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  A Deutsch-Drahthaar Breeder, with 40 years of dedication to the pursuit of excellence in Hunting dog breeding.  The past 15 years dedicated solely to the DD.  My foundation lines are the result of sincere involvement and dedicated research:  my bloodline combinations are well thought out,  with the goal being Breed maintenance and betterment.  vom Slaney-Vale is based on a vision of quality and absolute dedication to the Versatile Deutsch-Drahahaar.  Please visit my website,  http://www.vomslaneyvale.netkennel.com for a visual overview, and feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

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Hugh Slaney
P.O.Box 97 74125 Road 11E
Stony Mountain, Manitoba R0C 3A0
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 40 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Peter Jmaeff on Mar 29, 2020
We are writing to share our story about our purchase of a Deutsch Drahthaar puppy, (Keisha) from von Slaney-Vale (Hugh Slaney) Kennels in Stoney Mountain (Near Winnipeg) Manitoba. My very first trip with Cathy from Vancouver on VIA Rail train was exciting and our plane trip home with Keisha was as well. We do lots of off- road trips with Cathy on my Jeep. We both decided the need of a 4-legged partner to share these experiences. We like the wild woods hiking, especially fly fishing in isolated lakes, and just hanging out; smelling the fresh air.
Originally, we started looking at breeders selling German Wired Haired Pointers and inadvertently bumped into an owner of 2 Deutsch Drahthaars. We were immediately sold on that breed. We spent 2 months researching the breed and kennels. We wanted to find a knowledgeable breeder, a humane breeder, and one that treats dogs with a gentle hand. We did our research as far as Germany, United States and a few other countries.
It soon became clear Hugh Slaney of von Slaney-Vale Kennels in Stoney Mountain Manitoba fits all the things we were looking for in a breeder. We could have purchased a Deutsch Drahthaar from another breeder, but we waited about 4 months before one became available from von Slaney-Vale Kennels, and boy was it was worth the wait. We were not allowed to choose a puppy, generally when one makes a choice it’s a puppy that comes along and licks your hand pays more attention to you. This was a worry for us to not make that choice.
However, we really wanted a puppy from the Slaney-Vale Kennels, so we decided to give up on making the choice of a puppy. Our decision really paid off. We have the most wonderful puppy; Keisha fits our personalities and things we do; its like having a puppy designed for our needs. Hugh the choice you made is PERFECT for us. We are so thankful for what you have done for us. We just love Keisha and she loves us.
It was really helpful to meet Hugh personally. His knowledge of dogs was overwhelming. He was extremely helpful. Even though I had dogs most of my younger life, I still learned a great deal from him. And importantly his kennel was clean, and very compatible to his puppies and the mommy. One downfall was that it was January and freezing outside. Coming from the Sunshine Coast, the temperature difference was very evident.
We called Hugh after we got home about needed information and he responded with sincere help. We cannot say enough good things about the Slaney-Vale Kennels and Hugh. Whoever reads this posting, and is looking for a Deutsch Drahthaar puppy, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. I could go on, but I am sure reader will get the message. Thank you, Hugh and thank you to your family, for supporting what you do; keep up the good work Hugh.
Peter & Cathy
604 928-3400
Submitted by: Jeffrey Allen on Jan 30, 2013
After wanting a Drahthaar for many years, the time finally came where we could add another dog to our family. After lengthy research and interviewing MANY breeders, I decided on Vom Slaney-Vale. The dedication to detail and improving the breed makes Hugh Slaney a true desciple of the breed. Hugh takes huge amounts of time with every puppy to expose them to many different types of game and people well before their arrival. He updates you on your puppy's progress almost on a daily basis. When you receive your puppy, your relationship with Vom Slaney-Vale just begins!! Thank you very much for our wonderful puppy, Francis vom Slaney-Vale!!
Submitted by: Ed Challacombe on Feb 01, 2012
I picked up a pup, whose name is Chantal (Colt vom Entenmoor x Frida vom Erthal – C litter) from Hugh on August 27, 2010 and life hasn’t been the same since. This dog has so much energy and personality. She’s a go-getter that is always smiling and up for the challenge. Over the last 17 months, I developed a warm friendship with Hugh. He has willingly shared his knowledge and experience and seems to genuinely enjoy coaching/mentoring. Chantal is a beautiful, affectionate animal with a strong desire to please. She is relentless in both the field and water, and is very biddable. I can’t say enough good things about either Chantal or Hugh.
Submitted by: John Snook on Jan 22, 2012
13 years ago I got my very first dog from Hugh Slaney. Ever sense then,he has always been there to offer his expertise in the training and care of versatile breeds. Hugh is one of the most honest,educated and ethical breeder that I have ever known.
With the recent passing of my first drahthaar,it was an easy decision to get my next pup from Hugh's kennel. After much discussion,he knew the type and quality of dog that I was looking for.
Prior to the pups arrival, he sent me very detailed information on training and pictures of the pups development from the first week up until her arrival.
When we first met "Dana vom Slaney Vale" aka Slanie, we knew that Hugh had matched us up perfectly with the type of dog we were looking for.She is,indeed,a very nice Drahthaar,both physically and mentally. Hugh's breeding program definitely shows in the high quality of this pup.I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Drahthaar,to check out Vom Slaney Vale kennel.

