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About Bona's Kennels
We are located in Northwestern Indiana. We have been breeding top quality dogs for more than thirty years. Our dogs have had much success in both Field Trials and Dog Shows. We've competed in eastern Europe until 2002, which is when we brought our dogs to US. Pictures of all of our dogs and their pedigrees are on our web-site, . 
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German Shorthaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Mihailo Martinovic
5735 S 500 W
North Judson, Indiana 46366
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 38 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Amy Crossan on May 23, 2016
We are very pleased with the two pups we got from Bona. We got a boy and girl from the same litter of Flyn and Inca. They are now 15 months old, and we have had them in the field hunting birds and the water. They show awesome natural ability for all sporting dog activities! They are also great at home - very loving and great with kids. As long as you let them out to run off some energy, they are fantastic all around dogs! The excellent breeding shows in their all around performance.
Submitted by: Jacob Holm on Nov 20, 2014
Couldn't be happier dealing with Bona's Kennels. Got a pup out of Rambo's and Bonita's litter. Unbelievable temperament, very smart and has a strong nose for being only 4 months old. He is also very healthy and on top of that I get way too many compliments on him, so socialization is going great. Mike has been very helpful with any question I can come up with. Great facilities as well. I have been recommending Bona's to everybody who shows interest in my GSP. Thanks again Bona's.
Submitted by: David Holt on Nov 14, 2014
I recently bought a wonderful, MAGNIFICENT 2 y.o. stud-male named Bona's Lord from Mike at Bona's Kennels. I could not be more happy with my male. Mike sent me two video's of Lord in action in the field on birds. He DID NOT stage pictures....Lord was IN ACTION! I had an idea what I was buying...but Lord has surpassed the expectations. He is one of the most gentle GIANT near 80 lb. dogs that I have ever seen. Everyone that comes to my kennel is "drawn" to Lord. His demeanor in and around the kennel is that of a puppy....he simply radiates love for people. I have used him already with three females; one of my own and two from TN. I had Lord shipped to me, so I never had the opportunity to meet Mike personally, but I must say I was dealt with EXTREMELY professionally with emails and phone calls and I have a feeling Mike KNEW I was getting MORE than he had revealed. I would not price Lord. I am totally satisfied. Thanks Mike for a GREAT stud-male that I have added to my program. All the BEST!

David Holt
Spin Top Kennel
Athens, AL -- Roll Tide!!!!
Submitted by: The Hooper Family on Jan 22, 2014
Only had our puppy, Dexter, for a week...but wanted to update now, as I probably won't remember to do so a year from now... plus all the testimonials here are for older dogs. Drove 5 hours from Ohio to Indiana to get our guy last week. We had deposits down on 2 other litters, because GSPs seemed scarce when we lost our 12 year old "Buster" in November. We have been very thorough, as Buster was what we referred to as "the dog of a lifetime."

But when they posted this litter, which wasnt announced in advance, we knew we had to jump on it....and lose our other deposits. They didn't say so, but you get the feeling they just didn't need to bother with announcing the litter ahead of time, fielding calls, etc. as they know that their dogs appearance, quality, and pedigree speaks for itself....and their reputation and word of mouth would do all the work. We called the day after they posted, and when we went there 2 days later, they had sold two that day, and had more people coming after us. They have been doing this for like 30 years with GSPS and came here from Europe 12 years ago. They have a lot of GSPS on site, and they all are prestigious. We had our choice between a dog that was a more aggressive hunter, or a more laid back dog....which was nice. The little guy slept in a box the whole way home like an angel... no biting... not a peep. Overall he has been great. He is a typical puppy, but you can tell he is smart. He cried a lot the first night, but we are already able to get him calm and in the cage for about 5 hours at a time now. Great looking dog. Great personality. Couldn't recommend this breeder more highly. Worth a lengthy trip. We might have our 2nd dog of a lifetime.
Submitted by: Mark Grandlienard on Sep 10, 2013
Purchased our male puppy,Kuno,in July. He is intelligent and well behaved. Kuno has traveled within 6 different states. He is retrieving well and is a quick learner. Looking forward to a pheasant hunt this fall. Great dog.
Submitted by: Jake on Dec 18, 2012
We picked out our Sage last year around Thanksgiving and she came home just before Christmas. Her calm demeanor and love for her family are only trumped by her love to hunt. We told Mike we wanted a calm, close working, methodical dog and that is what we have. She is exactly what her breeding said she would be. She was fetching to hand at 3 mos and ready to work birds by 4mos of age. She has an incredibly soft mouth and amazing instincts for all types of game. She is true to her European bloodlines and hunts all types of game. Her first wild point at 9 mos was a Prairie Chicken in Nebraska, a very difficult bird to figure out for even the most seasoned dog! She has seamlessly adapted and learned with each outing and different game. Woodcocks, pheasants, quail, prairie chickens and cottontails have all been quickly identified and hunted at an exceptional level. She is extremely intelligent and well mannered just as a Hege-Haus blooded dog should be. Her drive to please, hunt, and retreive are amazing and unlike any dog I have ever been around. Bona's Kennels is the Premier Breeder of Ultra High quality GSP's anywhere in the US and their bloodlines are older and more prestigious than that of any kennel possibly anywhere in the world when you look at the traditional European blood. If you want an honest transaction and a family dog all of your friends will envy at home and certainly in the field then contact Bona's for a truely Ultra class of Dog. Oh and I forgot to mention at her first trial(10mos) she not only destroyed the competition in the puppy category but scored at or above the mature dogs too.
Submitted by: TN Duck Hunter on Dec 11, 2012
Couldn't be more happy with the pup we got from Bona's. "Buddy" is 9 moths old now, and is the envy of all our friends. He's smart, beautiful and extremely well behaved. Prey drive, hunting ability, and nose are superb. He was pointing everything in sight only a few days at home. At almost 65 lbs by now and looks like an olympic athlete, loves water, will retrieve dummies all day and has a surprisingly soft mouth. Will say it again, very happy with our Buddy and Bonas!
Submitted by: Tom Pratt on Mar 02, 2011
Bred my bitch to one of their males. Very professional experience and their dogs are excellent.
Submitted by: Steven Remedi on Nov 16, 2010
A little over a year ago I came across a man in Montana while we were on vacation that had the most adorable GSP puppy. My fiance and I had been talking about getting one so we discussed with him about where he found the breeder and he highly recommended Bona's Kennels.

We finished our vacation and started to do our own research... From what I found, they produce a LOT of puppies, but I was happy with the natural instincts and the dogs were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! At that point I was skeptical because I'm not a fan of picking a dog sight unseen. 2 trips from Arizona to Indiana were out of the budget, but Immediately the Breeder made me feel at ease with his knowledge of the personality of every pup in the litter. With that chosen we had our choice between a lighter pup and one he said would turn out to be almost solid liver in color. (what we really wanted) Oddlly the pup he recommended had lots of white in it at the time... but he almost guaranteed me that she would darken up and Sure enough she did.

Summer Sky is the most beautiful and intelligent dog. Her coat shines like I have never seen and she started swimming all on her own the day we got her home. (Literally jumped in the pool) I am not a professional trainer, but she is doing remarkably well.... retrieving, pointing, and has a better nose that our Golden puppy. Her personality and energy level is an exact match of the standard except for the jumping.... Thank God.
I only wish I had room for one more :)

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