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Submitted by: Anne H on Oct 19, 2022
Our one year old from this breeder has exceeded our expectations as a lovely smart and athletic companion. Highly recommend Kick ‘Em Up Gundogs.
Submitted by: Haman Corrie on Oct 30, 2021
MAX - Best dog, hunting partner, and house pet I have ever had.
Submitted by: Kate Klavon on Aug 05, 2021
Steve is a great breeder and we got such a good dog from him. Our vizsla is healthy and is trained up and ready to hunt. He also has the standard vizsla look. He is a "pretty" dog. Steve was a little hard to get ahold of at times which worried us when we first were getting a puppy from him, but when we met him he was personable and gave us great training tips for the puppy. Steve is the only breeder we will go back to now after getting such a great dog. He also really cares for the dogs. He made clear that if we ever can't keep our dog, we can bring him back and he'll find him a good home.
Submitted by: Andi Bryant on Apr 18, 2021
My heart dog, Morgan, came home from the Zobel's 13 years ago. She has taken us on such a ride! While we never did hunt her, she has always exhibited extraordinary drive and is the birdiest dog we have. As my husband just didn't have the time to train her when she was young, I grabbed her and she became my "everything" dog - she has AKC titles in obedience, rally and agility and is a Grand Champion in conformation. We raised one litter of eight pups with our beautiful girl, and she produced 2 AKC conformation champions and 1 Master Agility Champion (MACH). Her pups have also excelled in obedience, rally and scent work - one has attained the Elite title from the National Association of Canine Scent Work! What more can I say about a breeder that produces a dog that can do it all and pass it on to it's progeny! We will always feel honored that we had the opportunity to add Morgan to our home and are truly blessed that she is still here making us smile at 13 years of age. GCH CH Kick Em Up Morgan Le Fey BN RAE NAJ NFP CGC TKI.
Submitted by: Chris Higgins on Oct 16, 2020
We have gotten two dogs from Steve, and both have been marvelous. Our current girl is both part of the family and a complete natural in the field! The best of both worlds, and it’s always a special day pick up a pup from Steve and family.
Submitted by: Michael Errico on Apr 11, 2020
I had a weim from kickemup. She was a shadow and Elle pup. Very smart and easy to train. She was a bird finding machine with no quit in her. At home a loving gentle dog. Sadly she has passed. I would recommend anyone looking for a great Weimaraner to call Steve
Submitted by: LIsa Watt on Jul 23, 2015
We received out Vizsla from Steve on June 13th. She was 9 weeks old. We could not be more pleased with her. Working with Steve has been wonderful and it is clear the love and care he has for his dogs. Our Vizlsa (Piper) is beautiful and I can not tell you how many times we have been stopped by people to tell us that. Steve is happy to help us out with questions when we have them. He is a wonderful breeder!!! We plan on keeping him updated as she grows up.
Submitted by: Meghan Wall on Mar 10, 2015
We have purchased two Vizslas from Kick Em Up Gun Dogs and we couldn't be more pleased with both of them. Both display outstanding drive, passion, and natural instinct for bird hunting and are affectionate members of our family. Our youngest dog has demonstrated her versatility as both an upland bird dog and a waterfowl retriever, excelling in both. Both dogs have a gentle heart and are always by our side. We couldn't ask for better dogs to call hunting partners and members of our family. We highly recommend Kick Em Up Gun Dogs and will continue purchasing our dogs from them.
Submitted by: Christie on Mar 02, 2015
We can't go anywhere without strangers stopping us to admire and pet our vizsla pup from Kick Em Up. From day 1, she was so trainable, brave, and social. She turns heads even at the dog park, surrounded by dozens of dogs. We don't hunt, but seeing her around birds (and squirrels) never fails to impress us just how powerful her instinct and breeding is. I have so much respect for Steve's experience with these beautiful dogs.
Submitted by: Taylor Cline on Feb 25, 2015
I received my now 16 week old vizsla female from Steve Zobel on Dec 6, 2014. She is definitely an impressive puppy. I've had her out in the field and she is doing absolutely spectacular. At 12 weeks she was retrieving dummies shot from a dummy launcher with great enthusiasm. She was put out in a real life hunting situation on Feb 20, 2015 and immediately was running and hunting. Within 5 minutes she was honoring pointers on the ground and even pointed her first set of pen birds completely by herself like she had been doing it forever. The next day she got another try and immediately ran out and pointed birds at 150 yds in front of us. I was somewhat hectic she would run through birds and begin to spoil the hunt for my clients, but she was steady as could be without any whoa training at all. I was not expecting these amazing results on a first time out, but she was definitely a topic of conversation around the campfire that night, on how cute it was to be shooting quail and chukar over this 4 month old pup.
I am extremely pleased with her and look forward to unlocking her full potential in the future.

Taylor Cline
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