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Welcome to Twin Cedars Kennel, home�of well-bred bird dogs.� We strive to please the most discriminating hunter,�whether his preference be English Pointers, Llewellin Setters, or Brittanys.� We think what makes a good bird�dog is natural ability, superior intelligence, and biddability in the breed of your choice.��We will not let quantity get in�the way of our quality.� Our dogs�perform great for the hunter on foot, in a�shooting dog type�field trial, and as a�companion.��

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American Brittany, English Pointer, Llewellin Setter
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Randy Johnson
607 Grover Hall road
Wingo, Kentucky 42088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 27 years.
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Submitted by: Craig Sylvester on May 07, 2013
When I was looking for a dog I wanted to go out of my own State to purchase a dog so I had a lot of questions. In finding Twin Cedar Kennels the Question I had for Randy was we living in Utah are hunting is a lot different than in Kentucky I need a dog that would be high energy for the Chucker hills. His answer to me was Craig we only breed dogs that are proven are dogs are high energy or we do not breed them we only keep breeding pairs that are proven with are customers so I purchased my Brittany named Hayden from Twin Cedar Kennel. IN receiving Hayden I was nervous because I have never received a dog I have never pick out my self so several phone calls and emails it happened. I have had several Brittany dogs in my year I have been hunting.(I love the Breed)I have had Hayden for a little over a year I have shot about 75 birds over him and he is the best dog I have ever owned I was so empress with him I am now in the process of buying my second dog from Twin Cedar with no hesitation.Randy and Kim are very serious about the Breeds of dogs they breed and very helpful in finding what dog you are looking for. I am so happy not only with the dog I bought from Twin Cedar Kennel but with the professional advice and the concern they have for there dogs and customers. They are life time friends and I know if I need anything they would be there for me.Thanks again Randy and Kim also Thanks for raising wonderful dogs. If anyone has any questions or concerns you are welcome to email me at The great thing is Hayden is 1 years old and I have a lot of years in the field with him left to hunt because he is so bird smart and that is because of the great Breeding program of Twin Cedar Kennels.
Submitted by: Jeff on Mar 08, 2013
I am not sure where to begin. The quest for a quality bred bird dog began 11 years ago. I did my homework and decided on the brittany as the dog for me. Next big challenge was to find a breeder that had the stock I felt would provide me with several years of companionship and quality days in the field. I found Twin Cedars Kennel on the web and thought I would give Randy a call and see what they had. Needless to say I was impressed with his knowledge and his dedication to maintaining quality dogs. I settled on a pup and never looked back. Duke has been and is the best. I realize it is time for him to slow down a little and I am going to order another pup from Randy. If you are looking for great companions and hunting desire, you can't go wrong with Twin Cedars. Buy with confidence and don't look back.
Thanks Randy
Submitted by: bill collins on Jan 30, 2013
Hi Randy,
just wanted to say that my pup from twin cedars has really come on this last couple of months.He just turned one and last week end i killed 5 pheasants with him by himself. They were at a hunting preserve but they were not set birds, birds that had been out for awhile. anyway great points,holds and retrieves. i couldn`t be more pleased. He has great style and lines and a wonderful disposition,truly living up to his name "BILL`S LAST CHANCE"
Best Regards,
Submitted by: Kirk Riddle on Jan 11, 2013
I bought a Pointer out of Sunny and Gil last year her name is Fergie. I have never had a bird dog or trained a dog in my life. My son did a youth hunt put on by by South Florida Flatwoods Chapter of Quail Forever. I fell in love with watching the dogs work and knew right away that I was getting a pup. I started my search and found Twin Cedar Kennels website and was very impressed by how professionally done it was so I give them a call. Randy and Kim were very helpful explaining the breed and different things about there dogs. I didn't know anything about the breed or the sport so I had to trust everything they said over the phone 1000 miles away. They held up to there end of the deal and did everything they said they would. My biggest concern was that I need a hunting dog that would also make a great house dog. I have three kids and this pup was also going to be a member of our family. Randy explained the temperament of his dogs so I took him at his word that it could work. Randy was correct Fergie was very easily housebroken in a short period of time. She loves the kids and will play as rough or gentle as they want. She is also very protective of the house even though I don't think she would ever be aggressive but nobody walks down the sidewalk without Fergie letting us know. We also have a Jack Russel and a Beagle that she gets along great with.
Randy also told me how willing his dogs are to train I think the word he used was biddable. Not knowing a thing about training a bird dog I went on Youtube and started watching videos. I had a great time working with her on different things. She is one year old today and she recalls with a here command or whistle, if I give her the Whoa command she will not move one foot even if I pull on her with a check cord only if I tap her on the head and say okay. I just started force fetch training and she is coming along nicely with that. She had her first Quail shot over her at 10 months with no gun shyness. Last weekend I entered into The Wild Bird Classic Field Trial by Quail Forever and she took 3rd place against 30 well seasoned dogs. Everyone was very impressed with her and told me how lucky I was to get a dog like Fergie in fact a few people offered to buy her. That would be like selling one of my kids she's priceless. We absolutely just love Fergie and couldn't ask for a better companion. When I bought her I didn't even really understand how impeccable her pedigree was. I have since done some research I talked to people and I don't think you can get much better. Results speak for themselves. She is defiantly something special.
I own a Construction business and it is very important dealing with people that come through when they tell you something and Randy and Kim have done that for me. That is why I highly recommend Twin Cedars Kennel as a breeder and as good people.