John Snook

Submitted by: Mark Jacobs on Dec 31, 2011
I knew very little of the Deutsch Drahthaar, only that I wanted one. After spending a lifetime with my Labs I wanted the challenge of working with a versatile dog. After many conversations with various breeders around the country, I finally went north of the border to Vom Slaney-Vale. My gut told me that Hugh Slaney was an honest guy, with a devotion to the betterment of the breed. Hugh has always been there to answer my many questions with his experience and insightful comments, and together, we have trained this magnificent creature to be a wonderful hunter and companion. I have tested Brier in NAVHDA and the German system, she has proved her breeding with consistent and very high scores.You can see more of Brier under Hugh's website, B litter, Bernice Vom Slaney-Vale. Feel free to contact me for any questions. Mark Jacobs
Submitted by: Erin Pincemin on Jun 17, 2011
Our family purchased a vom Slaney-Vale puppy from Hugh's 'A' litter in 2009. We could not be happier with Alfred! He is an amazing hunting dog with the kindest, most gentle disposition. He is so friendly and trustworthy to have around our two small children; a truly amazing family dog. He is a natural and beautiful-to-watch perform hunting dog. Hugh was amazing to work with in placing the correct puppy with our family based on matching our personalities. He was very thorough, and I took this as an excellent sign that he truly cared about his dogs and their welfare which was very reassuring. The amount of information that Hugh provides as to training and care of the puppy is impressive. He is so very open to communicating about the dog and answering any questions. His breeding is so well researched and such an amazing process. He matched our family so well with our dog, we will be forever grateful!
Submitted by: David Cook on Jan 25, 2011
When looking for my second drahthaar dog, after having my first one for almost 15 years, I spent time talking and looking on the web sites for another dog. When I came across Vom Slany-Vale site, I was impressed with the quality of the site showing his dogs and the response in any questions I had with Hugh about the dogs. Hugh was great in matching me with the type of dog that I wanted, and could not be any happier of the dog from his "B" litter. Her name is Bride. The time and effort that Hugh puts into his breed of dogs is superior, and has always been available to answer any questions during the training... I would highly recommend any dog from his kennel. Dave Cook... Colorado
Submitted by: Marc Desjardins on Mar 29, 2010
I appreciated the expertise and wisdom offered by Hugh in helping me providing the proper hunting dog for my hunting needs as well as advice in training. I admire his attention to detail during the breeding process as well as caring for the puppies before and after they are delivered to their respected owners. The dog's desire to hunt is incredible, the best one I have had and seen in many years. The dog shows great disposition and prey drive, as well as an excellent family dog. I would recommend this breeder if you are seeking in getting a Deutsch Drahthaar- an excellent versatile hunting dog.
Submitted by: Dr. Fraser Sherrard on Mar 27, 2010
I received my deutsch drahthaar puppy from vom Slaney-Vale last summer. The breeders reputation for excellence in breeding was made known to me through a hunting friend who is a senior DD judge . This was my first DD and I did not know what to expect. I communicated with Hugh, the breeder (and present Breedwarden for VDD Canada) a number of times, prior to receiving my pup. I was sent pictures of him being exposed to every imaginable situation that is critical in the development of a well rounded puppy. I saw him in water, in the field, on lead, being socialized around children and with all sorts of fur and feathers. Mr. Slaney provided outstanding coaching in the form of written support for weeks prior to puppy's arrival and too many times to count thereafter.
I am daily impressed with the conformation, stability, desire to please and an overall trait that I can only describe as nobility of my pup. At vom Slaney-Vale, you will see attention to genetic research, the highest breeding ethics and a dedication to producing some of the finest pups in North America. Please feel free to write if you wish to know more about my experience with this kennel.
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