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Hillcrest Kennel is dedicated to producing exceptional English Setters for the field. We breed for:
Exceptional style
Superior nose
OFA Hips

DNA Certified

Currently we are specializing in:
AKC Hunt Test
NSTRA Field Trials
Outstanding Hunting Companions

All Dogs and Puppies are Guaranteed for Good Health and OFA hips.

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English Setter
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Jim & Zack Norman
Tuscola, Illinois 61953
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Amy Loehr on Mar 25, 2019
I got in contact with Norman at Hillcrest kennels when he was recommended by my veterinarian. Norman was interested in what we were looking for in a pup & new member of our family.

Once Willie was born he kept me posted on puppy development & sent pictures. Norman clearly has a love & passion for the English Setter breed.

Willie was born in June 2018. He is so smart, healthy & gorgeous. He has an excellent temperament, loves us & all 4 of our kids. He is eager to please. Willie enjoys fetching, carrying his toys in his mouth & learning new tricks. When I walk him I almost always get stopped to tell me how beautiful Willie is. He is so adorable the way he prances next to me!

I could not ask for a better dog! I plan on purchasing another puppy from him in a few years. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at amybroach1@gmail.com

Submitted by: Richard Grant on Jan 28, 2019
I purchased my first dog from Jim in 2008. Molly turned out to be the best investment in a bird dog I ever made. She is a terrific bird finder and a sweetheart in the house. She was easy to train, always wanting to please. She backed naturally and loves to swim. At 11 years, she is slowing down, so I called Jim to see about another pup. Jim kept me abreast of the litters coming and let me know when my type was available.
Dancing Bell's Tinker is now 6 months old and pointing every bird she finds (and she finds more than Molly). She is a joy in the house, even ringing a bell to go outside.
I'd recommend a dog from Hillcrest anytime.
Submitted by: Joan Rizkallah on Dec 23, 2015
Jim and his staff at Hillcrest kennels made a breeding possible with my English Setter female. After studying blood lines I knew that Nitro would be the perfect compliment to my Tekoa line female. Jim and Hillcrest kennels staff were incredibly professional and made the experience easy. We had a short window and Jim was able to accommodate our time frame. The paperwork was ready and the breeding took the first time. We have 9 happy healthy puppies that are all destine to be the best hunting and family dogs. We will defiantly use Hillcrest Kennels again. Thank you for the fantastic experience!
Submitted by: Shawn Stahl on Nov 24, 2015
Jim Norman produces some of the finest and top quality English Setters I have owned. I have been hunting with setters for over 30 years an Hillcrest Kennels has produced one of the best I have owned. The temperment and breeding that are in these dogs make them not only great dogs in the field but also great family dogs as well. Jim and his staff definitely produce high quality hunting dogs. If you are looking for a great hunting companion or a family companion, I highly recommend Hillcrest Kennels. Thanks Jim for making all my hunting trips satisfying and enjoyable.
Submitted by: Chad Lowry on Oct 08, 2015
I am on my second pup from Jim at Hillcrest Kennels. The first pup was a success from the start, with natural abilities. Currently I have a beautiful orange and white pup born May 1, 2015. He is fetching and well on his way being whoa broke. Jim is dedicated to his setters, and will be with you every step of the way, from day one. He will check in periodically to check the progress of your pup, because he honestly is wanting to breed the best of the best. I had no problem at all going with another setter from Hillcrest. His pups have a desire to please, and can be hunted in a variety of situations. Myself, I am strictly a foot hunter, and these dogs do wonderful. If you desire to do field competitions, Jim's dogs will do that as well, check out his success doing that format. Bottom line is Jim wants to continue to improve on the breed, that is the English Setter.
Submitted by: Jon Robinson on Oct 04, 2015
We recently got a great English Setter puppy Riley from Hillcrest
Kennel and we are totally happy with him. He is very smart and and
very interested in birds, so we think he will be a fine hunting dog.
But he is a lot more than that. He is a great house dog to live with.
For his age he is calm indoors, even though he is constantly looking
for birds outdoors. He is also a dog we are proud of when we take him
places. He is charming, sociable, and well-mannered with people he
meets. Everyone just adores him. Wherever he goes, he gets an instant
fan club. He is also a sturdy, good-looking pup that will mature into
an exceptionally handsome dog. He has been totally healthy with no
issues of any kind. Jim was completely honest about Riley and wanted
to make sure we were getting exactly the kind of pup we wanted. He
knows his dogs very well and cares a lot about them. He is a very
knowledgeable, smart dog man, the kind of guy you could talk to all
day about dogs and learn a lot. Absolutely the highest recommendation
for Jim and his Setters.
Submitted by: Ann Murray on Sep 30, 2015
This is our second English Setter from Hillcrest Kennel. Excellent dogs bred for the hunt. Natural instincts and wonderful temperament. Great hunting dogs and great pets.
Submitted by: Frank Rusch on Sep 29, 2015
Our, dog, Kalani Laki Wahine (Laki) is incredible. Only 5 months old and she is well on her way to becoming a well-trained, kind and fun companion and work dog. We recommend working with Hillcrest if given the chance. Jim Norman is a top-rate breeder!
Submitted by: Sandra Harsted on Sep 27, 2015
Our dog Turbo is not only gorgeous but also a natural in the field! We are very pleased with the dog & would highly recommend Hillcrest Kennel.
Submitted by: Anna Ravagnani on Dec 21, 2014
We got a puppy from Jim Norman in September of 2012. I talked to Jim on the phone and explained, I wanted an athletic family dog to live with us at the ranch in WY and follow us on horseback rides and hikes. I had an English Setter as a child and I really wanted another one.
I think Jim was reluctant to sell such an exceptional hunting dog to non-hunters but, I told him we live in a ranch near Yellowstone and that the pup would have a wonderful life running around our property with all the lakes and ponds and creeks. So he shipped me James Bond.
He turned out to be an amazing dog. A natural that hunts, points and works all by himself as if he had been trained.
Many friends that had experience with "bird dogs" are impressed with him. He runs free, comes in and out of the house as he pleases during the day and is a great companion on hikes, rides and is always following us around the ranch.
I've had dogs all my life and this one is of exceptional intelligence, nose, temperament, devotion and we love him dearly.
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