Thanks Guys, Kirk Riddle if anyone has any questions!

Submitted by: chris boylan on Dec 19, 2012
I purchased a Llewellyn setter from Randy and Kim about a year ago. Let me tell you, BEST dog I got sight unseen. I have a 5yr old gsp who is a great hunting dog. I wanted to get a playmate for her and also another dog for pheasant. I liked the overall looks and styles of the setters and narrowed it down to a Llewellyn. I did ALOT of searching online. After emailing about 5 other breeders (which none of them returned emails or calls) I finally got through with Kim from twin cedar kennels. I asked a bunch of questions and asked for multiple references since I was in Pa and they were in Ky. After calling about 8 references that Kim had given me and finding them to be all courteous and so helpful, I wanted to order one of their dogs. Being out-of-state and not meeting either Kim or Randy I was hesitant sending my check out to them. Kim was awesome in taking care of all the paperwork and assuring me that they were a legit breeder. Since picking up my puppy from the airport, she has been a super dog. She listens well and always wants to please. going through training with my gsp when she was a pup was a little of a struggle because she is very stubborn. My Llewellyn is a complete walk in the park with training and just about everything. She loves pleasing me and you can tell in her manners that she wants the best for me. she is a great dog to be around and very funny with the way she runs around. when training her, no lie she gets anything after about 5-6 repetitions, with the help from treats. she is a super smart dog and has plenty of energy out in the field. i would recommend any dog with this breeder because they are what they say they are. i was actually on the phone with Randy last night wanting to possibly have my dog bred with one of theirs. she is just that much of a pleasure to have that i would want another one from her and their breed. if you are questioning or hesitant on any of their dogs, go with them! it will be the best dog you will get.
Submitted by: Michael J. Fennell on Dec 13, 2012
Just returned from the Newark (NJ) airport after picking up our new American Britanny puppy out of Twinn Cedars Kennel. What a good experience we had dealing with Randy and Kim in coordinating the purchase of this beautiful puppy. We (my 19 year old son and I) are fairly new at this bird dog hunting thing and heard many good things about both the pedigree line and owners of Twin Cedars. Kim was all to willing to answer any and all of my questions as the puppy was already 13 weeks old, I asked Kim if she could send me some updated pictures of the pup. Within one hour I had a 20 second video of the pup playing with a pheasant wing. The pup was beautiful and we fell in love right away. I called her back and told her to please consider the pup sold. This was on Tuesday and it was that Thursday night at 9:00 pm we were picking up the puppy at the Newark airport. We have had the puppy for about a week now, and she is the sweetest, most lovable puppy one could ask for. We were especially excited, when at 14 weeks of age, she pointed her first tennis ball. We are very excited about the pup and can't say enough good about the positive experience we had in buying the pup from Twin Cedars Kennel. They truly understand the importance of a great pedigree line AND the fact that you plan to have the dog as a family pet and loving friend.
Submitted by: Jim Hutchison on Dec 07, 2012
Slick Willie, the Wingoes Wocket, is our 3rd Brit from Randy Johnson. Once again, Randy has matched our needs to our perfect pup. He fits perfectly with our family and in the field. He is already actively participating in pheasant hunts on a weekly basis and he is pointing beautifully. He's a cuddly, gentle pet as well, who plays regularly with our 1 year old. All three brits have blended seamlessly into our family, and I could not imagine getting a pup from anyone but Randy Johnson.
Submitted by: Rusty Hopkins on Dec 05, 2012
We bought a Llewellin Setter from Randy and Kim Johnson at Twin Cedars last November. Our dog, Cate, is 14 months old now and has had two months of training. She has an excellent nose, great instincts, is rock steady on point, and has begun retrieving. I doubt that I will send her back for more training because she will be better trained than me. She lives in the house, sleeps on the bed with us, and is a member of the family. We couldn't be happier - unless we get another one from Twin Cedars. These bloodlines make it easy for a desk jockey like me to have a top quality dog. Thank you, Randy & Kim!
Submitted by: Jason Bever on Nov 27, 2012
My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with Toby, a male out of Buddy and Holly. He's not yet quite 2 yrs old and has add a stellar fall. He points and holds his birds with intensity and style and he's easy to handle. I had him on sharptails in Montana, grouse and woodcock here at home, and on pheasants out in the Daktotas. Watching him work running pheasants was breathtaking for such a young dog. I've gotten alot of compliments, but it all starts with the breeding and then getting them into birds. I've owned a few Llewellins now with a couple being very good. Toby is right up there at the top. He's also a gentleman around the house and we don't have to worry about him around our 3 yr old son. My wife is on me already to get another puppy (every guy should be so lucky!) and I will definitely being talking to Randy soon about that.
Submitted by: Scott Bennett on Nov 21, 2012
Just trained a dog for a guy that I sent to get a pup from Randy at Twincedars and was very impressed. I got my first two brittanies from him and have sent everyone there since to get pups. This pup was from a new breeding Nikki/Twist and I was very anxious to see how the new lines would be. Needless to say I got a 5 month old puppy and was able to send home a bird dog in only 5 weeks training. She was pointing, holding, and retrieving in no time. His line breeding program and breeding stock is continuing to produce great bird dogs with uncanny bird sense and ability. I'm considering going and getting a litter mate from this puppy to have for myself. Keep up the great work Randy, and I'll continue to sing your praise and reference you to anyone wanting a great gundog!
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