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About Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas

All our breeding stock has full health clearances for hips, eyes and cardiac and are imported from Europe. Their pedigrees contain the finest and most successful working and show Hungarian bloodlines.

We are the home of the current top producing sire and dam in the United States. Among their titled offspring is the UKC's #1 Wire-Haired Vizsla for 2007 and 2008- GRCH, TAN Vidor's Aura ("Breeze").

Our dogs are dual titled, in both the field and show ring, demonstrating that they can do the job they were bred for and look good doing it. We own/bred 9 dual titled (show and field) Wire-haired Vizslas as of 2008.

We carefully screen our puppy buyers, and sell puppies only to approved homes.
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Wirehaired Vizsla
Breeder Contact Info
Carolyn DeFiore
Michigan 49242
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 5 years.
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Submitted by: Peter and Pamela Schneider on Aug 10, 2010
During my childhood living in Switzerland, my mother always told me stories about her WHV while she grew up in Hungary during the late 40s and early 50s.
So the intentions were always here to have a WHV. My wife and I were looking in getting a male pup in 2003 out of Ontario, Canada, but it ended up not happening.
Fast forward to late 2009 when the idea of getting a WHV was brought back to life.
I started doing research online about breeders of WHVs, and pretty much instantly all hands and fingers pointed to Carolyn DeFiore of Vidor Vizslas in Hillsdale, MI.

On her website, it states, you want to talk dogs, give us a call. So I did. This eventually led to a second call, then to a puppy application and in the end to our WHV Jack.

Carolyn has been involved with dog training and breeding dogs for many years, so there is a lot of experience showing. We actually started out on the waiting list, because for the upcoming litter, all the pups were spoken for. I requested to be kept in the loop about the current litter, and Carolyn was more than happy to do so. We kept getting e-mail updates, pictures, and once the pups were born we got videos pretty much on a weekly basis.

After the pups were a few weeks old, Carolyn called us with the news that a male puppy has become available that was spoken for. We were very excited to receive such great news. We also received a packet of reading material and books from Carolyn in order to prepare us for the arrival of the puppy.

Our pooch needed to be shipped via air cargo, because we live in the Pacific Northwest. Carolyn took care of all the aspects of shipping. And luckily, Jack was able to fly with his sister to Seattle, and the sis went on to Vancouver B.C.

Carolyn and Bob are doing such a wonderful job with breeding and raising WHVs. If you are looking for a Wire Haired Vizsla, look no further and contact Carolyn DeFiore at Vidor Vizlsa.

Peter amd Pamela Schneider
Bremerton, WA
Submitted by: Evelyn Ray on Jul 24, 2010
We own a 3 year old male short haired Vizsla and decided it was time to bring a companion into our home. We live in Western Canada and contacted the chair of Vizsla Canada seeking a competent referral for a good breeder of a wire haired Vizsla. He wrote back and told us that 'hands down' most of the people involved in that organisation felt that Carolyn at Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas in Michigan would be the absolute best option for us. After speaking with Carolyn and hearing her talk about her commitment to the breed and her passion about her own dogs, we were convinced. We had to wait nearly a year before we could get our pup, but it was worthwhile doing so for us. Carolyn kept us involved with the process every single step of the way until the puppies are born. We then began to receive pictures and videos of the puppies interacting together and we were part of the whole process. After we took delivery of our new 'baby', the care the she received with Carolyn and Bob was so apparent and the pup was incredibly smart, well socialised, and definitely worth the wait. We continue to hear from Carolyn often and would recommend this loving family to anyone out there considering this incredible and highly coveted breed!
Submitted by: Mike on Jul 14, 2010
We did a lot of research, both on breeds and breeders, before choosing to get a Wirehaired Vizsla from Carolyn at Vidor. We were initially impressed with her credentials and lifelong commitment to dogs and their welfare. Working with her, however, only increased our appreciation. She is a professional in the true sense of the word. She has been a willing and able communicator before the pups were born, after they were born, and since Dexter joined our family. Moreover, I felt confident that we could trust both her judgment and sense of fairness (which was important since Dexter was coming to live with us in California and we would not have an opportunity to visit with the pups before selecting Dexter and picking him up for his long journey home). Now that we've had the chance to get to know Dexter, we are even more impressed with the great job Carolyn and Bob did raising these pups. He's calm and confident, yet wonderfully playful and attentive. Really just an amazing little (for now) fellow from a great breeder.
Submitted by: Gayle and Larry Nelson on Jul 14, 2010
We have been watching this amazing breed since 1986 while involved with other breeds. We met Carolyn 18 months ago and got aquainted while waiting for our puppy. We are so glad that we waited for Carolyn's litter. When you purchase a pup from Vidor, Carolyn is there for you from the breeding throughout you pup's life if you ever have any concerns or questions. No question is to trivial for her to help find your answer. She is devoted to preparing puppies to move on into their own lives and families with the smoothest transition as possible. When a pup leaves Vidor it has learned about new sights, sounds, textures and love. Our pup is extremely intelligent. She knew by the end of her first day with us where all the waters and doors were both in and outside of the house. Her senses are very highly developed. Her sense of direction is amazing. This breed seems to have a high capacity for problem solving at a very young age and learns quickly. Because Vidor breeds carefully to keep the field "want to" in the breed these dogs have the instinct to work, play or simply lay at your feet to be near you. They can adapt to a quiet home as well as one filled with childern. Our children are grown but we have grandchildren in and out, and she loves both environments. Thank you Carolyn, for our Tulsi. She is becoming more endearing to us than we ever imagined.
Submitted by: Rick Blaisdell on Jan 20, 2010
We are a very active family that likes to hike, run, boat and occasionally like to hunt upland game. We have had a pointer and a lab and we were looking for a unique breed. We found what we were looking for when we met Carolyn. Dunham is by far the smartest dog we have ever owned and has an incredible personality. He is a perfect fit for our family.

