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About J.W.'s Brittany Ranch

We have owned and trained Brittanys for over 30 years. Trained all of our hunting dogs ourselves for shoot and retrieve. I think I did send you a photo of some of our tropys we have accumilated over the past, say, 12 years. At the present time, we own 7 Brittany's,  FC/AFC  J.W.'s Tornado Brew'n Sanka, and out of her, we bred her to a National Champion, and we kept 2 pups from that litter , which we trained and championed to their titles, one of which was one of the top Brittany Gun Dogs in the Nation for 5 years in a row and that is my most spoiled baby, FC/AFC J.W.'s Diz Is It. Now retired. Diz also took The Milwaukee, Wisc. Brittany Club Gun Dog of The Year Award, 5 times, and after the 5th time the club decided to retire the rotating trophy to her. Now it sits on our dinning room table and will be there forever. I did also send you that sheet with some of the kids accomplishments on it. There are tooo many more to name. Her Brother from that litter is FC/AFC J.W.'s Gambler Chance Return who we championed in the "All Age" stakes ( there are 2 types of competition in Field Trials, "Gun Dog" and "All Age" . Gun Dog is shorter running and All Age we need our horses to keep up with the dogs ) .  Chance  also has Major show points in the show ring. We owned J.W.'s Limited Edition Reba  JH.  And we are also owned by J.W.'s Bet'n On A Chance and J.W.'s Willy Hava A Chance and our show champion CH Attitudes Best Case Scenario JH.

The abreviation are :  FC  =  Field Champion ,  AFC = Amateur Field Champion,  JH = Junior Hunter,  CH = Finished Show Champion

We live on 5 acres and we train on the 40 next to us and the 200 next to us.So, at home we have access to 245 acres to train on. Then we also go to different State properties. The farmer around here are very nice and like when they see our quail walking around.  We do also raise our own quail and pigeon. We usually have 500 quail at most times and 50 or so pigeon that are homers. We do not shoot these, this is a non-kill sport, unless you are training for hunting purposes. When people by pupys from us and want to start them for hunting, we do help them.

Like I said, we have had Brittany for 30 years, and most of those years were fabulous hunting dogs. In field trial competition  we compete with all the top handlers in the nation. And we personally know a lot of the "PRO"-Handlers on the circut. We Travel Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas. We just like to train dogs and watch them work on birds.

I do not have a lot of litters. This past litter we just had in spring ( on Easter Sunday ), most of that litter was spoken for befor they were even born. When folks found out I was breeding, they started sending me deposits, which is wonderful that people want my breeding and do know my dogs. We are planning a repeat breeding next year and already have 2 deposits. So, apparently, we are known ( which is a good thing ) . I do not care to ship puppys. Most people drive in and pick them up. Some of my puppys  have gone to Cananda, New York, Michigan, Montana, Indiana, Southern Illinois, and this last litter, one did go to Miami Florida. They flew in and picked her up, she flew on the plane with them NOT in cargo. So, if you meet me at the air-port, that is the only way I will ship the babys. So basically, I might have one litter a year, and boy, those puppy's go fast. That IS a good thing !!!    We stud out my male dogs quit a bit and I always help those folks find homes for all of their puppys also.  So we do provide stud service only to "approved" bitches. 

If you need proof of our accomplishments with our dogs, I can take photo copys from all the maganzines they have been in and mail then to you.  (Well not all, some).

Helen Wilbanks   /   J.W.'s Brittany Ranch  /   Brittany Owned For Over 30 Years

We prefer phone calls rather than emails.

