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Deltaduck was form to breed the best blood line`s in Hunting Dog`s that could be found time was not important only to fine the best puppy`s to be rasied in my hands it is a 24 / 7 job. I am proud to have 3 females here Sired by GRHRCH UH Dakota`s Cajun Roux MH, 2 of which are full sister`s to GRHRCH Roux`s Blazin Chocolate Thunder MH. Plus many more top blood line US & UK both. I started 2 years ago with GSP and have one of the finest blood line female with no less then 10 National Field Champion top & bottom behind her.My 1st American Brittany a beautiful young Male his Sire Masked Jack of Diamonds and bottom side Grandpaw Nolan`s Last Bullet. My Puppy`s are raised in my home with the very best of care each puppy is worked with from the time its eye`s open to the time it goes home this goes on 24/7 . Robert

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American Brittany, German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever
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Robert Buras
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: Taylor Eubanks on Oct 27, 2017
In January of 2016, my husband (then boyfriend) joined the United States Coast Guard. In March of 2016 we got the news that we were being stationed in Morgan City, Louisiana. So we packed everything up including our one year old yellow lab, Avery, and left North Carolina to our new home in Louisiana! Before we ever got our first lab I was never a dog person at all but I instantly fell in love with her. I will never own another breed other than a lab! After 7 months of living in Louisiana we decided we wanted to add another fur baby to our family. Originally we thought we wanted s silver lab so I made a call to a silver lab breeder in Ohio and she started telling me all her prices for labs and she mentioned a fox red lab. When I got off the phone I turned to my husband and asked if he had ever heard of one, and neither of us had! So of course I turned to google and we both fell in love with their beautiful color!! So I then googled "fox red labs near me" and of course Delta Duck Kennels was the first thing I saw and one of his dogs had a litter just three days earlier! He sent me tons of pictures and information about the puppies and the very next day I sent him our deposit! When we went to get our male Fox Red Lab, I absolutely fell in love!! If I could ever picture Heaven it would be Delta Duck Kennels!! My Husband let me pick out our first lab and so of course I got to pick out this one too and I'm so glad I did!! Again, I was NEVER a "dog person", but these two dogs are like my children!! We got him home and thought long and hard to name him, we ended up deciding on Murphy! I couldn't think of another name to fit him better! Our older lab was terrified of him at first which was actually pretty funny because she's so big and he was this beautiful, tiny, handful of a Fox Red Lab! After a day or so they became best friends! Avery follows me around all day long no matter where I'm walking and of course our sweet baby Murphy was tagging along right behind her. Having Avery actually made is so much easier puppy training because all he had to do was look at what she was doing! In January my now husband got orders to go to a school in Yorktown, Virginia. Once again we packed everything up and this time we had two sweet fur babies to pack up and make the 15 hour drive to North Carolina which is where Avery, Murphy, and I stayed while Cody was in school. We ended up staying in North Carolina for a little longer after he finished school and in June of 2017 we had all of our belongings packed and Cody, Avery, Murphy, and I headed to the airport because we were being stationed in San Juan, Puerto Rico for two years! So now since we got Murphy in October of 2016 he has lived in Louisiana, North Carolina while traveling three hours to Virginia every weekend, and then Puerto Rico! We were in Puerto Rico for about four months when Hurricane Maria hit. The storm was so devastating to the island that all USCG dependents were ordered to evacuate the island. So not only has this puppy traveled more than most dogs and flown on a plane, but at only eleven months old this brave pup was evacuated via helicopter from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Clearwater, Florida! That's not even all of it! When we landed in Clearwater we had to get on a charter bus where Murphy and Avery laid in my lap for four hours all the way to Miami, Florida where we stayed for two nights before renting a car and driving twelve hours straight with only 3 bathroom breaks to our home in North Carolina. It's now October 27th and we just got to see my husband cody for a few days before he had to head back to Puerto Rico and now there is really no telling how long we'll be without him. But I feel safe and at home no matter where I am because of my yellow lab, Avery and my one of a kind Fox Red Lab from Delta Duck Kennels! I really could not have asked for a better experience buying a dog! I'm so glad I stumbled across Delta Duck Kennels! My life would honestly feel so incomplete without my Murphy boy!! He's been such a healthy and active puppy! We are so blessed!! He's definitely had an interesting first year of life that is for sure!!! I would definitely recommend buying from Delta Duck Kennels!! Even if you aren't from Louisiana I highly recommend it! Murphy is so healthy and so smart!! Just going to get him was one of the best days of my life! It was so much fun seeing all the dogs and puppies playing! Again if you want a good picture of what heaven looks like, PLEASE go visit Delta Duck Kennels and go home with your best friend!
