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We are committed to raising outstanding hunting weimaraners.  We are not big breeders and only plan a litter every couple of years.  Our weims are bred for hunting ability, health and temperament.  We are very proud to say that our dogs can hunt!    Our dogs are OFA'd and are AKC and NAVHDA registered.  We do require that our owners do NAVHDA NA with their pups before the pups are 16 months of age, hunters only please! 

Our dogs were recently featured on the ESPN Outdoor Channel show, American Gun Dog.  If you have not seen the show please contact us for a copy of the show.   Our Weimaraners hunted woodcock and grouse on public hunting land and did very well!  We are hunter's first and foremost!  I am a third generation female hunter on my mom's side and I think Matt has many more generations than me..  I have always hunted with gray dogs and totally understand the "show breeder" problem.  I will offer this advice, ask the breeder to see the mom at the very least on birds, if mom doesn't hunt?  You are rolling the dice and I will not gamble on bird dogs.

I am committed to keeping the hunt in the weim, any committed hunting weim breeder will offer to have you hunt with them .  If they do not offer that chance? Ask them why?  Just my 2 cents..     

Please visit our website to find out more about our hunting weimaraners.

Camille Rice

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Submitted by: Paul Lixie on Dec 21, 2011
I purchased Timberdoodle Little Blaze of Thunder from the Riley/Velvet litter a few years ago. Still have Bella and love both dogs hunting abilities very much. Blaze is more compact and very strong. Uses his nose and plows through grass, branches and anything else when he catches scent. He is very efficient in his search, and has a strong point. I love the differences in my two dogs, Blaze and Bella, but the end result is the same. They are bird finding machines with great genetics and have become very dear to our family too. Kudos to Matt and Camille for continuing to seek out different breeders and find the best qualities in hunting Weimaraners.
Submitted by: Kirt Denman on Dec 16, 2011
After losing my first Weim, I started the search for a dedicated hunting line of Weim's. I was given a few sites to check by one of my coaching buddies and followed up with the leads. I spoke with Camille several times via phone and instantly knew that her line of Weims was exactly what I was looking for in my next hunting companion! I was sold on Camilles honesty and dedication to breeding "Hunting" Weimaraners. I was also looking for a smaller line of Weim than my first pup. Timberdoodle Weimaraners are dedicated to instilling the hunting passion into their breed.

After missing out on my hopeful litter I had a decision to make....wait for the next litter which could be a year plus or go with another field trial litter that I was not comfortable with. I decided to wait and I could not have made a better choice!

Timberdoodle Weims have the natural ability that every foot hunter dreams of. Camille & Matt were very open to visits before and after the puppies were born and to this day remain in close contact to their pups. Camille has been very supportive in guidance and training, preparing Timerdoodles Hunters Bella for the field, woods and NAVHDA trials.

For a beginner in the world of trials & test's, Camille has been a asset in knowledge and patience preparing my pup for the NAVHAD Natural Ability Test's. Her lines are deep in natural ability and drive!

The one thing I was absolutely sold on was the drive her line of Weims have! My puppy out of Aspen's/Cash litter has been a dream come true for me. She has the drive and determination every Gun Dog Owner Dreams Of!

Bella has been a great addition to my family and furthermore an extreme joy to hunt with. Camille & Matt have an outstanding line of dogs not only as hunters but true companions as you will quickly understand and benefit from their ongoing support & friendship!
Submitted by: Josh Flowers on Apr 04, 2011
My wife and I started thinking of breeds that we could possibly be interested in for both a family companion as well as a hunting dog. After doing much research online, I came across some forums that Camille was involved with. I read a few "topics" and some of her posts, and could tell right away that this was someone who was passionate about what she was involved with. I emailed her with some general questions and asking for any advice about the Weimaraner breed in general- not even about her or her lines. I could not have been more impressed with the response I received. Honest, not self-promoting, and then questions of me to make sure that a Weimaraner would be a good fit for us.

We had the opportunity to visit Timberdoodle (as we are not local), not yet even asking to be considered for a pup. Camille and Matt opened their home to up; we gained so much from seeing her dogs, and in talking with them, that we knew it was the right fit.

Now, great people, sure... but what about their dogs? Look at the lines, the breeder awards, the achievements of the litters... not just reading reviews or posts or the like. The more dogs that are out there from a kennel doesn't necessarily mean they are all consistently quality dogs. If you are looking for a family pet, that's one thing. If you are looking for a hunting dog- then why settle for anything but a true natural hunting dog?

We could not be more thrilled with our pup Shelby. She is just under a year old, and we've just started with some of the hunt tests. The natural ability of her is unreal. From a pup, we've taken her on confidence building walks, and have let her have fun in the field with some bird work and preserve hunts. Every time we went out, you could tell she was learning and "putting things together" on her own. At our first hunt test just recently, one of the comments we got about her was that "she has the best style and hunting drive of any dog I've seen today- including the dogs in Master and Senior (Hunter)."

