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About OakHill Goldens
We breed quality golden retrievers and provide healthy, well socialized puppies to families . This has been a labor of love for us for 16 years and as responsible breeders, we are careful to ensure that our goldens are healthy and free from any inheritable diseases prior to breeding. We are state licensed and our puppies have been featured in the LL Bean catalog. We like to give families a positive experience by ensuring them that are getting a healthly, happy puppy that will bring them years of enjoyment and companionship. We also provide stud services. Please check out our website for more info and pictures.
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Breeder Contact Info
Lori StHilaire
96 Rte 126
Monmouth, Maine 04259
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Donna Anderson on Dec 06, 2015
Hi; About 11 years ago I used Lori and Jons "Tucker" as a stud dog to my bitch. She had absolutley beautiful Pups. I kept one "Tazer" who passed away last October. He was the best Golden and absolutley handsome. I would love to find one of Tuckers pups to breed with my new bitch "Tellie, Or if some has a bitch in Tuckers line who would like to breed with my Golden, also named Tucker. I can send pictures if you are interested. I miss my "Tazerboy" so much.
TY Donna
Submitted by: Donald and Candace Schorr on Dec 12, 2014
Duffy joined our family back in July of 2005. He has been the most wonderful addition to our family. He was a companion, friend, listener, a wonderful furry cuddle in good times and bad. He always wanted to be with us no matter what we were doing and we always wanted him around. Sadly Duffy pasted away on Nov. 24 after a few weeks of health problems. We miss him so very much. His father was Tucker and his mom Amber, he was the last one of the litter and nobody wanted him because they said he was too light. Well what he lacked in color he made up in spirit and willingness to please. We hope in the near future we will get over our loss and contact you to maybe get another one to share our life with.
Submitted by: Candace Schorr on Dec 12, 2014
In July of 2005 we welcomed one of your puppies and named him Duffy. He was the last of his litter and he was left because some said he was too light. Well he became the most beautiful golden as he grew and what some say he lacked in color he exceeded in his spirit and willingness to please. He always wanted to be with us and we wanted him with us. He was well mannered and always was wagging that beautiful tail of his. His sire was Tucker and his mom was Amber. Sadly on November 24 of this year Duffy had to leave us after a few weeks of ill health. We did all we could for him but it was time. We miss him so very much. An empty hole is in our lives. We hope that after we have healed in the near future we may consider getting another one. Thank you so much for a wonderful family member and friend.
Submitted by: Linda on Jun 09, 2014
Our beautiful dog, JD, is almost 8 years old and a joy to everyone in our family, including 3 young children. My husband & I feel grateful to Lori & Jon for their expertise!
Submitted by: Susan Hoadley on Apr 11, 2011
Our Sunny is 18 month old and she is fantastic -- calm -- loving, loyal and smart. She is also a stunningly beautiful golden. She's amazing.
Submitted by: Karen Brown on Feb 25, 2010
We have been fortunate to have shared our lives with six Golden We have shared our lives with Golden Retrievers over the past 22 years. We brought Hazel home in early January and even in this relatively short seven week period we are truly captivated by this beautiful, gentle, intelligent and attentive puppy. We are forever grateful for the loving care and outstanding social environment Lori and John provided during Hazel's first eight weeks of life. We obviously are hopelessly in love with our kind, smart, lovely and loyal Golden Retriever companions. We feel that Lori and John are exceptional in every way, and highly recommend their pups as perfect family additions.
Submitted by: Anne Caiazzo on Jan 26, 2010
We have a beautiful male golden retriever that we bought from OakHill Goldens about 5 years ago now. The experience was a good one for us. It was clear that they care about their dogs/puppies, and that was most important to us. We now have a beautiful and delightful addition to our family. I would recommend this breeder to others interested in goldens. Thank you.
Submitted by: Leslie Tainter on Jan 25, 2010
We purchased a golden from Lori 3 years ago. Abbie is such a wonderful dog. She is my dad's best friend. Calm, loving, wonderful, sweet and by far one of the best goldens we have ever owned. I highly recommend Oak Hill Goldens if you are looking for a golden retreiver.
Submitted by: Linda on Jan 24, 2010
Our Bucko will be 2 on June 16,2010. Lori & John are very knowledgable and worked with us every step of the way to match us perfectly with our golden. They raise happy, healthy, beautiful goldens. You won't be disappointed.
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