Submitted by: Keely Reynolds on Jul 18, 2015
Growing up in a big family that hunts and has had labs all through my life and even before I was born I felt that at 17 I was growing up and could take on the responsibility of owning a lab of my own. After hours and hours of research I had found DeltaDucks Kennel on the Gun Dog Breeders website. And after reading other testimonials I had emailed Mr Robert and after getting to know him through the weeks of Blue's pregnancy I got to understand how much he really cares about his dogs and how much they mean to him. You won't find better quality in a lab than what you get here. If you have any questions or want to see my pup now feel free to text me 504-655-5505
Submitted by: Kim LeBlanc on Jun 02, 2015
I was very fortunate to meet Mr. Robert December 2014. I already have a white female lab, no papers, she (Lexi) is almost 5 years old now, and I decided I wanted another white female lab. All of Pebbie's litter had been pretty much reserved, all the white females were reserved. A few days after I began talking to Mr. Robert, he called and said someone that had been reserved for a white female was not the sort of person he wanted one of his puppies going to. Mr. Robert is very selective in who he wants having his puppies, he treats each and every one like they are actual children of his. I got the puppy, and loved that little thing, but Lexi is so spoiled, she had a very hard time accepting the new puppy, and stayed sick. I wanted to hold off knowing that Lexi would get used to a new puppy, but then the puppy was 8 weeks old, and knowing the breeds Mr Robert has, I did not want to mess up training on the pup, so I had a long conversation with Mr Robert, and he found the best family for the pup, people he knew very well, and so I decided to give her up. Today, I stay in touch about the pup, the family said she is the best pup, and they are breeders too. I stay in touch with Mr. Robert, and I read about the people that have labs from him, and I can't imagine finding anyone else that puts so much time and love into his labs. I have switched Lexi to the food Mr. Robert recommended, I have seen a difference in her muscle mass. I love Lexi, but I still think about Pebbie's puppy. God forbid anything happen to lexi, but if so, I know I would always find an awesome pup with Mr. Robert. You cannot go wrong in meeting him, his dogs, or having one of his pups. Thank you Mr. Robert for becoming such a good friend, I have so much respect for what you do with your dogs!
Submitted by: Kayla on Sep 29, 2014
Purchased a black lab from Mr Robert almost about a year ago! She was 5 weeks old when we bought paisley home & since then she's been the best dog ever! Wonderful with all the training and we trained her ourself! She's very smart, paisley is only 10 months old and is retrieving ducks perfectly! When ever I go to purchase another lab I'll be sure to get one from Mr Robert!
