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Drehbar Weimaraners is devoted to raising quality gun dogs that are also family companions. We have been loving and raising gundogs for 18 years. Our dogs are health tested (Heart, Eyes, Hips & Thyroid & DNA) Our puppies are veterinary examined and we offer a health guarantee on our puppies.  Occasionally we have started dogs for sale and birds for training.  We show our dogs in conformation with IABCA and UKC (the second largest breed registry) We work toward betterment of the breed and breeding dogs with correct conformation and strong hunting and training skills we do not breed with a COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) higher than 10% we feel that to properly preserve a breed the dogs should not be inbred.  Genetics and health testing are a priority with us - to be considered for our breeding program the parents MUST hunt, have good character, be of stable mind and body, and meet the breed standard.   Puppy socialization is important to us and we handle pups daily and have children and various adults visit during the 8 weeks they are with us to give them a well balanced approach to life.  We expose pups to live birds & gunfire and evaluate pups for placement - pups with strong hunt instinct are placed in hunt homes.  We are situated on a secluded 60 acres in Central Northern Michigan with 5000 acres of public land surrounding us.  In addition to upland bird hunting and tracking we also hunt Deer, Bear, Cat & Coon here locally in Michigan. We are small breeders breeding only 4-5 litters per year - please contact us for information on upcoming litters.
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German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner
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Donelle Gruszecki
11309 9 Mile Rd
Evart, Michigan 49631
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 17 years.
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Submitted by: Ronald McApine on Jun 03, 2019
Doni, I've had 5 previous Wiems. He is the greatest! He is an absolute hunting machine and loves to hunt - I have sent along some pics from our last hunt.
Submitted by: Erik on Oct 24, 2012
I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to send you a Luna update and some pix of her this hunting season. To be honest, she's amazing. I was planning on putting her in bird school this summer but never pulled the trigger so to speak. In one picture you can see her holding a solid point on a grouse. It's 100% natural so she must have one hell of a bloodline. She hunts as good as my uncles 7 year old English Setter with about $2000 worth of training. I really can't thank you enough for raising such a great breed.

She also did a ton of swimming this summer and I had her retrieving duck decoys every weekend. I don't know if we'll have time this year for duck hunting but its definitely on the list for next year.

Anyways, if I get some more good pictures, I'll send them to you. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Cliff Neilsen on Jun 19, 2011
We have three wonderful longhair Weimaraners from Drehbar Weimaraners located in Northern Michigan. I have found them to be as promised and more. Recently I ran OwyheeStar’s Stackhouse in NAVHDA’s Natural Ability Hunt Test and he did excellent for a 6 month old Weim. These three Weims all have good hunt potential, are trainable, and have a nice temperament. We are thankful to have these wonderful additions to our bloodlines, and would recommend Drehbar Weimaraners without hesitation. In fact, our entire hunt club is amazed by these particular longhairs and their hunt potential. Cliff Nielsen, OwyheeStar Weimaraners—Ontario, Oregon.
Submitted by: Celeste on Jun 18, 2011
Hello Doni,
Thank you so much for your advice with Oakley's rock eating habit today while at the beach with him I only had to tell him drop it and show him the muzzle. He continues to amaze me everyday yesterday while out with him for a potty break at about 03:00 A.M. he was on red alert pointing, pacing and very nervous staying very close to my side. He quickly finished his business and nearly drug me to the door. The next morning our neighbor arrived with pictures taken on her web cam of a very large sow and 2 cubs getting in to her bird feeder about 200 feet from where we were. The time on the web came was 03:00 A.M. its amazing how even at his young age he sensed danger and wanted to get me as well as him out of the area. The DNR have been contacted and will be coming with a live trap this week. He is fetching, pointing and learning to love the water. He is very loving and steals the show when ever other people are around. I have read many negative things on Google about his breed and have not seen any of them yet I truly believe that having such a wonderful breeder as your self makes the world of difference, as well as constant love, and guidance. Thank you so much I will continue to send you pictures and up dates as the amazing Sir Oakley Knot Head grows.
Celeste and Charles
Submitted by: Carly on Jun 09, 2011