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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: Don and Lisa Rollheiser on Sep 22, 2014
It was time to find another Brittany companion after our 14 1/2 year old Sherlock passed away after an Amazing life . We went to the LaSalle Brit club website and found JW. To our good luck Helen and John had our Dr Watson! waiting for us. We could not have found a more loving, caring, outstanding pedigreed breeder. They are completely dedicated to their dogs and the health, love and growth of their pups.We were allowed to visit our baby weekly before taking him home. Helen guided us with regard to names, shots, food prep etc. Our Watson is now almost 5 months old , show quality, intuitive, and loving. I can not say enough to attest to the integrity of these breeders. Thank you for the joyful start of Watson's life . July 2014
Submitted by: Jean Gannon on Feb 08, 2012
We first met John and Helen almost 14 years ago. We purchased a male puppy, Coda, as my husband's retirement gift to himself. He is an awesome hunter and family dog. In the spring of 2010, we decided we needed another puppy because Coda was getting too old to hunt. After a call to Helen, we had a puppy reserved. Tag came home with us at the end of June '10. We have another wonderful hunter and family dog!!! Helen and John raise the best dogs!!!!! The dogs are healthy, have great noses, wonderful hunting instincts, easy to train, and are very loving, fun, family dogs. I would highly recommend buying a brittany from them without any reservation!!
Submitted by: Bob Maize on Dec 02, 2011
I was in absolute shock when my brittany Archie passed away suddenly. I knew it was going to be hard to replace him, considering we had him for 10 years, growing up with my children. I called around looking for puppies and was lucky enough to call John and Helen on a day they were doing a "puppy pick - up day". Apparently, someone had changed their mind on a male, so they had one available. My daughter and I drove to thier house and got to meet John and Helen and all their babies. Out comes running number six and he dives into the kiddie pool. Helen says, "thats him"! It took us about 2 seconds to make that decision. Rudy, (or #6) is now 1 year old and a well adjusted member of our family. Smart, beautiful, and an absolute lover. We could'nt be happier. I know Archie would approve. Thank you John and Helen. Rudy is everything we hoped he would be and more. Sincerely, The Maize family
Submitted by: Janet Staker Woerner Madison WI. on Dec 27, 2009
Helen and John are wonderful people and I could not be happier with Abby! She is extremely intelligent, a quick learner, alert, and most important a healthy dog. I was beside myself when I had to put down my 13 year old Brit last winter. The local Brittany society connected me up with Helen and when I called them many of the litter (yet to be born) was already spoken for. I was delighted there was a spot open for a pup. Abby is just a delight! When I walk her I receive comments about her confirmation, beautiful coat, and she has a sweet disposition. Helen has been helpful with any questions I have had and these people "are professionals" when it comes to the breed. I give them the highest recommendation.
Thank you for a wonderful companion!
Janet Staker Woerner
Submitted by: Rusty Doughty on Mar 06, 2009
Our dog Sandy was born on the 21 of March. She hunted wild quail in Missouri all season long this past season and did wonderful. Sandy has a strong desire to please and naturally hunts with me and for me not herself. I hunt mostly cropfields edged by thick cover. Sandy came with the built in ability to run the field 50 to 60 yards down dive into the cover and work it right back to me. She'll then check in with me for a quick pat on the head and do it all over again. She'll hunt all day and still want more.
Sandy has made training easy on me. She began to fetch as a game at 10 weeks old, quartered from her first lesson on and loads in and out of the truck with one command.
This spring and summer is whoa break time and I have much confidience in her.
Sandy is also a great family dog. She has many backyard adventures with my three year old.
John and Helen love there dogs go the extra mile. Speak to them once and you'll know your getting a great dog bred by knowledgable owners. The whole experience has been rewarding.
Submitted by: Mary Ann Green on Jul 15, 2008
When we began our search for a puppy that would not only fulfill my husbands dream of having a hunting dog but also the rest of the families desire to have a wonderful family dog the Brittany seemed to be the perfect blend. We were unwilling to settle for a “puppy mill dog” and wanted to find a breeder who truly cared about their dogs. Then we came across J.W. Brittany Ranch. Not only are John & Helen unbelievable Brittany owners and trainers they raise their pups to be warm and loving animals. We have one of her “Easter Sunday born pups” and Chloe has been the best we could have hoped for – at 4 months old she is easy to train and loves to please and yet sweet and loving to our children. We were able to visit the J.W. Ranch prior to the birth of Chloe, then several times after the birth to see her interact with her brothers & sisters. I can honestly say there was not a puppy in the liter that I would not have been happy to take home. The Wilbanks are so open and accommodating; they truly want only the best for their dogs. They are always available for questions and love receiving update & pictures of their “babies”. I would highly recommend the J.W. Ranch to anyone who wishes to get a quality, well-bred Brittany. If you would like any further information regarding our experience and interaction with the Wilbanks’ you can call us at 1-219-558-0132. Pete & Mary Ann Green
Submitted by: gary plummer on Jun 07, 2008
hello brittany world if you want to hear a wonderful story about john and helens love for the brittany ask them about Stormi's litter they help raise. its a great tale to hear wish you all the best john and helen
Submitted by: Kathleen Pilat on Oct 02, 2007
Six months ago I started looking for a dog. Little did I know that when I found JW's Brittany Ranch I was adding a new member to our family and creating a new friendship as well. Helen wasand still is a tremedous source of information about Brittany's and gives a level of love to her dogs that is difficult to match. And when we finally saw the puppies, we were pleasantly surprised about how happy and loving they all were. The hardest thing was picking one to take home. They all had beautiful markings and a welcoming personality. Now six months later our puppy is still our "little" baby that loves to sit on anyone's lap and to show off at puppy class. We never get tired of hearing from other people what a great dog he is. Thanks Helen and John for bringing him into our lives.
Submitted by: Sharon Murrow on Jul 30, 2007
I feel so lucky to have found John & Helen's Brittany Ranch when I was looking for a puppy this summer. The Wilbanks puppies are raised as if they were their very own children. My puppy is beautiful, extremely intelligent & trainable, & best of all - healthy! People stop me on the street to comment on his beauty & demeanor. The JWS Brittany Ranch is a first rate place to buy a Brittany pup & John & Helen are tremendously helpful & knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier! Sharon Murrow
Submitted by: Mr.& Mrs. Anthony Caccavelli on Jul 12, 2007
Our friendship with John and Helen Wilbanks begain l0 years ago on the telephone, when we called inquiring about buying a Brittany puppy from them. After speaking to them we had no doubt that a 1500 mile drive from NY to Chicago to pick up our puppy,Clover, was justified. We found John and Helen to be extremly loving and caring of their dogs and the type of people who would only breed to better Brittneys. We give them our highest recommendations to anyone who wants to buy a Brittany. Our Clover is a valued member of our family,and we are more then pleased with her. We have a on-going friendship with the Wilbanks and found them helpful with advise on training, healthcare, and anything else we needed help with. They have always kept in touch with us inquiring about Clover. If you want to know more about the Wilbanks you can call us at 1-845-635-2048. Thank you, Marti & Tony Caccavelli.
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