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Submitted by: Chris Higgins on Oct 16, 2020
We have gotten two dogs from Steve, and both have been marvelous. Our current girl is both part of the family and a complete natural in the field! The best of both worlds, and it’s always a special day pick up a pup from Steve and family.
Submitted by: Michael Errico on Apr 11, 2020
I had a weim from kickemup. She was a shadow and Elle pup. Very smart and easy to train. She was a bird finding machine with no quit in her. At home a loving gentle dog. Sadly she has passed. I would recommend anyone looking for a great Weimaraner to call Steve
Submitted by: LIsa Watt on Jul 23, 2015
We received out Vizsla from Steve on June 13th. She was 9 weeks old. We could not be more pleased with her. Working with Steve has been wonderful and it is clear the love and care he has for his dogs. Our Vizlsa (Piper) is beautiful and I can not tell you how many times we have been stopped by people to tell us that. Steve is happy to help us out with questions when we have them. He is a wonderful breeder!!! We plan on keeping him updated as she grows up.
Submitted by: Meghan Wall on Mar 10, 2015
We have purchased two Vizslas from Kick Em Up Gun Dogs and we couldn't be more pleased with both of them. Both display outstanding drive, passion, and natural instinct for bird hunting and are affectionate members of our family. Our youngest dog has demonstrated her versatility as both an upland bird dog and a waterfowl retriever, excelling in both. Both dogs have a gentle heart and are always by our side. We couldn't ask for better dogs to call hunting partners and members of our family. We highly recommend Kick Em Up Gun Dogs and will continue purchasing our dogs from them.
Submitted by: Christie on Mar 02, 2015
We can't go anywhere without strangers stopping us to admire and pet our vizsla pup from Kick Em Up. From day 1, she was so trainable, brave, and social. She turns heads even at the dog park, surrounded by dozens of dogs. We don't hunt, but seeing her around birds (and squirrels) never fails to impress us just how powerful her instinct and breeding is. I have so much respect for Steve's experience with these beautiful dogs.
Submitted by: Taylor Cline on Feb 25, 2015
I received my now 16 week old vizsla female from Steve Zobel on Dec 6, 2014. She is definitely an impressive puppy. I've had her out in the field and she is doing absolutely spectacular. At 12 weeks she was retrieving dummies shot from a dummy launcher with great enthusiasm. She was put out in a real life hunting situation on Feb 20, 2015 and immediately was running and hunting. Within 5 minutes she was honoring pointers on the ground and even pointed her first set of pen birds completely by herself like she had been doing it forever. The next day she got another try and immediately ran out and pointed birds at 150 yds in front of us. I was somewhat hectic she would run through birds and begin to spoil the hunt for my clients, but she was steady as could be without any whoa training at all. I was not expecting these amazing results on a first time out, but she was definitely a topic of conversation around the campfire that night, on how cute it was to be shooting quail and chukar over this 4 month old pup.
I am extremely pleased with her and look forward to unlocking her full potential in the future.

Taylor Cline
Submitted by: Meghan Wall on Feb 20, 2015

I saw your post on facebook regarding updated photos. That was a great reminder to send your family a quick update on our dogs and continue to express how happy we are with both dogs that we got from your family.

Dora (Boot x Tess) is doing great. She turns 10 this month and spends a lot of time with my retired farther in all of his activities.

My dog Izzy (Boot x Ginger) is fantastic; she will be 5 in April. She is an unbelievable dog and a true testament to the quality of breeding your kennel does. She continues to exceed my expectations in the field and is an absolute pleasure to hunt with. This year I took her out duck hunting for the first time and she was a champ. Without any waterfowl training, she stepped out and performed like a pro. She is also a great companion. We've logged hundreds of miles hiking together and last year started backpacking together. She is a very, very special dog.

I can't say enough nice things about our dogs from your kennel. I absolutely love them; their innate passion for hunting, their genuine love of life, and their faithfulness to us. We get many compliments on them as well.

I've attached some picture of Izzy from the last year. Please share with your dad and feel free to post on facebook or your website.

Meghan Wall
Submitted by: Maggie Long on Dec 20, 2013
I just wanted to say that we received our wonderful Weimaraner puppy and are overjoyed with her. She is so well behaved and has already started pointing things out in the yard. We have 2 children, 8 and 14 which she loves to play with. Crate training was a snap and took only a few days. She is well socialized and Steve has been so helpful and patient with all our questions. He is very knowledgeable about the breed in general. I have to say the puppy made the transition from his home to ours very easily. I contribut that to all the hard work their family put into the puppies. Thank you very much for the addition to our family. We love our little glrl. Our next addition will certainly be from you! Thanks again, The Long Family

Submitted by: Shea Koope on Dec 20, 2013
My Vizsla Jack is almost 11 months now. He is a wonderful dog and I am so glad that I got him from Steve Zobel. My parents have also purchased 2 Vizslas from Steve over the years and they have been great dogs. I highly recommend Steve and his dogs.

Submitted by: Mike Walter on Dec 14, 2013
Steve, My name is Mike Walter and I have "Remi", Bullet X Gabby. This is my first Vizsla, Always had labs before and she is truly amazing!! Just returned from a week in Kansas over Thanksgiving and at 16 months old, Remi performed flawlessly! 26 Pheasants, Countless quail and even brought back a bunch of ducks...I'll be looking for another Vizsla in a couple years and my wife and I would like to get another directly from you. I hunted with one of your Weimaraners in Lexington KY about a month ago...I forgot the guys name but he said he knew you well. Thanks for helping provide so much happiness into my wife and I's lives..."
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