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At Great Lakes Gun Dogs we are more a family than a kennel.  While we strive to breed an exceptional bird dog, we know how a dog functions in and around the house is just as important.  Our dogs and puppies are well socialized by our three active kids and are all part of our family. 

Great Lakes Gun Dogs is located in the small country suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Here, classic northern woodlands and grassy, rolling terrain meet the warm inland lakes, which prove to be the perfect locale for pheasant, grouse, woodcock and waterfowl.  All of which are perfectly suited for the Braque Francais breed. 

We particularly admire the breed for its eagerness to please, gentle temperament and compact medium size.  Not to mention their versatility in the field, close ranging and natural ability. 

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Keith & Bridgette Leyendecker
Hudsonville, Michigan 49426
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
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Submitted by: Bridgette Leyendecker on Jan 03, 2022
Ollie is a product of Great Lakes breeding with excellent genetics with Piper as his Dam and Jet from Brielle Kennel as Sire. Ollie is co-owned by Eric and Julie O’Brien in the local West Michigan area. Ollie is an extremely intelligent dog and his high desire for personal interactions and attention make him an easy student. He is a medium to medium long ranging dog with excellent stamina. His strong skeletal structure, durable feet, and very tight hip scores all contribute to him being able to hunt for many hours, multiple days in a row. Eric reports 3–4-hour hunts 4 days in a row with no issues. Ollie has hunted ruffed grouse, woodcock, prairie grouse, wild pheasants, quail, as well as released birds. Ollie’s use of nose is excellent with intelligent quartering search and a steady, intense point. His prey drive is high as is his cooperation with checking back in. (Eric has run GSPs and English Pointers before and finds Ollie fun and more comfortable to hunt behind). He likes to swim and is not intimidated by Lake Michigan surf. Ollie’s retrieving is average to strong. In the house Ollie is the perfect Braque with a true off switch and is always by your side or snuggling in craving attention. He is food motivated and carry’s his food bowl around to manipulate anyone into an extra helping. Julie often can be heard saying “Ollie you are the best dog ever”. Some early training videos can be seen on the youtube channel TrainingOllietheBraque.
Submitted by: Harish Narayanaswamy on May 01, 2017
We currently have a Male Braque from Great Lakes Gun Dogs from the litter in June 2016 so he's almost a year old now. Our first experience with the breed and I'm sure it won't be the last. He's a real joy to have around and a great addition to our family. We have 3 boys, a doberman, 6 chickens, and a cat and Mookie, the Braque, fits in great and gets along with all the other critters. We don't hunt with him but we are pretty active and take him hiking and mountain biking where he really shines with his athleticism. He came to us very well adjusted and socialized. He's extremely easy to train and just wants to please. My wife and I are both veterinarians so we probably didn't utilize Bridgette as much as we could have as a resource for information but felt like she was extremely organized and would have helped with most any request. We highly recommend!!!
Submitted by: Jeff Parker on Jul 27, 2016
Via my son's purchase of a puppy from Great Lakes Gun Dogs I have been fortunate to experience the care, concern, thoroughness and professionalism you would hope every breeder would demonstrate but few actually do.

I personally own 3 Braque d'Auvergne gun dogs but having witnessed this interaction I would seriously think about buying a Braque Francais for my next dog from Great Lakes.

I have never seen such concern for the breed, dog and owner in the years that I have been part of the gun dog world. They not only keep the buyer up to date on progress of the puppies but provide advice and documentation on nutrition, toys, training, socialization and much more.

Their methods are second to none. Too many breeders provide only just enough service to satisfy the customer and provide a healthy dog. Great Lakes goes much further in making sure the dog is socialized, started on training, developed at the right pace and they are always researching for the best methods of doing so. How many breeders would take the time to learn and practice Bio Sensory stimulation for each puppy?

I look forward to watching my son's dog develop and will definitely consider obtaining a puppy from Great Lakes Gun Dogs in the future. Just the fact that I felt impelled to pass this on to others speaks volumes for how impressed I have been with their business and family. I have no dog from them but have admired what they do.

