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We have nine video's of three of our stud dogs upland hunting and land/water marks and blinds.  Trooper is a 4 x Grand Master Pointing Lab.  It shows him upland hunting, pointing and steady to flush. Please go to to view the videos.    

With over 25 years experience, we have bred, trained and competed with some of the most recognized field trial, hunt test/hunting, and pointing lab lines in the country.  By selectively breeding some of the best American and British bloodlines, Cashman Kennels' mission is to produce an amazing all-around gun dog with sound genetics.  Our stud dogs have AKC SH & MH Titles, Grand Master Pointing Lab and International Show CH title.  Our studs are OFA good or excellent, Normal elbows and CERF, DNA tested clear of PRA, EIC and CNM.  There are always quality puppies available out of our studs listed on our website    

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Karen & Matt Cashman
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Bob Wiltse on Jan 25, 2014
Matt & Karen,

I have owned & trained retreivers since 1977 and after looking in many directions to find "That Lab". I decided after talking to Karen for the first time a year ago this month to choose a Yellow Male puppy from a Trooper litter who was a little smaller in stature and weighing in as an adult at between 65 - 70 lbs.

Our male yellow "Tucker" is one of three males & six females from the breeding of Trooper and Larry Hansen's Prairie Marsh Maggie of Tracy, MN.

Tucker was introduced to our home in June of 2013 and brought so much joy and happiness to our entire family (granddaughters included.) Within a few days I introduced him to a lake close to home beginning in June of 2013 and we spent the mornings of everyday there last summer as he instantly became an extremely adept swimmer, consistently and playfully enjoying the retreives with a "Teal" Dead Fowl Trainer.

Afternoons have been full of fun, obedience training, field work on my acreage and introduction to decoys (both field & water). He spent two weeks at Dokkens Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN for his Intro to Gun & Live Birds the latter part of October 2013 and has been back there a couple times since for live bird work by Harold Nielsen, the Head Trainer and their staff.

He is now 9 months old and to date, I have shot 56 upland birds over him including the 10 Chukars he started out on back in November of 2013 @ 6 months of age where he went into a full "locked" point on his first hunt at Bear Creek Hunting Preserve in Hinckley, MN.

He certainly is Troopers son! So much drive, determination and intelligence! He hunts so hard and absolutely drives the Pheasants right out of their roosts.
In December @ 7 months of age, he flushed a pair of Roosters that he had tracked hard into a strong NW headwind for 75 yards and when they flushed, I knocked down the first bird to my left and I could tell he wasn't hit real well. The bird hit the ground running with Tucker right on him and they both disappeared out of sight and out of sound.

A long 5 minutes elapsed and I hit the whistle 4 -5 times. I waited another four (4) minutes and I looked to my left and here was Tucker, Rooster in his mouth and looking at me exhausted and very proud!!

With all the snow we have had and two (2) feet of it standing on the ground, I have actually witnessed Tucker hunting completely under the snow and putting Roosters in the air.

At the end of the day, Tucker is all the Lab we could have ever wanted. He will curl up on the couch next to you and he always keeps one eye on me knowing full well that at any minute I'll tell him "Let's Go and Hunt 'em up" or "let's go get the bird". He is such an athlete with great intellect and comprehension skills.

In all I have seen him accomplish in a short nine (9) months and watching him grow and learn everyday, I simply can't imagine the "Yellow Lab" that this son of Trooper will turn out to be. He is my "Best Buddy" who wakes me every morning and he is always ready and right at my side when we take our daily walks on the 400 Acre wetland (now frozen) that backs right up to our west property line.

I simply cannot thank you both enough for this Hunter, Pointer and fantastic companion that has graced our home.

Bob Wiltse
Stephanie Young

Submitted by: Andrew Lyke on Nov 26, 2012
Almost four years ago my wife and I decided we were ready to find our perfect puppy, and after visiting a number of breeders and their dogs we decided that Cashman Kennels was the perfect breeder. Upon seeing Trooper and his demeanor, drive, and friendliness we knew he would help make sure we had the right puppy. After our visit my wife said “can we just buy Trooper?” I laughed a little but said if our dog is even half as amazing as Trooper is we will have a great dog, and to this day Sadie is everything we could have hoped in a Dog. I wanted a smaller hunting dog that would also be great with our kids and she is both. She is very much like Trooper, when it is time to hunt pheasants she is all business and lives to hunt and when we get home she relaxes waiting for the next trip. At ten months old she went on her first trip to South Dakota and the first morning on the first day flushed and retrieved three birds for me on the first walk, this is when I knew that I had made a great choice and that she would be a great hunter like her dad Trooper and mom Sage.

