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About MARIAH Shorthairs
Pictured above our Grand Ch. Mariah BDN Be Still My Heart CDX SH VCX NAVHDA NA, Dam of NAVHDA Breeders Award Litters in 2011 and 2012. GSPCA Hunt Test Dam of the Year for 2013! Dam of NAVHDA Versatile Champion in 2014!


Our 41st Year and 8th Generation of

 Nationally Recognized Shorthairs



 Honored  to be the First GSP Breeder in the Country Designated as a

Breeder of Merit 

by the American Kennel Club


The Very Latest News -- MACH 4 Dreamweaver Mariah Dynamic Energy is the Number 1 Agility GSP in the country and is invited to the National Agility Championship in Orlando Florida, December 2015! Shorthairs are canine athletes. Her agility runs have averaged 4.8 Yards Per Second in 2015! Thank you Carol Kluka DVM for training Joule to this high honor!

Breaking News -- 2011 and 2012 NAVHDA Natural Abillity Breeders Awards achieved by our Grand Ch. Mariah BDN Be Still My Heart CDX SH VCX NAVHDA NA. Daisy is owned by Daphne Gray and Dan Carter, Montross, VA.  2012 brought Daisy her AKC Grand Championship in the show ring, and 2013 her AKC CDX obedience title. Woooo Hoooo to our beautiful girl who can do it all!

MARIAH Shorthairs has been breeding since 1974 in a home environmement, with breeding stock based on some of the early Shorthairs brought to the US in the 1930's. Our dogs today continue to look very much like the German stock from which they originated -- solid, biddable, close working dogs for dense New England cover that is very much like that in Germany. This is a love and a hobby, not a kennel. 

We tend to understate our accomplishments because our breeding record stands for itself. In 41 years we have produced many fine, close-working personal gun dogs -- as well as Show Champions, AKC Master Hunters, NAVHDA qualifiers, obedience and agility competitors, registered therapy dogs, and certified tracking dogs -- all have proven again and again that there is no conflict between beautiful conformation and a Shorthair's ability to work in the field or any other activity. They say, "Life is too short to hunt with an ugly dog". We believe, "Life is too short to LIVE with an ugly dog!".

In 2009 we were honored to receive the highest award of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America, when our Best in Show winning Ch. Moraine's Diamond Lil Mariah CD JH VC ROM was voted into the GSPCA SHORTHAIR HALL OF FAME. She was only the 117th Shorthair in the the history of the breed to be recognized with this honor. Other breeders talk about their dogs as decendents of Hall of Fame dogs -- generations back from someone else's breeding program. Daisy, pictured above, is a great granddaughter of our OWN Hall of Fame dog. Enough said -- we tend to understate our accomplishments.

We strive to breed the healthiest and most intelligent Shorthairs possible. We adhere to the recommended standards for health screening of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America:  health screening for hips, elbows, eyes, cardiac and cone degeneration (day blindness), and our dogs are qualified to be registered with CHIC (Canine Health Information Center).  All breeding stock AKC DNA identified.

Please note -- because we devote exceptional attention to every puppy, we do not breed frequently. We believe you cannot possibly devote this care and attention to every puppy if you breed more than one litter a year. Please inquire if you are interested in our 2015 litter. Most puppies are reserved in advance.

A Shorthair is a 12-14 year commitment to the best friend you will ever have. Why settle for less when you can have the best.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Sandra Kretz
Wayland, Massachusetts 01778
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 41 years.
Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Kevin Carney on Feb 28, 2011
My mom always told me when you grow up, get married, buy a house in the country, you can have a dog. Well, I grew up (kind of) got married, bought a house in the country and wanted a dog.

My first feat was to decide what breed I wanted. That took quite a while filtering through all the breeds with advantages and disadvantages to my family’s lifestyle. After much research the decision was a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP).

The next tough choice was a breeder. The cost to feed, annual vet bills, kennel costs etc. were minor in respect to the cost of the pup. Quality was job one! In my search in Massachusetts, I found several GSP breeders that were admirable but no pups. The common denominator was the referral to MARIAH Shorthairs in Wayland, MA and to speak with Sandra Kretz. I called Sandra and I had a very comprehensive discussion about GSPs and their needs.

At this point I had decided that Mariah Shorthair GSP was where I wanted my pup to come from and Sandra had a litter expected in a month or so. One caveat was Sandra requires a face to face meeting with all potential parents. This insured my confidence that we were making the right choice in my selection of a breeder, and her selection of us.

That morning I was as nervous as a job interview meeting with Sandra but she and her husband welcomed us into her home and we had an informal discussion about the breed. We then took a long walk with her dogs and I got a first hand confirmation that this is the breed I wanted.

