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About Miakoda Vizlsas

Kye pups due July 4, 2011.

Miakoda Vizslas

Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. I am a member of Northwest Obedience Club, Vizsla Club of America, Vizsla Club of Illinois, Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club and Hoosier Vizsla Club. The goal of my breeding program is to produce a dynamic dog that is true to the AKC breed standard and the orginal purpose of the breed. Any well-bred vizsla should be able to compete in companion dog events (i.e., obedience, rallyO, agility and tracking), but must retain those characteristics that make the vizsla a gentleman's hunting dog and family companion. To put it simply, form follows function; the vizsla was bred to hunt therefore those natural instincts and abilities must be retained.

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Kimberly Barker
Palatine, IL, Illinois 60074
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
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Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: AshleyR on Jan 14, 2011
When my husband first saw a Vizsla puppy, he was hooked and shortly so was I. We started researching the breed and talking to those with firsthand experience in our area. By chance or fate depending on your take, we found Kim Barker and Miakoda Vizslas who happened to have “Green” left in her litter. Well, looking turning to loving of course, and after returning from a work trip in November 2008, we brought Miakoda's Wrigley Bear home.

On Kim’s urging, we had already read The Versatile Vizsla, but on his first night home, we seemed to think he would be just fine in his crate downstairs while we slept upstairs. Silly, us! His crate quickly was moved upstairs. His puppyhood was filled with all sorts of learning experiences for everyone, but I can’t image our house without him.

Kim truly loves Vizslas and always acts with their best interests in mind. In fact, on another work trip in FL, Kim literally rescued Wrigley Bear from a ‘pet sitter situation gone wrong’ and instantly put our hearts at ease. On other occasions, he spent the weekend with his doggie Mom Jane, doggie “Uncle” Gusto and doggie Brother Jesse, when he’s home from training, at Kim’s. He knows when we’re getting close and loves to stay and play at what we call a Vizsla Party!

Everyone who meets Wrigley Bear can’t believe what an excellent nature he has and how cuddly he is—considering his sleek, lean appearance. We haven’t done any field work with him, but we love taking him to the dog park to watch him run. He’s great with other dogs and kids. In passing the other day, my husband said he could never imagine having anything but a Vizsla in our lives, and I feel exactly the same.
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