Submitted by: Joshua Richard on Sep 28, 2014
In December of 2013 I purchased a yellow male lab and yesterday I went back and bought a chocolate male lab from Mr Robert. The quality of dogs he breeds and the amount of care given to those dogs are outstanding. He spares no expense when it comes to raising his puppies. Not only do the puppies grow up to be amazing retrievers with tons of drive and an unmatched willing to please, they also are great looking dogs with a great temperament. I have trained the first dog I bought from Mr Robert myself and will be hunting with him this season, I plan to train the new puppy also. By no means am I a professional trainer but the dogs Mr Robert raise have such a great will to be hunters that anyone with a little patience and time can easily have themselves a great dog. Not only are his puppies highly capable of being hunting dogs, they make outstanding pets. I highly recommend Mr Robert to anyone who ask about buying a Labrador Retriever; not only are his dogs outstanding, he himself is a great guy who will tell you anything you need to know about the puppy you are inquiring about. He doesn't just sell a puppy and never trys to get in touch with you about the dog, he is always asking how the puppy is doing and does his best to make sure you are completely satisfied with it. If anyone would like to speak with me about the two dogs I purchased from him or would like to see pictures or videos of what they look like and how they work, text or call me at 337-250-3975 or email me at
Submitted by: jimmy stuary on Jun 05, 2014
my family has bought 3 labs from mr buras and he by far has the best dogs. all 3 dogs have been amazing since the day we have gotten them mr buras cuts no corners when raising his puppies and answering questions if you are having difficulties with your pup. i would put one of his dogs against any other dog any day of the week hands down. the only kennal i will ever get a dog from
Submitted by: Amy on Oct 14, 2013
We got in contact with Mr. Robert back in May. I was looking for a lab puppy for my husband and two sons. Mr. Robert was very helpful and sent many pictures for us to look at. A few weeks later my sons and I drove out to his place to pick our puppy. Needless to say we fell in love with them all. They were all great looking and very well taken care of. You could see the love they had for Mr. Robert. After a lot of puppy holding we fell in love with a chocolate male we named Drake. Drake is the best dog we have ever owned. He has the best temperament, and at 18 weeks is actively retrieving in water and is not gun shy at all. He is energetic and engaged. He will not quit. He is loving and surprisingly very well behaved (we had researched lab puppies) we plan on going back to Mr. Robert in another year for a chocolate female. I have and will continue to recommend him as a quality breeder!
Submitted by: Alison Creed on Sep 16, 2013
We have had the best experience with Robert. The puppy that we got from him has been such a blessing and everything we wanted in a dog. The intelligence he has is obviously genetic. He was potty trained by ringing the bell at 9 weeks. He is only 14 weeks now and has shows lots of promise to be a natural bird dog!
Thanks Robert for spending so much time listening to what we want in a dog and delivering!
Submitted by: Jason on Jan 23, 2013
My dealings with Mr. Robert were trouble free. Mr. Robert takes care of all his dogs and the pups are born and kept indoors until sold to the customer. We got a great male chocolate lab right before Christmas. At 8 weeks he's almost 16 pounds and already retrieves. He has a great disposition and is always willing to learn. I highly recommend getting any dog from Mr. Robert.
Submitted by: Josh Adams on Oct 07, 2012
I heard about Mr. Buras from a member in my girlfriends family. I had been searching for a hunting companion for a quite a while, and was not looking for a dog that had been bred by someone with a couple labs looking to make money. I am a beloved duck hunter and labs are my absolute favorite, from their undivided love, and will to satisfy. I contacted Mr. Robert and told him what I was looking for. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up my dog. As soon as I came down the rock drive way, which allows for the full view of the rolling hills and large pond where the dogs play. As you drive up you are greeted by eager labs ready to see who this unfamiliar visitors are. Mr. Robert took us took the back yard where you can't help but notice the father of both pups I have purchased, Max. Max towers with his soothing chocolate cooler, while Nikki is a beautiful dark black with a loving disposition. I purchased Nyla and lost her at only 3 months in a tragic accident. I contacted Mr. Buras distraught and told him of the situation. I was able to acquire Remi from the same sire and dame. Remi is a beautiful chocolate color. She is a wonderful dog with the sweetest disposition. At only five weeks she made her first teal hunt and was excellent in the blind. Absolutely no fear of water, nor the loud ring of the shotgun blasts. She jumped out the pirogue and swam around that morning. The animals are clearly well bred and taking care of. She is already doing basic commands and water retrieves. Because of the quality of animal I received both times I will never buy another pup from and other breeder. Mr. Buras is now more than a breeder he is now a friend. I have the perfect hunting companion who is now a part of our family. I would recommend any one looking for a great hunting parter with the looks and smarts of magazine cover labs look into the animals Mr. Buras has to offer.
Josh Adams
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