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Countryside Gundogs offers full training services from puppies to finished dogs, we also have puppies, started dogs and finished dogs available.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Jeff Chapman
4785 Cedar Ridge Rd.
Center Point, Iowa 52213
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: Earl Welch on Jan 30, 2008
Jeff trained my GSP Tanner and GSP Jackson; Jeff did an outstanding job finishing Tanner. Tanner is a GSP that I sent to another professional trainer and received poor results. Jeff corrected Tanner and is now a pleasure to hunt with. Jackson is a GSP I purchased from Jeff as a pup. Jackson has turned out to be the best GSP I have ever owned thanks to Jeff. I asked Jeff to provide me with dogs that are steady to wind and shot, force fetched to retrieve and that is exactly what I got.

I would recommend Jeff because of his honesty, fairness and his desire to bring the best out of your dog. Jeff will also help you learn to handle your dog once you take him/her home. One example from my experience is that Tanner was finished however I could not make him respond the way Jeff could when I picked Tanner up. I called Jeff and he said bring him back and we'll hit the field together to see what is going on. It was my mistake in how I was handling Tanner, Jeff help me handle Tanner and then just smiled!

I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone serious about wanting a trainer that is a true partner.
Submitted by: John Mcgrane on Jan 30, 2008
Buck is a German Short Hair Pointer, and a good one. And he is a better hunter thanks to Jeff Chapman. I hired " Chappy " to work with Buck last summer. And man 'o man, did he ever tune - up Buck for this past bird season ! Kept him for a couple of weeks, worked with him, and simply got Buck to where he was more attentive hunter. More responsive to my commands, more controllable, and more fun with which to hunt.

Chappy has the whole package. The facilities, the land to work the dogs, and a real easy going style about him. It worked for me.
Submitted by: Greg Palas on Jan 29, 2008
Jeff did a tremendous job getting Harley into hunting shape. Harley was giving to Jeff after developing some gun dog faults (due to my inexperience). Harley has become a nice dog to hunt behind. Clients and friends provide compliments after a day in the field. He is all work in the field. Does not say quit

Jeff is genuine. Provides straight forward feedback on progress. He spent time to ensure I was comfortable giving commands. Called me to check in on Harley. Some of my friends have had dogs trained by others. And never heard from them again.

Would I recommend or utilize his training again? Without a doubt. In fact being so impressed with how Harley has progressed. I purchased a puppy (Bailey) from Jeff. This puppy just hit six months of age. Has been remarkable in the field. She possess traits to make a father proud. Honors other dogs, sticking solid points, and has began to retrieve back.

Guess who is going to be putting the finishing touches to Bailey! Jeff will be the man!

Jeff, thanks for making Harley and Bailey joys to hunt behind.
Submitted by: Fred Langford on Jan 29, 2008
I would highly recommend allowing Jeff Chapman to train any of my bird hunting dogs. 4 Years ago I purchased a German Short Haired pointer puppy named Nobelles Double Trouble Willy. Being an avid pheasant hunter in South Dakota, I wanted a finished dog that possessed all the qualities required to hunt the fabulous ring neck pheasant rooster. I outlined the qualities for Jeff that I wanted out of my dog when the training process was completed. After sharing my wish list with Jeff, I completely turned Willy over to Jeff and the rest is history. Jeff took Willy and over the next several months developed Willy into a great finished hunting dog. I have been bird hunting for over 30 years and I can completely say with utmost confidence that with Jeff?s training ability, I now have the very best hunting dog ever. I have complete confidence in Jeff?s knowledge and ability to turn a puppy into a great finished hunting companion. This spring I took my latest puppy, Nobelles Rock and Roll Elvis to Jeff with the objective of turning him into a fully developed finished dog that would rival Willy?s ability. THANK YOU, JEFF
Submitted by: Chet Goematt on Jan 29, 2008
I met Jeff in 2001 and since our first meeting he has trained two of my German shorthairs to the master hunter level. both of them received their master hunt test titles thanks to the knowledge Jeff has about dogs. you see both aj and maddy have very different personalities, but Jeff has the gift to figure out exactly what each dog needed from him as a trainer to bring out the best in both of them. aj was first and was only two years old(wow) what an accomplishment for jeff! maddy was only three when she passed her tests. these two dogs alone are quite a testament to Jeff?s abilities-however there are many more than mine that have received his expert guidance. as I am writing this we are about to embark on our third project, sassy, soon to be one year old and will be with jeff early in the spring of 2007. first for the navhda natural ability test and Jeff?s evaluation of sassy to see where we need to go with her. oh by the way aj is a 106 point prize two natural ability and maddy is a 112 point prize one natural ability. jeff also prepared maddy for this test. it's obvious that with the ability to get to the highest standard's in training that jeff can train your dog to whatever level that you would like, to a good pet ,to a great foot hunters dream dog ,or all the way to the top. jeff thanks for everything and good training with sassy.
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