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I have been breeding Brittany's for over 9 years. I strive for top quality bloodlines to ensure you have a great family pet or gun dog in the field. I have produced some wonderful pups for the avid hunter whether they put them in trials or just use them for their personal hunting companions. I produce a litter approximately every year in a half. between my females. Currently I have two females available for breeding. My next up coming breeding wont be until mid-late 2019. My younger female wont be until sometime in 2019 as well.  I am now offering stud service with my male. OFA good, already been dna'd. He comes from excellent bloodlines and is available to approved females. Females must have OFA and proof of a negative brucellosis test done with in 30 days of breeding.    My male and 2 of my females is currently being worked on birds in hopes to have at least a JH on them soon. as well if not working on points for a AFC title or the NSTRA title/points.
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Dianne Zimmerman
5252 Fenton Rd
Fenton, Michigan 48430
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 9 years.
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Submitted by: Dori on Jun 10, 2018
Our puppy, Stone, just turned a year a couple of months ago. Like the other people say Dianne was wonderful and caring through the entire process and knew this was more than just a dog to us. She was always there for questions and called to check in for updates. It is our second Brittany, a male, replacing our previous female after her passing. He has never had a bathroom accident of any kind in our home, EVER. We have a bi-level and after a few days he learned to sit at the top step when he wanted to go out. Now he will even come to us and gently nudge us with his head or as a last resort hit us with his paw if we are too slow! Never chewed, etc. He does like clothes but drops them when asked. We do not hunt him but I can see where they would be great and easily trainable. We have gone on long car trips with no problems and he is perfectly fine. He is almost like interacting with a person more than any other breed we have had. He likes to run, water and play and chew with his toys but he also self entertains himself like for example standing on the top step, dropping his ball and then chasing it down doing this over and over again. Very well with other people and animals Only seems to really bark when someone knocks on the door. ANYWAY! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DIANNE. SHE IS MORE THAN JUST A BREEDER.
Submitted by: Dee on Mar 09, 2018
I met Dianne about 3 yrs ago looking for a Brittany pup. At the time she had no pups available. So we went on her waiting list. Even though we still did look. We are so glad we did made this choice. She is such a wonderful breeder. After talking to her during the whole time and her answering every call and question we had. I actually thought she would hate us. But when the day came to pick out and up our new addition she was there to answer even more questions.
Well i have to say she is one of the most patient caring breeders that i have met. She does go overboard with the care package to the care of her pups. Dianne will have me buying all my Britts from her and her only. My Briitany has been one of the best i could ask for. So if your looking for a Brittany please wait for Dianne's, it was one of my best choices i made. Even though we only wanted her for a family pet but she has a great nose on her. Again Thank you Dianne, for being a great caring breeder and a lot of patience with us.

P.S. Our next Brittany in the near future I promise I will not ask a 1000 questions.
Submitted by: Laura Simpson on Sep 16, 2017
we purchased a puppy from Dianne 5 yrs ago. Our little girl has been such a joy to our family. Dianne does a wonderful job in the care of her dogs and puppies. You can not go wrong with purchasing one of pups. As a breeder she is wonderful.
Submitted by: Hodgson family on Sep 14, 2017
Submitted by: Mark on Sep 12, 2017
We highly recommend Dianne if your wanting a Brittany. We purchased a puppy from her 5 yrs ago. and she has been the best dog we have ever had in our family. Very smart and lovable. Dianne puts in a lot of care and time with her pups and dogs. She will spend a lot of time with you when picking up your puppy and going over everything from grooming to the vet visits. When the time comes and we are wanting another Brittany we will only go to Dianne. A few things we found out after we got our girl, The puppy care package she gives you is on top of all breeders. Our friends who got puppies never received half the stuff she includes and never got any follow up calls about the pup. Don't hold me to it but if I am not mistaken she called 2-3 times the first week of getting our girl, just to make sure all was going good and (the pup) was adjusting well from leaving the litter. Please don't change anything with your pups

Thank you again Dianne

Submitted by: Jill on Sep 12, 2017
Dianne is such a great person. I have known her for 11 yrs. from when she got her first and second Brittany pup from me. (I only had 2 litters) She told me if she ever decided to breed Sadie, she would make sure she would improve the lines. Dianne has done a wonderful job in the care, bloodlines, ect. She has produced some great pups. Yes she has improved the bloodlines by 150%. Never thought we would be friends over the love of a Brittany. I now have a 5th generation pup from her. Dianne Will be the only breeder I will go to if I am wanting a Brittany. Even when I just popped over to see my little girl all the pups were clean, her puppy room never smelled bad and it was always clean. She takes great pride in her pups and her adult Brittany's. They are treated like one of your own. All 6 of her babies are spoiled and loved to no end. I tell people all the time if your looking for a Brittany go with Dianne's
Submitted by: Russ on Sep 12, 2017
Submitted by: Paula on Aug 23, 2017
I highly recommend Dianne if your wanting a Brittany. She will go out of her way to make sure your happy with your pup. She is in it for life. My friends who have gotten puppies said they never got as much stuff to get you started or anything then i did. most said here is the paperwork hope you enjoy your pup and thank you. Not with Dianne she spends up to 2 hrs going over food, shots, do's and donts. Dianne makes sure you understand everything with your new fur baby. She even calls 24 hrs 3 and 7 days after to check in with you. getting a puppy can be overwhelming. but Dianne makes it easy. I will never go anywhere else if im getting a Brittany. As for our boy he has been such a joy. so sweet and lovable. Thank you Dianne and keep raising nice lovable and healthy pups.
Submitted by: Sue on Aug 22, 2017
We purchase a Brittany pup from Dianne. Our baby girl has been a pure joy to have in our family. Dianne has always answered any question we have had. She cares enough about her dogs and pups to be there for you forever. Now our girl is 2 i still cant say nothing bad about our fur baby nor the breeder we went through to get our pup. She goes above and beyond. and fully explains everything about the bill of sale (contract) vet visits food toys. after she got done i couldn't think of one question to even ask. she spent about 1.5-2 hours explaining everything to us and gave us a chance to play with our little girl. Thank you for producing such wonderful pups. Keep up the good work in raising great pups. I will and have recommended Dianne for anyone looking for a Brittany pup.
Submitted by: Carol on Aug 22, 2017
Hi I got one of Dianne's Brittany pups. Dianne has been a wonderful breeder she has answered questions that i have had. Gracie has been and is a great pup. A true Brittany blessing. In the beginning i wasn't sure if a pup was right for me. but Dianne assured me it would get better. The things Dianne told was totally helpful. My Gracie didn't need training. I was the one who needed the training. (hadn't had a pup in 12-14 yrs). Once i figured out what she was wanting everything started to get smooth. I was so glad Dianne was there for me. She told me they will tend to train you and tell you what they want and need and that i wasn't understanding her needs. She was 100% correct. I would never trade her for the world. I just want to say thank you again for being there for me and sharing your help. Also I will only use you for my breeder. Dianne i have gotten so many compliments on her and i truly love everything about the way the whole process went and how you have always been there for me.
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