At the age of two she started to point naturally in the field, like Trooper does, and it has made hunting so much fun sometimes you forget to bet ready to shoot. I recently watched the video of Trooper in the field pointing a pheasant and it was like watching my dog when they stop on a dime, I doubt she will ever be as proficient as Trooper but she is everything I wanted. Most labs I have hunted with work methodically through a field, Sadie is like Trooper running through the fields faster covering more ground to catch the scent of a pheasant. Once that scent is found get ready because their nose will not lie, until I saw this video I kept thinking she must be missing birds. After watching the video it all makes sense and that she is just like Trooper in the way she hunts.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an amazing dog for hunting and as a pet to consider one of Troopers offspring, I know when we get ready for our next dog I will make sure that it comes from Cashman Kennels and hopefully from Troopers bloodlines. Thanks again for the care you put into breeding great dogs, not everyone out there puts the passion you do into breeding amazing dogs.
Submitted by: Steve Feist on Nov 15, 2012
I have been out hunting for the past 3 days with Tikka, a pup from Rough, also Charlie and Trooper in the background. Tikka has met all my expectations and then some. I’ve shot 8 birds in the last 3 days, and she has pointed 4. My buddy is in disbelief on how well she listens and how good of a hunter as she is at such a young age. She doesn’t miss anything, she hears everything, sees everything on the ground and in the sky. She is an awesome companion and hunting buddy. She likes to snuggle and is very, very affectionate. She is submissive to other dogs, not a mean streak in her bones. She is everything that you said she would be.
Submitted by: Casey Luepke on Nov 15, 2012
I was just going to send you a quick update on Reva. (CharlieXTex) She is turning out to be everything that her sister was and more. She has been extremly easy since day 1. Incredibly smart, loves to work, and very good looking. She spent a few weeks at Pine Shadows kennel when she was about 5 months old. There they introduced to her to birds, guns, quartering and an extreme amount of exposure to people, kids, dogs, etc. I have brought my last couple dogs there and they do an extremly good job getting dogs started on the right track. Morgan the head trainer there had nothing but good things to say about her. He said everyday she came out of the kennel or trailer she was wanting to work and has an extreme amount of want to please in her. I asked him where he rates her with other labs he has comes through there kennel at her age etc., and he said she was right at the top. She was quartering right at the level their springers were at her age level. When i picked her up he told me that she has an excellent balance of qualities and talents and ended telling me he wouldn't hesitate to breed this young gal when she grows up. He said he sees alot of potential to play the hunting dog events to a high level whether it be bird dog competitions, or hunt tests. I took her home and we then went on to the obedience. I drilled her hard on the obedience for about 2 months. She was extremly sharp sit, stay, heal and started place. She was retrieving right back to me and going to her place board 25-30 yards on command waiting for her next mark at 7 months old. She surprises me all the time how fast she picks up on things and once she does it just sticks. About a month ago i dropped her off with a guy by the name of Matt Johnson of Duckwater Retrievers. So far i have heard nothing but good things from him also. He called me after about three weeks and said she was steady on marks, rapping up force fetch. He had just started 3 handed casting, whistle sit, and pile work soon. I asked him how she handles the day to day training and he said she loves the work. He also added she had come into heat and beings she was going through that she was handling it extremly well. I kinda had told him i had been really hoping she had the talent for upper level hunt tests beings i liked so many other qualities about her. He told me after the first month now that he sees the potential there for sure! I absolutly love this dog and am really excited to see what we can get accomplished in the next year.
Submitted by: Mike Siegler on Apr 04, 2012
Ms Cashman,
Dutch is a Black male sired by Charlie and Trooper's full sister Chas. I just finished entering him in his first Junior Hunt Test. This will be the first of many Hunt Tests. I could not help remembering my wife and I brought him home almost a year ago. My search was for a great companion dog,one who would be ready for business for hunt tests was sucessful. True to his heritage going back to Super Chief, Dutch has been a true delight for this novice amateur to train. He has excellent obedience, performs pile work, force fetched, loves the water, excellent nose. Dutch has great eyes, excellent marking and trainability wrapped inside of a medium build highly muscular frame. I work with a Pro trainer, he tells me "Dutch can make the team". His desire to work is amazing. If Dutch played basketball he would be the equivalent of a Power Forward. Dutch has added something special to my life. Ms Cashman, I want to thank you for being conscientious in your breeding program. I know of no other breeder who gives the attention to the genetic details that you have with your stud dogs.
Submitted by: Michelle Petz on Mar 28, 2012
Last year my husband and I bought our first lab pup from the first breeding between Trooper and Dallas Bock's female, Sammy. We chose a male and named him Murray. He is everything we could have hoped for, in that he is aggressive when retrieving (like we saw in Trooper when we came out to see him) but also very mild mannered and loving. He has been easy to train, granted we have been very dedicated to working with him. We brought him to Wings and Whistles (Mike Schulenberg) as we are inexperienced trainers ourselves and per Mike, "You only get one dog like him in your lifetime." That made us feel a little less biased. It has been so fun to learn more about training, it's really sparked an interest in me. I wanted to thank you for your business and for being the responsible breeders that you are - we wouldn't have such a great dog if it weren't for you.