Carolyn's contact with you does not end after you receive your pup. She keeps in touch many months after your pup arrives. You can tell this is someone that cares deeply about every one of her litters.

Rick Blaisdell
Submitted by: John and Lisa Burnett on Dec 16, 2009
We are the first time owners of a wirehaired vizslas and Carolyn's website was very helpful. We learned a lot about the breed and her family of dogs. It was easy to see her and Bob cared about keeping the standards of the breed and the individual dogs. She kept us up to date as the puppy's grew with frequent pictures and videos. She was very helpful in our preparation of the new arrival with helpful hints and suggestions on books, articles, etc. Carolyn and Bob have been a pleasure to work with and made this a very enjoyable experience. LuLu (formerly Sandy) has been a real joy and is keeping us laughing.
Submitted by: Jody Melander on Dec 07, 2009
I just got my puppy Griffin (Ethel) from Vidor's "E" litter out of Lenke and Ivan, and I can't begin to say how happy I am with her. She is almost scary smart, very loving, and fearless. She arrived well socialized -- likes dogs, cats, and every person she's been introduced to. She's great in the car and walking in town, in the woods and on the beach. Housebreaking has been easy. She learned "sit" in about 10 minutes and sleeps in her crate at night without fussing. Already my best buddy.

I drove all the way from Massachusetts to Michigan to pick her up, partly to spare her a plane flight, but also because after nearly a year of emails and phone calls I really wanted to meet her breeder, Carolyn DeFiore. I was impressed with Carolyn's frequent updates when my puppy was born -- pictures, videos, training info -- and I was even more impressed when I met her and her dogs (and her husband Bob) at their house. If you're lucky enough to get one of Carolyn's puppies you can be sure it has had the best possible start on life.
Submitted by: Jena Spearin, DVM on Dec 06, 2009
After deciding on a Wirehaired Vizsla, I was drawn to Carolyn based on her credentials and obvious commitment to preserving the health and true nature of the breed. Being a veterinarian and a mom of two young children, I am a very picky puppy buyer. Through phone conversations and e-mails, all of my questions were answered in a prompt, friendly and knowledgeable manner. I was fortunate to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy from Lenke and Ivan. Prior to the mating, throughout the pregnancy, and during the first eight weeks of puppyhood, I was kept abreast of how everything was progressing. I received multiple pictures and videos, as well as a large amount of health, behavior and training information.

Almost a year later, we finally have our awesome puppy, Emmett. He was definitely worth the wait. He arrived in beautiful condition and already familiarized with the hustle and bustle of family life. He slept through the night the second night home, and has been a breeze to house-train. He is outgoing, yet calm, and has become an immediate, valued member of the family. We look forward to trying our hand in the show ring, as well as out in the field with him.

The energy that Carolyn puts into selecting her breeding stock and raising her litters is the reason we have such a happy, healthy pup. She truly cares for the breed, her dogs and her clients. I would proudly recommend Vidor to anyone looking for a well-adjusted, healthy, versatile Wirehaired Vizsla.

Thank you, Carolyn, for such a wonderful dog, and for being welcomed into the extended Vidor family!
Submitted by: Andy & Kim Schneider on Dec 03, 2009
Buying a puppy from Carolyn & Bob has been a wonderful experience. We've bought many dogs over the years and this was the best experience ever. They are first class breeders who care about the dogs, the breed and their customers. The puppy you get is healthy and well socialized. They do everything possible to start you and your puppy off in the right direction. Buying from Vidor Kennel is much more than just doing business with someone. You become part of a family. I proudly recommend them.
Submitted by: Sue Yocum on Jun 08, 2009
My experience with this breeder is two fold! I am happy to have received a puppy from a litter four years ago as well as a new addition just this year (Spring 2009). The puppies were well cared for and were in good health. The breeder provided at least twice weekly information as to the process of the birth and the growth of the puppies along with sending pertinent information for preparing for the puppies and future training. The breeder provided continued support through transition to home with the puppy, and I consider the breeder to be the best that I have worked with and am lucky to have the pleasure of receiving these puppies into my life.
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