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About AF's German Shorthairs & Fellows Shorthairs

AF's German Shorthairs is an established group of families and friends located in the Rochester Minnesota area who take great pride in raising and occasionally breeding AKC registered German Shorthaired Pointers.

One of the main members to AF's German Shorthairs, is the Fellows Shorthairs. Fellows Shorthairs started in the breed around the early 1980's.

This is what AF's German Shorthairs & Fellows Shorthairs is truly about;
We are a group of families that work together to create what we think, "Are that ONCE in a lifetime dog!" With this statement we attempt to breed as close to the AKC breed standard as possible and try to create happy healthy dogs! We believe all shorthairs and our shorthairs need to live up to the word VERSITILE, by this we expect our dogs to be;

1. FAMILY dogs first
2. Have the ability to HUNT both land, water, fur and feather!
3. Have the CONFORMATION that is correct and functional.
4. Have long and HEALTHY lifes for both you and your pet to enjoy!

Bob Sr. with his limited time because of the Boarding Grooming and Day Care Business takes limited appointments for Gun Dog Training. The same people who run Fellows Shorthairs also runs Bob's Animal Friends Boarding, Grooming and Day Care in Rochester. If you need boarding or training for your Gun Dog contact Bob Sr at Bob's Animal Friends Shop phone 507-280-9572

AF's German Shorthairs & Fellows Shorthairs

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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: Beth Tollefson on Apr 18, 2016
I bought my dog Maggie from a litter they had. She has been nothing short of amazing and so have Bobby Jr and Bob Sr. From making sure I was the right owner for the dog and then follow up once I got her and weekly dog care I have always felt they had my back and were there to help me and answer any questions. Their love of dogs is very apparent.
Submitted by: Matt on Apr 17, 2016
Unbelievable find!!! I got back from a hunting trip in South Dakota and was looking for a local German shorthair breeder. Ended up talking to Bob and Bobby from AF's German Shorthairs & Fellows Shorthairs. After meeting these guys and telling them the type of shorthair I was interested in they got back to me. Turns out they had a 5 month old pup from a female that their awesome stud Gus had bred. Apparently this boy was considered kind of a reject by the other breeder as he can not be a show dog because of spots on one side of his nose. He is absolutely beautiful. Not only that though, the dog loves everyone, is very well behaved, but at the same time is an excellent hunter. I could not ask for any thing more. The bloodlines these guys have kept for decades are incredible. My hats off to these guys!!!
Submitted by: Hal on Aug 11, 2015
Hi, my name is Hal!

I didn't purchase a puppy from Fellows Shorthairs, but I purchased a re-worked rescued shorthair from Bob Sr. Someone found this male running and put him in their garage and contacted Bob, after waiting several days and contacting local vets and humane societies, nobody claimed the missing guy, so Bob re-worked my boy who is now called "lantern" Bob did personal training with me and helped make sure by checking in frequently if he was fitting into the home or if I had any problems or troubles. Lantern is old now, but he was my hunting buddy for years and I owe it all to Bob! I am getting old now too but if I ever plan on getting another dog with Lantern goes, It would be from BOB.
Submitted by: Renae Fiek on Aug 05, 2015
Absolutely wonderful breeders, boarders, trainers, and animal lovers. Their passion for dogs is extraordinary. Five stars
Submitted by: Tj on Aug 05, 2015
Unbelievable puppies, great temperament, natural abilities and very Birdy. Breeders are very knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend to everyone !!!
Submitted by: Laura on Aug 05, 2015
The best!!!! They're so incredibly knowledgeable about the breed (really all breeds) and extremely responsible, honest people/breeders. Their puppies are beautiful! Definitely recommend!
Submitted by: Risa on Aug 05, 2015
Great family. My dog Cairo was non-social. I took him for day care and he is much better now. I appreciate their help and knowledge.
Submitted by: Carol on Aug 05, 2015
We obtained our German Shorthair Pointer,Carl, from Fellows Shorthairs. He was 5 years old when he joined our family, and very well trained. We have had questions, occasionally, and they have always been eager to help!
Submitted by: Adam on Jul 29, 2015
Great group of guys! From Robert to Robert this family goes the extra mile to help out. You don't just buy a dog from these guys you get a new family who helps you out each step of the way!
Submitted by: James on Jul 21, 2015
Fellows Shorthairs are one of the best! They are extremely knowledgeable about bloodlines within the breed, training, nutrition, hunting style, and matching up the right pup with the right person! Very easy to talk to and all around wonderful people! With 30+ years in Shorthairs I am glad to have them as a great resource for information on all aspects of the breed. The longevity of their dogs, plus good looks and hunting ability, you cannot go wrong with a dog from them!
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