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Submitted by: Elizabeth on Aug 21, 2013
We just recently had the pleasure of visiting the Chenoweth Kennel and Farm. What a wonderful way to spend a day!! A gorgeous setting, top notch facility and Ron was more than generous with his time. EVERY question we had was answered and the tour we had was phenomenal. Ron will be a lifelong friend and contact for us anytime we have any Vizsla questions or needs. We are pleased to be bringing another Female into our home this September and we are proud to put CK in front of her name! Thank you Ron and Denise. We are looking forward to seeing you again as the puppies grow. (Mesa, our 2 year old Vizsla..can't wait to return to Countryside as well)
Submitted by: Nick Anderson on Jul 06, 2013
Ron and Denise have been great to work with and they have been so helpful with any questions or concerns we have had. It never matters what time of the day it is they are always there to help us out with any problems. We have bought a total of 3 puppies from Chenoweth Kennels and we absolutely love them. Our oldest dog Diamond (4 years old) is a wonderful companion and also a great hunter. She is a well rounded dog which is exactly what we wanted in a Vizsla. Before we bought Diamond we talked to Ron and told him what we were looking for in a puppy and he helped us pick one out. Based on his experience of what we were looking for. Ron knows what he is looking at and Diamond is everything we could have ever wanted in a Vizsla. Chenoweth Kennels has high standards and their breeding program goals are to produce the best and to help preserve the breed. It's so wonderful to work with someone that wants to produce the best and has pride about their breeding program. If you are looking for a puppy I would highly recommend Chenoweth Kennels you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Brian Gingrich on Jun 04, 2013
As a professional trainer I have found Ron & Denise's dogs to have everything I look for in a quality Field Trial or hunting dog. Chenoweth Kennel dogs have demonstrated great trainability, strong prey drive, beautiful style, incredible endurance, and the love of what they are bred to do! They are also very personable dogs that can be your buddy in the house and a first-class bird dog in the field. I've had the pleasure of training and competing with Ron & Denise's male Guy. Guy earned the title MVSDC 1XCH FC CK Touchdown Guy at the age of 25 months! Ron & Denise take great pride in their dogs and are very selective as to they who breed to, ensuring a first-class dog and the continued improvement of our breed. If you're looking for a great pet & first-class bird dog, I feel very comfortable recommending Chenoweth Kennels!
Submitted by: Renee Sandidge on Feb 22, 2013
We purchased our puppy, Marlowe, from Rom and what a great addition he has been to our family. He has a great temperment and a lot of spunk. Training has been easy as he is very food motivated.
Overall we are very pleased with Marlowe.
Submitted by: Leon Goerdt on Feb 10, 2013
Although I have not purchased a puppy from Ron and Denise, I have had the privilege of hunting over dogs they have raised and also have watched them work at field trials. I have been very impressed with how they have performed in both venues. The dogs I have had the opportunity to observe have demonstrated ease of handling and phenomenal noses. Also they exhibit great natural pointing instinct and retrieving ability.
I would recommend that anyone looking for a great bird dog as well a wonderful companion look no further than Chenoweth Kennels.
Submitted by: Breyana Chapman on Feb 06, 2013
I have known Ron and Denise for many years now. Not only are they well educated about the vizsla breed, but they are caring individuals that only want the best for their puppies. They helped me pick out my vizsla, Lucy, based on her energy level and we are a perfect match!! I could not be any happier!! I would highly recommend getting a vizsla from Ron and Denise. Whether you want a champion hunting dog or just a cuddly friend for home, they have the perfect pet for you. I am very satisfied with Lucy and when the time is right, I will get another vizsla from Ron and Denise.
Submitted by: Michael O'Donoghue on Feb 04, 2013
Update: My girl CK Karaleva Cleopatra at 11.5 months old has 2 points toward AFC having won a field trial walking derby at 9 months old and now has her first pass at Senior Hunter this past weekend. Ron is breeding outstanding pups. Ron and Denise are wonderful folks and have been very supportive since day one!
Submitted by: Rev. Jim McClure on Feb 01, 2013
We are delighted with our Vizsla through Chenoweth Kennels! Millie is now 7mos. old, our 2nd Vizsla, and to no one's surprise, shows remarkable field skills/nose/pose/point/non-stop drive, then balanced by calmly loving on you & family in the balance of time, after the hunt. An added blessing is the new Network of Friends one makes, with good Vizsla folks hanging out with other good folks, like Chenoweth fellow Vizsla friend Mark Sullivian for starters; again, all wonderful folks. Over our lifetime we have bred other lines of dogs, but the Vizsla breed tops all; and working with folks like Chenoweth Kennels & friends, with a long & excellent track record, makes this a delightful project over the longhaul. Good folks who will be there for you throughout your Vizsla experience. Means a lot.

Rev. Jim & Paula McClure Family Team at Spirit Wind Retreat Center (17bath lodge/retreat in the Mtns. of Floyd, VA.... where Vizslas roam!)
Submitted by: Casey Jackson on Feb 01, 2013
I bought my puppy, Caroline from Chenoweth Kennels four years ago. Caroline has been such a joy in my life. She is my companion and see is the first to alert me if there is a weird noise outside my house. I am a single female and I own my own home, so I wanted a dog to protect me and keep me company. I am in the military, so I have to run all the time to stay in shape. When Caroline was three months old I started taking short jogs with her, and oh man, does she love to run! Of course, chasing the birds is fun too. Chenoweth Kennel is a top notch and progressional kennel. Their customer service and knowledge about the vizsla breed is matchless!!
Submitted by: Greg Erickson on Jan 30, 2013
I was lucky enough to hear about the Chenoweth Farm's Vizsla's January 2012. Ron told me they had a liter just born that were terrific. March I went to select my pup. Ron and Denise helped me first choose the right pup for me and my family. He asked me a few questions about what I was looking for in a dog, which was for a family pet and perhaps some light hunting. When we chose our dog we went for the pup that showed the most interest in my three boys. Linkin was chosen, and what a great choice he was. Our dog is so easy to train it's insane. He is friendly, SMART, loveable and very gentle around kids did I mention Smart? The Chenoweths have really helped with any questions I've had even months after getting Linkin. I called Ron a few times with questions about Vizsla behavior and and training techniques. I have been nothing but impressed with the my dog and the Chenoweths advice and service. I HIGHLY Recommend getting a Vizlsa from Ron and Denise.
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