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About Pook's Rise Spinoni
I am a breeder of Spinone Italiano dogs. My puppies' parents come from Championship lines. My focus is to breed for sweet temperament and good health. The puppies are raised in my home from the day they are born to the day they leave for your home. Hips / Eyes / Elbows have been tested in the parents. No Spinone in either background are from the known CA, SAS, or epilepsy lines. All lines are from Italy and are from breeders who hunt their Spinone. Some of my puppies are active hunting in the field - and several others have become licensed therapy dogs, or service dogs. ........................................................................................................................................................................................ ......................................................................................................... ........................................................................................ All puppies for 2022 have been reserved. Reservations are being taken for litters in 2023. Do please contact me if you are interested in getting a puppy in the future. All my puppies will make superb pets, therapy and companion dogs and/or wonderful hunting companions. PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at: pmariaholt@roadrunner.com .
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Maria Holt at pmariaholt@roadrunner.com
16 Salisbury Road
Sheffield, Massachusetts 01257
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 11 years.
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Submitted by: Adeline Manson on Nov 29, 2021
I contacted nearly a dozen breeders (only three or four of Spinone Italiano) prior to bringing home one of Maria’s puppies on July 31st, 2021. Aside from Maria, none of them were as scrutinizing of me as I’d hoped; Maria was the only person who wanted to get to know me and the home to which her puppy would be going. Her level of care reassured me she would pair me with the right dog — this was very important to me as I lived alone in a Manhattan studio apartment until very recently — and would be available if I ever had concerns or questions.

All of Maria’s dogs are enviable. They are calm, sweet, sensitive, and noticeably healthy/sturdy. In turn my puppy Ernestine, daughter of India-Jane & Henry, is much the same. No health problems whatsoever, has never once soiled her large crate, and is a sound sleeper. As far as puppies go, Ernestine has been incredibly easy. That said, do not underestimate the value of a breeder who teaches ‘No’ in the first 8 weeks. It’s saved us both tremendous frustration.

I waited 18 months for one of Maria’s puppies and would encourage anyone who might find themselves waiting longer than they’d hoped to hold out anyway. The knowledge Maria has to offer, her dogs’ temperaments, and the health of her litters are worth any wait.
Submitted by: The Memole Family on Nov 29, 2021
We cannot overstate how thoroughly wonderful our experience has been with Maria and how extraordinary our sweet Harry is. He is from her August 2021 litter - progeny of Master Henry Padfoot and the dear Millicent Bumble. Maria perfectly matched his temperament to the needs of our family.

When you get a puppy from Maria, you are not purchasing a puppy - you are being invited into a family. There is nothing transactional about the experience. She shares with you her extensive knowledge of the breed, puppy raising and - informational that has been indispensable to a family that has always had dogs. All of the information Maria provides is so valuable and is shared with her unique and glorious sense of humor. She truly takes you along on a journey - she shares so many photos, hilarious emails, recommendations from food to beds to a foolproof way to actually get a puppy to sleep through the night and invitations to puppy parties where you have an opportunity to be welcomed into her extended hairy family.