When the time came to select a pup, Sandra helped me choosing a pup that would work well in our family. The choice was made and the date was set for pick-up. One thing I did not do was to insist my 15 and 10 year old boys would be responsible to feed, walk and care for the new pup. This was my pup and anything they wanted to do was optional and they could help if they wanted.

What does an Irishman name a German dog? Shannon and she is a beauty!

Shannon is almost 4 years old now and believe me, she is no less a pup than at one year old. She is intelligent and was easy to train. I did use the Invisible Fence as we are living on 3 ½ acres of woods and trails. This dog is high octane and enjoys the freedom to run and by no means an apartment dog.

Shannon is a clean dog and is allowed to sleep in our bed but she is a cuddlier.

My thoughts go back to Sandra and I think, I’ll always buy a dog from you but these thoughts dwindle, as Shannon will be my pup for a long time……

I’m scratching her under her chin as we speak.
Submitted by: Kevin Carney on Feb 28, 2011
The cost of the pup was minor in respect to the lifelong costs of raising the pup.

Submitted by: Daphne Gray on Jun 21, 2010
I bought my first Mariah German Shorthaired Pointer from Sandy in 1982. She was a wonderful dog exactly what I had asked for - we did NAVHDA, Breed and Obedience. I learned as she learned. Since then I have had 4 Shorthairs of Sandra's breeding. Each one seemed a little more special than the last and all had excellent personalities. Sandy’s dogs are beautiful as well as talented. It is always nice to watch a beautifully moving dog in the field. And isn’t that what we all want- a German Shorthaired Pointer that we can do whatever we plan for the dog. A great family member, show champion, obedience dog or field hunter. I would like to thank Sandy for all the dogs I have gotten from her in the past as well as recommend her to anyone looking for a dog in the future.
Submitted by: Barbara P. Brewer on Jun 20, 2010
For many years I had been wanting a GSP, and finally, after extensive breeder research, obtained a male GSP from a Mariah breeding last year. I couldn't be happier!! Sandra is an extremely ethical, responsible and careful breeder and her dogs exemplify this; they have excellent temperaments, sound bodies both mentally and physically, and are truly what the breed standard of the GSP should be: completely versatile, healthy and joyful dogs!
Chester (16 months) has been a joy to our family! We were looking for a really nice pet dog, and after extensive temperament testing, he was selected for us. Not only is he a real family member who always wants to be right with us, he is very trainable and obedient. To top it off, his conformation has turned out so well, that he has entered the show ring and has earned 5 points toward his 15 for Champion in only 2 weekends!! I would highly recommend a Mariah GSP to anyone who is looking for a great dog!
Submitted by: Steven Folsom on Jun 19, 2010
My first shorthair was sired by a Mariah dog, and I couldn't be happier with our choice. Our boy is a fun-loving, beautiful, and intelligent example of the breed. Sandra has always been incredibly supportive and more than willing to answer any questions I might have. It's obvious from every conversation I have with her that not only is she incredibly experienced, she is also enjoying every minute of it. I can't wait to see this litter!
Submitted by: Mary Lou Tobias on Jun 18, 2010
In 2000 I invested in a male puppy from Mariah. He has lived up to everything I thought he would be, wonderful hunting dog with a nose to die for. I, subsequently, have used him as a stud dog and his get is equally impressive on ALL counts.

This breeding is not to be missed.
Submitted by: Pam Stillman on Jun 16, 2010
I have a wonderful bitch from the Mariah Kennel. Gem is 8 years old and is officially "CH Mariah's The Fire Within RE, CD, JH. She hunts with us in South Dakota each fall for pheasant and is a wonderful hunter. Gem was our daughter's Junior Handler dog in the show ring and she has the best temperment.
Mariah Kennel does all the health testing available in order to provide the healthiest dogs possible. I have had wonderful help with our dogs from this kennel and recommend them highly.
Submitted by: Janey Wineinger on Jun 15, 2010
I have a Mariah 2 year old and this bitch is a do it all girl. The only limitation on this dog her owner. Her temperment, confirmation are outstanding and I recommend this kennel to anyone looking for a quality shorthair.
Submitted by: Ann Michaud on Jun 15, 2010
I bought my first GSP from Sandra in 1984 and over the years have gone back to her for all of my dogs. She has been a wonderful person to deal with- always supportive and really works hard to be sure her puppies are in the right home.
I've called her many times over the years with questions throughout the lives of my dogs and have received all of the support I have come to expect from a quality breeder. We have hunted with our dogs and their hunting instincts are exceptional as well as their personalities. Currently my household includes 3 GSPs from Sandra's breeding- ages 10, 7&1/2 and 4&1/2 and they are truly a joy.
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