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Jack & Debbie Callahan
P.O. Box 35
Corinna, Maine 04928
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: David and Kathleen on Apr 02, 2020
We brought Mabel home December 2018.
She is a wonderful pup and so very loving. Jack was very helpful answering our questions and available even after we brought our pup home!
We would definitely get another pup from Outpost Griffon and encourage anyone to call and speak with Jack.
Submitted by: Wayne and Patti Knapp on Feb 19, 2019
We got Woody from the February 16, 2017 Moose litter. Love him so very much. He has already traveled to South Dakota for Pheasant Hunting. Not sure how to post a photo, but he is handsome! I'll email a photo to Jack for him to share.
Thank you for an awesome dog! Patti and Wayne
Submitted by: Gary Hydrusko on Feb 13, 2019
Here it is 2/13/19 and Our Girl "BaBa O RILEY" (Riley) will be 2 years Old Saturday. Like her Litter Mate "HAZEL" she is an amazing hunter. Pointed her First Wild Turkey in the backyard at about 4 months. Her Nose Knows! Woodcock, Chukar, Pheasant or Quail she finds them. As I was a first time owner of a "Hunting Dog" NAVHDA Del Val (NJ) Training has been invaluable in training me. Riley's Hunting instincts drive her to excellence! She is staunch on Point and Retrieve's to Hand. She communicates her needs to us emphatically. She is not a shy girl. Absolutely loves to be with Family. She is Dog Friendly as she has hunted with other WHPG's and GSHP's. At the end of a Preserve hunt this past Sunday, my buddy hunting with us (her) for the first time turned to me and said, "I am telling you, this Dog is Gold!"

Jack & Deb,
Thanks for Raising such a Quality Griff! Worth the Drive from New Jersey to Maine!
Submitted by: Jamie & Matt Seegobin on Nov 11, 2018
We got our girl Hazel from Scout & Moose’s Feb 2017 litter and we couldn’t be happier! Jack was a pleasure to deal with and you could tell he truly loves all his animals. Her being our first hunting dog we weren’t too sure what to expect, but she is amazing. With some training and being actively involved in NAVHDA she is an amazing hunter. She has been on quail, chukar, pheasant, woodcock and grouse. Tracking, pointing and retrieving in any situation excellently. She knows her place in the field and at home with our two small children. Her ability to please is always there whether it is hunting or snuggling. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to get another dog from Outpost Griffon when the time comes!
Submitted by: Christopher A Craigue on Oct 26, 2018
I got my pup from one of Buttercup & Cowboy’s litters back in 2016. What a wonderful dog! He’s a fantastic combination of traits- fearless, loyal, and sociable with both people and other dogs. Also is a terrific, versatile, bird dog with a great nose and held solid points and retrieved woodcock on land or ducks in water. Of his many other attributes he shed little, held steady for toe-nail clipping, and even my Vet commented on how mellow he was when getting his shots. One of the most outstandings dogs I’ve ever had. I credit Jack and Debbie with sound breeding skills to produce such wonderful dogs. And they’re nice people too.
Submitted by: Bill Stratton on Jan 12, 2018
Jack and Debbie care about where their puppies are going. My pup, Parker was born 4/1/16. He has hunted everything from woodcock to giant canada geese, and ALOT of them... Could not ask for a better dog! He is calm in the house, and all business in the field. We are training with NAVHDA in off seasons.
Submitted by: Tom and Deb Leslie on Jan 08, 2018
We picked up our puppy Heidi in August, she has been a treasure ever since, she has all the great griffon characteristics, and is showing great promise as a hunting dog. Thank You, Jack and Deb!
Submitted by: Danielle and Josh on Apr 13, 2015
Jack and Debbie were simply a joy to work with when picking out our boy, Baxter (or as Jack and Debbie affectionately called him Josh's Boy)! We got him from their July 2014 litter at the end of September. I'm allergic to dogs and so the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon was our top choice for us. Jack and Debbie made the process so easy and Baxter definitely picked us. He's a fun loving 8 month old puppy now and we couldn't have asked for a better home for him to come from. They care deeply about their dogs and treat them as family. Thank you Jack and Debbie for making our dreams of having a dog come true.
Submitted by: Curt Jessup on Mar 16, 2015
Jack and Deb are the best!! The pup in the picture is my dog Maize who is now 8 months old. She is not only a great hunting dog but also a wonderful family dog. We have a 5 yr old daughter who adored Maize and Maize adores her. Maize will be hunted hard during the season for grouse, woodcock and duck. I have shot about 30 birds (quail, chukar, pheasant and a few huns) over her and she is a natural who just really needs exposure to birds. Her great natural instincts take over. If you are looking for a great breeder, Jack and Deb are the best!!
Submitted by: Kathy and Mike Angus on Sep 11, 2014
We would like to tell you about a couple that are raising a "family" of Wire Haired Pointing Griffons. Debbie and Jack, from Outpost Griffon in Corinna, Maine, are the most caring and dedicated couple of people that are breeding quality WPG's. I don't like to use the word "breeder" for Jack and Debbie because they know every single one of their dogs, their personalities and qualities. Their dogs are their babies. They spend their time outside all day and hunting but when it's bedtime, all the dogs go inside the house to cuddle with Debbie and Jack and with each other. They are careful about matching their dogs when breeding. They are also the type of people that won't breed their dogs till they are old or get rid of them; these dogs will stay within the family for their lifetime. When puppies are born, hours are spent doting over every one making sure they are ok, run to the vet, fed properly and loved.

We have one of their females from the Spring 2013 litter. She is the happiest dog. She wants to see people, be with other dogs, play in fields and streams, has an attractive coat and is an excellent hunter. When we brought her home, she was pointing and pursuing game at 8 weeks. We have visited Jack and Debbie a few more times and noticed that all their dogs are the same way. They will affectionately greet you but when it's time for hunting, they are raring to go. They are a bunch of happy dogs and that's because Debbie, Jack and the dogs are a family. You can feel the love they have for the dogs when you meet them. If you want a quality, beautiful, Wire Haired Pointing Griffon, get one of their dogs...if you can get your hands on one. They go fast! Kathy and Mike from NJ (now getting their second little girl from Outpost Griffon's 2014 litter)
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