Michelle Petz
Submitted by: Bob Miller on Jan 07, 2012
Tate is a compact black lab, at 33 months he is 64 pounds of block head and sheer muscle. A true stud, Tate is a pup out of Charlie; I bought him from Cashman's at 12 months as a starter dog.

Tate went 4 straight in the AKC hunt tests to achieve his junior title before he reached 18 months of age.

With 2 seasons behind him Tate has literally had hundreds of retrieves. Mainly waterfowl but also has hunted his fair share of pheasant. His “services” in waterfowl hunting have included a healthy mix of both field and water. He has had many incredible water retrieves, often covering large amounts of territory, while breaking ice and fighting river current. Tate has shown his skills in handling birds of all sizes, including even the largest of geese.

Tate has developed excellent marking, listening skills, eye contact, whistle and hand signals. Couple those traits with a supreme nose and the result is one heck of a hunting machine.

In addition to being a great partner in the field (and during fishing excursions) Tate more than meets the expectations for a good family dog.

My thanks go out to Cushman’s for matching me up with such an exceptional Labrador. Their support during the selection process was second to none, and the continued support that I have received has been more than appreciated.

If you are considering a pup from the Cashman's let me say I have been 100% satisfied with my experience. I am confident your experience will be the same.

Bob Miller
Nisswa, MN
Submitted by: Jason & Charity Anderson on Feb 27, 2011

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to report that we have received deposits for all of our pups. They're 5 1/2 weeks old now.

Listing the litter on your website proved most helpful as doing so generated countless calls. Six of the buyers located our litter through your website.

We really can't say enough about how much we've appreciated your help through this entire process. There is no question in my mind where we will turn when we look to breed Bella again in a few years.

Jason & Charity Anderson
Submitted by: Mike Kratz on Oct 24, 2010
Rogue and Cali are Charlie puppies which me and a friend of mine purchased from Denver's litter this year. They are around 8 months old now and both are really doing good. Rogue is an amazing pup! He is so calm when at home but turns the switch on in the field. I hunted a lot of Doves with him this year and could not believe how fast he learned. This weekend when we were hunting Pheasants (for the first time this year) I had several people in our hunting party come up to me and tell me they could not believe a pup at that age was working birds like that and retrieving to hand. Needless to say I was very very proud of him! I plan on hunting a lot of ducks and Geese this year with Rogue and I have no Doubt he will do great. We are extremely happy with the way Rogue is turning out and cant believe how easy and good of a puppy he was. He is a very smart dog with outstanding hunting ability. Oh and as a bonus Rogue and Cali are both very good looking dogs with very large blocky heads and long legs. I just thought I would give you an update on the pups and let you know how great they are doing and how happy we are with them.
Submitted by: Dutch Deick on Oct 04, 2010
I bought Sky one of Charlies pups. She is an exceptional pup.
She has had extensive pheasent hunting already (60 days in Montana and 14
days in North Dakota)
Her marking and trailing ability is better than some of the more mature dogs
we were afield with this fall.
I have been fortunate enough to own some great dogs and so far I would say
for a pup of 9 months she will be another.
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