This being our first Weim, first pointing dog, and our first go-around with the hunt tests and NAVHDA tests, we weren't sure on her progression and development. After seeing her compared to others, we truly realized what a great dog she is becoming and that is only because of the great breeding. You can't train/teach natural instinct, and that's where Timberdoole shines.

As others have said- once you get a Timberdoodle pup, you get another family member. Camille is always there for advice, help, a laugh, and whatever else comes up. We look forward to some great times with our pup, with our new friends Camille and Matt, and with all the others that been fortunate enough to get a Timberdoodle Weim during our trips... (though any of you guys reading this will have to come to the East Coast one of these days!)

Best to all, happy and safe hunting.

Josh, Michelle, and Lil' Miss (GIT) Shelby.
Submitted by: Dave & Paula Johnson on Aug 30, 2010
Having been a previous Weimaraner owner, we knew we wanted another. Paula searched and found Camille Rice on this website. Camille is very meticulous about her blood lines and breeds for natural hunting ability, exactly what we were looking for. Camille even helped us along in the training process so we could complete the AKC junior hunter and NAVHDA natural ability field tests. Camille is dedicated not only to her personal dogs, but also the pups she sells and the breed. We could not have asked for more, and look forward to getting another pup from her. If you are looking for a phenomenal hunting dog, with a breeder that cares, Timberdoodle Weimaraners is the place to contact!
Submitted by: Randy Carmoney on Aug 27, 2010
I have known Camille for a few years and she helped me with health questions from my previous weimaraner, who had seizures. She was a great hunting dog (upland, waterfowl, blood track). I knew my next puppy would be from Cam after I had the opportunity to see her dogs run a few times. We picked up Lowgun last August and we hit the ground running. I decided to go with all wild birds (grouse/woodcock) for his first hunting season to see what he would do. He exceeded my expectations with his range in the grouse woods and SHOCKED me when he had his first grouse point at 4 months when I was hunting him alone. It was in an area I was not expecting a grouse and I actually answered a phone call, DOH! I lost my other weim suddenly in November and Lowgun and I were hunting alone in December grouse season. His first December grouse season we were able to team up and he again held on a grouse and I was able to connect and Logun made a great retrieve as it buried itself in the snow. . . a great moment for us as it was about 100 yards from where I buried my other weim.

He did great on some pen raised birds during the off season and just finished his NAVHDA NA test last week with a Prize I 112!! He is also a great family dog as we have two young boys 6/3 that he plays with nicely.

I also decided to have him trained at Pine Hill Kennels for 30 days in July and Justin was very impressed with him, loved the way he handles in the field and also had him in the grouse woods 3 days a week and said he did well. I am looking forward to a great grouse season with him. Camille is breeding some great weims and our next weim will be from her.
Submitted by: Heather & Brad Hedrich on Apr 05, 2008
My husband, Brad and I met Camille while attending a dog obedience class. We had our GSP, Remi Lea, in dog class and Camille had her Weim, Blue. Camille informed us about the GSP Club of Michigan. She was a wealth of knowledge and experience. She helped us tremendously; taking time from her very busy schedule to help us train Remi (more so train the 2 of us) in preparation for JH and NRD tests we entered Remi in.

We had been talking about getting a second hunting dog (hubby is an avid hunter from deer to upland and waterfowl birds) and we knew exactly what we wanted and where we wanted to get the pup from - Camille Rice/Timberdoodle Weimaraners. We were very impressed with Camille's Weims. These Weims are exceptional in all facets of hunting and they are a joy to be around because their temperaments are of a loving nature and wanting to please.

We were fortunate to have acquired a Timberdoodle pup - Timberdoodle Razmataz Jaz. She is a wonderful addition to our 'fur' family and Remi and Jaz are the best of 'buds'. She was very easily house broke. At 3 1/2 months old, she was performing water retrieves with no problem at all. In the Fall, she was out there hunting with the 'big' dogs and having the time of her life. Around 10 months old she was hunting like a pro and holding point and what a beautiful site it is to see a bird dog on point - gives me goosebumps everytime.

I took Jaz to dog obedience class when she was 9 1/2 months old (6 week course) and she took 1st place out of 10 dogs in class. The weekend just prior to the final exam in dog obedience, I entered her in her very first (and my first) Junior Hunt test and she passed both days with very high scores. She has the wonderful natural ability to do with style and ease what she was bred for.

I highly recommend Camille's Weimaraners to anyone whom is looking for an exceptional hunting 'partner' with a wonderful temperament and joy to have a part of the 'family'. I also cannot say enough about Camille and the time she devotes to helping her puppy owners (and non-puppy owners) in training and just over-all giving good advice.