Silas is 6 months old now and weighs 60lbs! The vet still says that he's the perfect weight and can't believe how amazing his conformation is. It's been amazing watching Silas' personality grow and develop. Since I let Jericho (my other dog) pick which puppy to bring home, I didn't have much idea of what he would be like. Esp. since I was playing with a different puppy the whole time. 0:) ... Silas is more than amazing. It's almost impossible to put into words. He's crate trained, potty trained, and loves everyone and everything. If a dog growls or snaps at him he does nothing but walk away. He's never ever ever growled at me, a dog, or another animal. He's gentle with my cats and likes to sleep with them (although he likes to sleep with me more). He gets a bath at least once a week, i just put him in the shower with me and he goes to sleep for the whole thing and i wake him up when I'm done. :) He knows all sorts of tricks now including sit, stay, down, paw, other paw, high five, kiss, can balance a biscuit on his nose and catch it, and then a trick called 'both paws'. He's currently being worked with through the Delta Society as a therapy dog for people. Both paws is where he puts just his front paws and head on bed/chair so people can pet him. He's great with everybody including small children and elderly. He doesn't jump on anyone and he also knows he's not allowed to bark at people. So he doesnt bark in the house, on a leash, or in the car. Only at the dog park or when he's outside on lead. :) All WITHOUT the use of a bark collar! He's so smart! I can let him run loose with me while I'm outside, it doesn't matter if they're are other people, dogs, even horses. He sticks right next to me and listens to everything I say. I can't thank you enough for bringing such an amazing dog into my life. He's my best friend now, and I know he's always going to be there for me. That's worth the world. :)
Submitted by: Sarah on Jun 09, 2011
Hope all is well. I just thought I would give you a little update on Murphy. I have attached some pictures for you as well to see how he is growing.

Murphy is doing great!! He has a lot of energy (but still loves to eat, so not much has changed since the farm) and he has a sweet, loving and playful personality. Our vet is impressed at how well rounded and socialized he is. Murphy is a very smart dog and well behaved but a weim will be a weim and occasionally he gets into mischief, like helping with the laundry, relocating shoes, testing out durability of flip flops and much more :) Spring is here now and the mosquitos and black flies are in full force so Murphy is up to date with all vaccines and we now have him on his Revolution for heartworm preventative and more. He is a very calm dog in the house and is content to be wherever we are and snuggle up next to us. We live on the lake so naturally Murphy has taken a liking to swimming and we now have him jumping off the end of the dock...dock jumping competitions in his future, just maybe :) He absolutely loves swimming, and some days you can't get him out of the water. He started off pretty splashy but has really become a smooth swimmer which will be great for hunting! He loves retrieving and he does retrieve to hand for the most part now. I am pretty certain he would retrieve his dummy or ball all day if he could. He loves playing ball as well. For a while we would throw a frisbee for him and it got so he was pretty accurate at catching it on the fly.

Murphy has completed Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience and passed with flying colors! He was very well behaved and a quick learner. Our training was very impressed with his muscle form and overall composition. She thought he was well put together. We now have Murphy in Agility classes. Let me tell you he absolutely loves it so far! He is very eager and energetic to run through the tube, jump through tires and run up and down the "A" frame. The weave poles need a little work but he will get it...he is also the biggest dog in the agility class and does very well. He seems to have a blast and it is really fun to watch his drive and ambition. As for hunting...I have him working with Dokken dummies, wings and hopefully later this month we will be going to do some field trial training with live birds for an entire weekend. He is obsessed with birds and will point at any bird on our walks. He is a good retriever and has never once been gun or bird shy. He is going to be a great hunting companion.

He is an absolute joy to have as part of our family and makes us laugh and smile every single day!

Thanks again for such a great dog.
Submitted by: Ginny on Dec 29, 2010
I found Doni’s web site while looking for puppies. Our previous weim had died several months before and it was time for a puppy. I went to visit Doni at her home and kennel. The pups were just three days old, but I really went because I wanted to see how I felt about the breeder and kennel before I committed to a puppy. I was really impressed with Doni’s knowledge and LOVE of the breed. I was able to see that she raises the pups in her home, and takes great care in socializing the pups so they will be well adjusted companions when they go home to there new family.

