dog” in action. I have had no less than 5 club members (one whom I have not seen in 2 years) compliment me on how well Ice is doing (word travels fast I guess).

Since the day I brought him home he has enjoyed heavy cover. He is especially fond of the cattails. We were in North Dakota between Christmas and New Years and the only cover left with all the snow was cattails. All the birds were crammed into the cattails after we drove them out of the trees. Ice absolutely had a field day with all the birds holding so tight. It was the ultimate hunt for him at an impressionable time. From then on, he just attacked the cover. He never just walks down the path.

Now we are training for more of the hunt test type activities. Marks, more formal obedience and yard work. He definitely likes finding birds better than training, but hey, nothing wrong with a bird finding machine, right?.

What would a great hunting dog be without being a wonderful citizen in the house. Now I do more with my dogs than many, but still, much of the downtime is spent in the house. Ice is absolutely spectacular in our home. He lays on his pillow and watches hunting shows with me. What more could you ask for?

Thanks for everything,

Todd Fuchs

Secretary, Greater Minnesota
Hunt Test Association

P.S. The best part about this dog is:

My wife likes him
Submitted by: Tom Gertz on Apr 05, 2012
Terry Holzinger (Holzinger Kennels) has trained two of my dogs, the second one for formal obedience and gun dog training (which went great but more on that later) but the first dog I brought to Terry was a “last chance” effort to rescue a young gun dog I had bought elsewhere, that dog was not properly socialized and sadly fearful of humans, constantly cowering and unmanageable because of the constant retreating, disobeying and hiding due to its fear. The dog was frustrating to own but simultaneously would break our hearts. I tried two full time trainers to help this dog and graciously the last trainer told me “I can do no more for your dog, you should contact Terry Holzinger, I think he may be able to help your dog”.
It took patience and a couple days to even coax “Remy” from their training kennels but I am so happy to share that Remy responds well to basic obedience today and hunts and retrieves with a waging tail. While he will never be a lap dog with strangers he is fully integrated into our family.
I share this story because Terry’s ability with gun dogs deserves the accolades that are common within the gun dog training world but this is the kind of “unsung hero” story only possible with someone with a gentle understanding of all the nuances of dog behavior that come from such experience and care.
Per that second dog – this time we bought a pup from one of Terry’s blood lines – Terry did the training and she was just awarded High Point 2012 “Pro Flushing Puppy of the Year” in N.A.T.H.A. (North American Tournament Hunting Association).
Belle traveled the circuit and made the podium the majority of the time. We love both our dogs; my thanks to Terry and Laura at Holzinger Kennels for helping us realize our hopes.
You are more than welcome to contact me for more details.
Submitted by: david karan on Mar 21, 2012
Our family has known Terry Holzinger for more than 20 years. During that time he has trained 6 of our hunting dogs and we have purchased 3 wonderful Labs from him.
Terry has a natural, innate instinct for dog training. He is patient but insistent. Thej dogs know what to expect from Terry. He is consistent with his expectations. It is apparent that Terry likes dogs and they know that too. Reward is also part of his training. Terry just knows dogs.
The 3 Labs we bought from Terry were wonderful hunting dogs as weoll as gret family pets. In the field it is all business but at home they are lovable and eager to please. Our current Lab, the Mighty Quinn, is outgoing, curious and just plain loves people. We could not ask for more in a hunting dog or a companion.
All in all we consider ourselves fortunate to have crossed paths with Terry Holzinger.
Submitted by: James Anderson on Feb 22, 2012
As a rule, I don’t like to post recommendations or reviews of products and services. Here, however, I’m happy to make an exception.

From my first telephone conversation with Laura to my last training session with Terry and Joe (and every telephone call and e-mail in between), I simply cannot say enough good things about the experience I’ve had with Holzinger Kennels.

Being a novice in the world of hunting dogs, I appreciated Terry and Laura’s responsiveness to every question I had along the way. Particularly important to me was Terry’s willingness to teach not only the “how” but also the “why” when it comes to his training program.

And, of course, the level of training my Pointer pup has received is absolutely fantastic and her development (both in the field and around the house) reflects that.