Heather & Brad Hedrich
Submitted by: Mark Patalon on Dec 29, 2007
I have previously owned a Wiem and have hunted them as well as sucessfully ran them in both AKC and NAVHDA hunt tests.

When I first met Camile Rice and was introduced to the Timberdoodle Wiems, I was very impressed. Camile has a great knowledge of the breed and is very dedicated to producing a great line hunting Wiems. Camile is very committed to the success of the Weim breed which is shown in the awsome litters that she has produced in past years.

I am privilage have a 1-1/2 year old Timberdoole Wiem named Sonne. Sonne by far has been a dream for me and my family. I have never owned a Wiem that has had more natural ability to hunt and retrieve than Sonne. At seven months I was hunting Sonne in the field and was working on his third leg of Junior Hunter.

Sonne is definately a family dog too. My two young children would not trade him for anything. My wife was very pleased with how easy it was to train Sonne in both the home and Obedience.

I would highly recommend Camile Rice and her Timberdoole Weims to anyone that is looking for a great family dog as well as phenominal hunting companion.
Submitted by: Phil & Jann Wolocko on Dec 17, 2007
We purchased our Weimaraner from Timberdoodle Weimaraners in June 2006. Since we're not a hunting family Bruno who will turn 2 years old in April has amazed us beyond anything we could have imagined. He has the best temperent of any dog we have ever owned and with small grandchildren that's a requirement. He allows the babies to crawl all over him, pull his ears and tail and even take his bones and toys. What surprised us the most was his hunting instincts. His breeder offered to keep him last spring for a week while we were on vacation. They took him along to hunt with their dogs and he did so well that other members of the group didn't believe that this dog was a companion dog and had never hunted before. After learning of his natural hunting instincts, which we now see on our daily walks and runs, we decided see if he could earn his Junior Hunters Title so again his breeder, Camille Rice offered to run him in the field (since we don't know what we're doing) and he passed with flying colors. In one of the categories he got a perfect score of 10 while some other dogs with training didn't pass. To see a dog with this natural hunting ability almost makes us feel bad that he's in a companion home...almost that is, we wouldn't trade him for the world. We didn't know the breeder prior to purchasing Bruno and live a good distance away but we keep in close touch as they are interested in how all the pups are doing. If we were hunters Bruno would be in heaven because you can see he loves it so much but we know that he's happy and loves us and we try to take him to Camille's as often as possible so he can hunt with them.

Phil & Jann Wolocko
Submitted by: Craig Harvey on Dec 15, 2007
I was put in contact with Camille Rice a few years ago when I decided on getting a Weimaraner. I had never owned a bird dog before and had probably been bird hunting maybe twice in my life. When Kodi had the pup's Cam invited my wife and I to her house to see my future pup. From that moment on I knew that Weims were my breed and Cam was my breeder. Even before I picked up "Taser" I probably sent Cam 20 email's with all kinds of silly questions and she answered every one of them! At 3 months we had a Weimaraner picnic and we put the pup's on birds for the first time. Taser tracked and pointed the bird like she had been doing it for years. Taser earned her Junior Hunter without a problem. While preparing for the NAVHDA test Cam took time from her own busy schedule and met with me several times for training.

Being new to the dog training world I was nervous for the NAVHDA test. Cam drove up to Traverse City on her own time (3.5 hour drive) just to be there with me and provide guidance. Taser had a perfect score going into the final event but do to extreme weather conditions we struggled a bit. Taser still ended up with a prize 3 and I was extremely proud of her. I don't get to train with Taser as much as I would like but every time we hit the field she never misses a beat.

I have a 9 year old daughter and an 11 year old son and Taser is great with them. They play all of the time and when the kids are in the yard Taser sits at the door and watches over them. She is such an important part of our family.

I can't say enough about Timberdoodle Weimaraners and Camille Rice. I am so pleased with them, I am already waiting for a pup from their next litter.

Anyone that is interested in a Timberdoodle pup feel free to call me or I will even show what a great dog Taser is and how much fun she is to be around. Thanks Cam for a great dog!!!

Craig Harvey 734-323-7929
Submitted by: Gina on Dec 14, 2007
Camille is an excellent breeder of hunting lines! I have two phenomenal bird dogs from her kennel. Willow and Aspen both have excellent noses and extraordinary temperaments! They are both quick learners and can find any upland bird with ease! I know I can call Camille any time with questions about the care and maintenance of the breed.

Engler's Whispering Willow (Willow)
3 yrs. 8 mos.
Titles = JH, NSD, CGC

Timberdoodle Autumn's Aspen (Aspen)
1 yr. 8 mos.
Titles = JH, NSD, NAVHDA, NA 1, 112

I highly recommend Camille and her kennel!

Take care,
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