We did purchase a beautiful, healthy, loving and high spirited, blue female puppy from Drehbar Weims. We had to sign an agreement that we would return the dog if we could not keep her for any reason. We were given a packet of information about our pup, and about Weims in general. We were told to contact Doni if we had any questions or concerns about raising our puppy. I did have a few questions and when I contacted Doni she gave me answers or directed me to sources of information. I’ve kept in touch with Doni over the last few years, and follow her blog so I see how deeply she cares about what she does.

I think the point I want to stress in this letter is Doni’s dedication to the breed and to the well being of her own dogs. She wants to showcase the best the breed can be. Her dogs are well cared for and live in a clean, healthy environment. She trains for both the field and show ring. Doni is honest and ethical which are qualities that I feel are really important for a breeder. She loves what she does and it shows.



Submitted by: Amanda on Dec 28, 2010
Hi Doni! Here are some pictures of Mack. My previous 2 emails each have one picture attached as well. Mack is doing very well. He is a very sleepy puppy who loves to cuddle! Any chance he can get to sit on your lap he will take advantage of. Currently he is lying on my lap sleeping as I type this email! Over Christmas he was able to play with my Mom's dog Rocky (a cockapoo) and they did well together! He was able to get lots of playtime and was very worn out by the time we came back home, haha! He has also had puppy play dates with some bigger dogs and does just as well. I am very proud of him. He is learning how to behave around small children. Sometimes I think he thinks they are puppies, haha! But overall he did very well around my nieces and nephews, every once in a while we would just have to stop Mack from jumping on them. We signed up for Puppy classes at PetSmart. Classes start next week Thursday and goes for 8 weeks. It should be a fun time for both Mack and I. He adjusting well to crate training. He is quiet in his crate all night, usually wakes up between 7 and 8. The only time he barks in his crate is when I crate him and leave the house. Once he figures out that I am not going to bed with him he starts to bark, haha! But when I get home he is always quiet and waiting for me to let him out. Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New years :D
Submitted by: Amber on Dec 23, 2010
Hey Donnie

Just a few picks of our babies and a short update.

Nevaeh is just over 1 yrs old now and has been a blessing since the day she arrived. Her and Dutch are the best of friends and are inseparable. Nick has been training with her and she now retrieves dummy's and swims like a fish, lol. Neveah is defiantly the Alpha Female when it comes to the dog's. She always has to be first and in front. AND ALWAYS has the last word, hahaha. She sure has a lot of character!!!
We have had a lot of fun with her and are glad we choose Drehbar Weim's. Thanks for such a wonderful Weim!!!

Happy Holiday's from the Flowers Pack
Nick, Amber and Keota
Submitted by: Sarah on Dec 23, 2010
Hi Doni,

Murphy is doing great! He is walking very well on a leash now, with very little pulling. Walking off leash is also going very well. He doesn't stray too far and recall is pretty much instantaneous. He loves Brinkley and some days will not go for a walk unless Brinkley goes as well, but slowly we are getting past that :) The other day he retrieved about 11 times and released when I gave him the "drop" command. After 11 retrieves his focus switched to another toy. Crate training is going well, but he does still whine for about 15 minutes when we leave for work. He voluntarily goes into his house at bed time, he really enjoys sleeping in there. As for potty training, that is going very well. He only had 2 pee accidents in the house in the last 3 days. Today he went and stood by the door to go out and when taken out, he went to the bathroom! YAY! Started exposing him to grouse scent and he gets very focused on that. We took him swimming this weekend...well we will have some more work to do on that. He doesn't mind the water but was a little nervous about it. He knows the "sit" command very well and is catching on to "drop" to release something and "off" when he is either trying to get on furniture or the bed. He is quite a happy little man with a ton of energy...so back on the farm, you weren't sure he was going to move...well he is moving :)

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