Great dogs and great breeders. Keep up the good work and maybe other breeders will learn.
Submitted by: Daria Smithers on Mar 11, 2016
We purchased our Braque Francais puppy from Great Lakes Gun Dogs nearly a year ago and could not be more pleased. Torie is a joy: so smart and quick, a pleasure to train, and wonderful with our children. Bridgette Leyendecker was so responsive to my many questions and provided detailed instructions for caring for and training our BP, in addition to wonderful photos and videos throughout the process. Importantly, she continues to be available to answer any questions I have. I recommend Great Lakes and this fabulous breed without reservation and would certainly return for another beautiful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Eric and Trishia Vonderahe on Mar 02, 2016
Aloha from Hawaii. We are the proud owners of Lilikoi (Lili) of Great Lakes gun dogs. We had an awesome experience with the Leyendecker's who cared for and trained Lili over a 9 month period before she was able to come to Hawaii. She was everything we expected and more. Keith did an awesome job training her and she achieved a Prize 1 with a perfect score of 112 in the NAVHDA test at just 7 months of age. We can't say enough about this breed. They are great natural hunters in the field and make wonderful companions at home as well. Lili is our third Braque Francais and each of our dogs continue to impress us everyday and they always put a smile on our face. All 3 have very unique personalities and have great temperaments. The Braque Francais is truly a versatile hunting breed and great for those who are just starting out with a bird dog.
We can't say enough about the Leyendecker's. They not only take great care of their dogs but they keep you informed and answer any questions that you may have. They respond very quickly to emails/phone calls and send you many videos and pictures of your puppy. They are very responsible breeders and take great care to ensure that each puppy goes to a good home. We highly recommend them as a breeder of the Braque Francais and we highly recommend this breed.
Submitted by: Dawn Osborne on Feb 21, 2016
I can't believe that Miki is almost a year old. To say the least, we adore having her in the family. She is such a sweet heart and so much fun. What a personality. We get compliments from everyone who sees her. She has boundless energy outdoors, yet is calm inside. She is so social - has not met a dog or person that she doesn't want to be best friends with. Her trainers have all commented on how smart she is. Of course this all goes back to your breeding ethics and all the work you did in her first months of puppyhood. I can't thank you enough for your responsibility and love given to this breed.
Submitted by: Katie Mulloy on Feb 21, 2016
We've moved to Kampala, Uganda. We're pretty sure Rio's the only one in the country and she's the best ambassador for Braques you could ask for! She'd chase birds and critters in the yard all day if she could. And I have to tell you every puppy should be so lucky as to get to grow up with a house full of kids. Children here love her but they typically haven't been exposed to dogs much, so they tend to be much more shy and nervous and less aware that pulling a dog's tail maybe isn't the best thing to do! but Rio is so good with them. She's so chill and patient I just can't imagine a better natured dog.
Submitted by: Cliff & Leslie Anderson on Feb 21, 2016
Fabulous experience meeting and then adopting. Our little Rhone is a fabulous man with a great personality. Grateful to find the bread and great breeders. Would love to do another Braque in the future
Submitted by: Brad Christensen on Aug 18, 2014
We couldn't be happier with our Braque from Great Lakes Gun Dogs. The first thing we noticed about him was how well socialized he was. He is comfortable with everyone and absolutely loves children. He is a quick learner and crate training/house training was very fast and easy. In terms of a family pet he is ideal; good with people and a fast learner.

Before i got a Braque i had heard that they were "big in the field and small in plenty of hiking in California and Colorado. On the trips he runs all day and loves the water.

At home he has his activity periods in the morning and afternoon but spends most of the day sleeping.

I've started to train him using the Delmar Smith/Huntsmith style and it is working really well. He has a strong prey drive and a good natural retrieve.

I would highly recommend Braques Francais as a breed and Great Lakes Gun Dogs as a breeder.
Submitted by: Kerry Batty on Aug 05, 2014
Great Lakes Gun Dogs is the best!! We were new to Braque Francais as a breed but not new to bird dogs. After researching this breed online, BFs seemed to meet our needs for a new family pet & hunting companion for my husband. The team at GLGD was SO helpful, answering all our questions. We were lucky to put in the last deposit on the litter they had just welped.

Throughout the next 8 weeks, the Leyendeckers posted photos & videos on Facebook with updates. They comment back, are quick to answer emails & questions. We never felt far away from what was happening, how they were developing or who was doing what in the welping box. Bridgette was a master at coordinating transportation for the pups & pick ups. We felt that we were in good hands all the way.

Fast forward a year and a half, our BF Sophia is a delight. She is everything we anticipated. She is easy to have in our Brooklyn apartment, quiet & cuddly. Outside she is raring to go, eager & attentive. We are constantly stopped on the sidewalk by folks asking questions about her & telling us how beautiful she is. She is mistaken for a GSP all the time. Easy to do. And when we tell them she's a French Pointer, everyone is amazed. They've never seen anyone like her. We hand out GLGD info all the time :) The Leyendeckers have been available to answer any questions along the way. We are so lucky to have found them & Sophia!

Great Lakes Gun Dogs are a wonderful family who truly knows what they are doing & the dogs they are breeding. What's more, they are diligent about proper breeding practices & keeping bloodlines separate. They take great care of their dogs & pups. I would highly recommend them!!
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