I don’t doubt that there are other very fine dog trainers and dog training facilities out there. But I can honestly say that based upon my experience, I would not consider sending my dog anywhere else.
Submitted by: Susan Schmidt on Jan 09, 2012
In 1995 my husband George and I contacted you regarding purchasing a puppy. It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of our lives.  We got a male from a breeding of Brock and Redfield's Flying Nun. Our new puppy flew to Montana by himself and walked out of his kennel like he owned the world. Because we took a chance on buying a puppy sight unseen, we named him "Chance". One of our saddest days was when he passed away. We do have reminders of him though in dogs we bred for ourselves and our son. I just wanted you to know how great we think he was and the dogs we have now carry on his hardworking, kind personality. Chance did receive his Senior Hunter Title. We no longer do Hunt tests because of time. The reason I am writing is because we have a friend looking for a puppy so I looked your kennel up on line.  I am glad to see that you are still producing amazing dogs. I am going to recommend that our friend contact one of the breeders who have litters coming.

Thanks again.
Submitted by: Chris Hussman on Oct 22, 2011
I brought my 7 month old male Lab “Rufeo” (a Holzinger-Baker pup) in to Terry for his “Kindergarten” and “Grade School” training. I was really impressed with both programs and pleased with how quickly he had improved and how thoroughly the lessons had been taught. Terry is a skilled professional, demonstrating patience, knowledge and has always taken the time to help me better understand how to maintain the skills Rufeo had learned and how to continue setting him up for success.

Now Rufeo is a great hunting companion, he is ‘birdy, marks well and has a fire for retrieving, He also handles well and is well mannered. He has won the Pointing Division Championship at a local hunt club at the age of 9 months, is now an AKC Junior Hunter and I am confident he will complete his last two passes for his Senior Hunter title this coming spring. These successes came from the solid foundations that were taught by Terry at Holzinger kennels.

Terry and Laura maintain kennels that are clean, modern, safe and secure and the training grounds at Holzinger’s are a bird dog’s paradise offering every learning environment necessary (e.g. technical ponds, fields, birds etc.) for a winning training experience.

Rufeo will be back!
Chris Hussman, Champlin, MN
Submitted by: Dick Burtness on Oct 14, 2011
Good morning, just returned from 4 days of upland hunting in western ND and thought I would give you some thoughts!! First, I have known you now for more than 20 years and thru the kelsey years ,the 3 years of trying to reach closure on losing her which still has not happened and likely never will and now with 3 years of Rosie both products of your skills I have to tell you that no matter how big the bucket of financial gain, collection of toys, and quality of life you have earned and enjoyed I am not sure you take time to reflect on the impact you have on likely thousands of pet owners who you have directly impacted there lives with your high level of talent in training. I hope no matter how busy your days are you and Laura take an occasional; timeout to really appreciate all the great days you are responsible for in the world of the outdoors. As for Rosie I am simply amazed . Her solid points, her 100% retrieve to hand on 16 birds, her refusal to move an inch when first rooster flushed and died and yet she knew another one was coming, then when it also hit the ground her ability to mark both and retrieve both was very impressive. Great, great days and Rox and I THANK YOU !!
The best to both of you
Dick and Rox
Submitted by: Jeff Kosek on Jul 12, 2011
I purchased a yellow lab via Holzinger's website and Taylor is the stud dog. My dog Jaws is 2 years old and has exceeded my expectations. I've put my dog through 12+ weeks of training and he continues to learn, expand his capabilities and wants more.

Jaws is more white than yellow has a blocky head and taller than most labs. Which I love as he stands up taller in pheasant grass and swims faster than other labs. Jaws is a thinker....I've witnessed him making amazing retrieves and is outsmarting the wiliest roosters and he's only 2. He has a calm demeanor around the family, loves attention and being petted but when it's hunting time he has energy and excitement that I've not witnessed with my previous dogs. Several of my friends who I hunt with own pointers or labs would like to purchase a puppy from me if/when I breed Jaws.

I've had an excellent experience with Jaws and will continue to recommend and purchase dogs from Holzingers.
Submitted by: Pat Cunningham on May 27, 2011
I can't say enough about Holzinger Kennels! Terry trained Chili my female lab a few years ago. Thanks to Terry Chili went from a basic hunting dog to a AKC. SH. and a APLA Cert. pointing retriever.And is now used as a Professional guide dog in S.D. and MN. for upland and ducks. Besides Terry's great training skills, his knowledge of dogs and breeding is second to none. Terry has produced some of the best dogs out there. Terry and his wife Laura are the best out there when it comes to training and breeding dogs. I have been lucky enough to breed Chili to two of Terry's great stud dogs.That produced some great all around dogs. Thanks Holzinger's for everything
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