Once you have a Spinone as part of your family, you will forever need a Spinone as part of your family. And once you have one of Maria’s Spinone, you will never look to another breeder.
Submitted by: Ken Priestley on Nov 23, 2021
We have had three Spinone, our oldest is 11 years old & our 3-month-old puppy is the third Spinone from Pook’s Rise. Maria is a very conscientious breeder who works with the new puppy buyer in all aspects of owning, training & caring for her pups. Maria raises the puppies in her home & treats them like family.
There will be a couple of “Puppy Parties” where the new owners meet their puppies at Maria’s, so the pups are socialized & introduced to new people & situations. The parties are also where you meet other Spinone owners, both new & experienced. There are many Spinoni there since most people realize that Spinoni are like M&M’s, you can’t have just one, and they bring their other dog(s) to the party. Amazing to see 20 or so dogs, most off leash and all happily playing with each other.
Maria sends an incredible amount of info on taking care of and raising your new puppy to be healthy & happy. She is always there to answer questions & to help the new owner with caring for & training their new puppy. It goes without saying that the technical parts, testing, vet visits, shots, etc. are very well taken care of. The record keeping on each puppy is excellent.
If this will be your first Spinone, you are in for a real treat. The Spinone is a remarkable dog. They have great personalities, are very intelligent, and even have a sense of humor. Ours have been very easy to train and want to be with you. They are family dogs who work to please their humans. We don’t hunt but you can tell they have the instinct, as they are very aware of their surroundings while outside. We also have a cat who loves his Spinoni. You will not be disappointed with a Pook’s Rise pup.
Ken & Sandy Priestley
Submitted by: Christine Drago on Nov 18, 2021
We am delighted to recommend Pook’s Rise Spinones! We have got two dogs from Maria, one is now 10 and one is still a pup. We couldn’t be more delighted! Our 10 year old is intelligent, biddable, and incredibly gentle to both people and other animals. The puppy is learning fast also. We do not hunt, but from the length of time they spend each morning in the yard with their noses to the ground, it is obvious they know exactly what and where everything has set foot on the property during the night. In the woods they are hard working and stoic. Maria Holt is an exceptional breeder! She raises the pups in her home as part of her family. She provides information, updates, and support at every turn. It is obvious she cares deeply for each of her brood. I can’t recommend this breeder enough!
Submitted by: Chris on Nov 18, 2021
My partner and I welcomed our first Spinone from Maria at Pook's Rise in April of 2021. Our dear Porter - gentle, loving, and goofy - quickly became the cornerstone of our household. We not only gained a wonderful pup, but a very dear friend out of Maria. The knowledge she garners regarding the Spinoni breed, and the time she takes to educate all those that get a puppy from her is truly remarkable. The Spinoni breed is one of somewhat rarity here in the states, and with that, comes limited knowledge when compared to other breeds. Maria is the source of truth when it comes to setting her families up for success to have a deep understanding of this beautiful breed. The relationship she develops with the individuals and families that are lucky to receive a puppy from her is true and organic, not at all transactional. Fast forward 8 months, and we welcomed our second puppy, Finn, from Maria. It's not at all a coincidence that both of our dogs have even temperament, are easy to train, are loving and kind, and have the goofiness that the breed is known and admired for. It's a true testament to Maria's care that she provides her adult dogs and their puppies. I hope you and your family are lucky enough to experience the love and joy that it is to receive a puppy from Pook's Rise Spinoni.
Submitted by: Betsy Palmer-Ehrenfeld on Nov 18, 2021
I am fortunate enough to live with 2 of Maria’s Spinone dogs. My first, Riley is now 10 and I have just recently added a new puppy, Jax. These boys are such a delight. Sweet, smart and so friendly! I couldn’t recommend more highly Maria and her dogs. Maria has provided support and so much great information about our babies. She is so knowledgeable about the breed and especially her dogs.
Submitted by: The Moore family on Nov 09, 2020
We got out first Spinone puppy, Arlo, from Maria back in March and he is now 9 months old. We could not have imagined a better dog. Arlo is smart, sweet, loving, comical and loyal. He is absolutely perfect! Whenever we have him out for walks people always take time to ask about him, where we got him, and tell us how beautiful he is. People often even stop in their cars to compliment him! Maria was incredible to work with. She sent us lots of updates, before and after the puppies were born, and it was clear to us that she is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to the breed. She also has a great sense of humour which she seems to pass along to her puppies. We cannot thank Maria enough for providing us with such a perfect family member.
Submitted by: Cynthia Baker Burns on Jun 13, 2020
Maria Holt has extraordinary dogs. We have had 2 other Spinoni from 2 other breeders many years ago and before them we had Hungarian sheepdogs and Bearded Collies. Maria is by far the best breeder we have encountered. informed Once you have a Spinone there is no going back and once you have a Pook’s Rise pup you will go no where else. Maria is passionate about her dogs and cares for them accordingly. We have never met a breeder who is more thoughtful, informative and enthusiastic about her dogs.
These are highly intelligent, biddable, loving, creatures with a humorous stubborn streak. They are also tireless workers if you are in the field. Ours is definitely a family dog but still tries to impressive us with her “pointing “ skills.
Maria is thoroughly engaged with her pups and their prospective owners. She helps you every step of the way if needed and knows more about these dogs than most vets ever will. Listen to her.
I give Maria Holt a 5 on every count.
And I give her dogs the same.
A very
Submitted by: Judith Roman on Jan 27, 2020
I came upon Gun Dog Breeders not knowing much about where to find our first Spinone Italiano. Pooks Rise Spinone caught my attention immediately. We had not had a puppy in 25 years. My first conversation with Maria was lengthy. She was willing to share her thoughts and experience without hesitation. She made us feel very comfortable and more confident in our decision. We are now the proud and enthusiastic owners of a health, well-built, handsome guy, the offspring of Lou Lou and Henry. Our pup is now almost 8 months old and is loved by all! Maria is great. One hundred percent dedicated and passionate about raising and placing her pups. Always available and willing to impart her knowledge and recommendations. The tips she provided well in advance covered more than we would have thought to consider. Direction on food, sleeping, training, socialization, traveling and so much more, made for a smooth transition and much preparedness. I would not hesitate recommending Maria. She is simply the best!
Submitted by: Kevin Hunt on Jan 21, 2020
We have nothing but praise for Maria Holt and her hairy Italian housemates. Her informative emails arrive periodically in advance of whelping and prepare you for your new puppy, and then continue as the pups come home. She cuts through all of the internet puppy-industrial complex noise and gives you information that is both factually accurate and actually works with Spinoni - including her incredible puppy-that-sleeps-through-the-night technique (which worked on our pup's 2nd night).
Friends and colleagues (and our Vet) with pups of other breeds from other breeders consistently have been impressed with everything Maria sent that we've shared with them.
Of course all of this is a bonus to our healthy, well-mannered puppy who has impressed in early obedience and NAVHDA Natural Ability training. "That's his first time tracking a pheasant? Wow." Or, "He's only 10 months old? He's so well-behaved! Wow!"
Wow indeed.
We're delighted to recommend Maria as a breeder if you're looking for a slightly drool-y walking mop muppet luck dragon who will gladly sniff out a bird for you while giving you skeptical side-eye with whom to share your life and home. We were, and we couldn't be happier.
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