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About Sur le Delavan Kennel
Welcome to the website for Sur le Delavan Kennel. We are natives of Delavan, IL, hence our affix for our kennel being "Sur le Delavan". We have lived on the McCrea Farm since 2000, we started our family here, and rebuilt our home and kennels in 2017 on the same grounds. Being dog lovers in general and pointing dogs in particular we decided in 2006 to firmly and definitely breed “French Brittanys” with the single goal of producing “Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field.”. ​All French Brittany owners and breeders have their own idea of ​​what the breed should “be”. For us, the fundamental belief is that they must have passion, an inordinate desire for hunting, good character, a strong mentality, and all this coupled with natural aptitudes typical of the breed. ​Our breeding dogs have been carefully chosen from only the most proven kennels and lines in the world. Our breeding stock comes from France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, and the United States. Our dogs are truly a living history of Epagneul Breton. We talk very little about our dogs because we prefer to leave that task to judges in the different disciplines we compete in, to CEB US approved confirmators, and to the kennel clubs themselves so that they can issue their expert opinion of our dogs both in the field and ring. Because of this, our clients have the certainty of objective and highly qualified information on each puppy, started dog, and breeding couple. To go even further with this idea, I (Clint) am a UKC field trial judge, water retrieve judge, and natural ability judge for all pointing breeds. I am a breed-specific judge of the French Brittanys in the ring for the UKC. Furthermore, I am also an AKC Field Trial judge. I am an active committee member and former board member of the CEB US. I am currently the president of the EB Gundog Society and host of the annual EB Summit. In addition, I am a board member for the Heart of the Prairie Gun Dog Club. ​The effort that we put into the selection of our litters is aimed at achieving excellence and for our Bretons to guarantee their owners the enjoyment and satisfaction of a good day of hunting or competition, without surprises or disappointments. If we succeed at providing “Champion French Brittanys: At Home. In the Field.” our work and efforts will have been worth it. Thank you for visiting our website. We want to extend a warm welcome to visit the farm and our kennel in person. If you did not find the information you were seeking, please reach out to us with your questions or concerns. Sur le Delavan Kennel Champion French Brittanys: At home. In the Field. ​ Clint, Suzanne, Will, and Annabelle LaFary
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Hunting, Training, Stud Services, Birds for sale
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Clint and Suzanne LaFary
1598 Towerline Road
Delavan, Illinois 61734
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Jim M on Jan 07, 2021
I had the good fortune of Clint and his family purchasing a female pup from me back in 2008. At the time, no one could envision that would become such a life changing event. Considering Boo "A'Beaujolais de Pataula" was my first Epagneul Breton and I only hunted with her (no trials), it was Clint that took it to the next level and beyond. Lucy turned out to be a Grand Champion of the Field and produced some of the finest dogs in the country. Clint, with the help of his wonderful family, became a top (if not the top) breeder, trainer, judge and representative of the breed. When I decided on another pup, I contacted Sur le Delavan and purchased Jipsie, who has exceeded my expectations - with the help of Clint's training and advice. His tireless efforts have helped countless owners and dogs become the best they can be.
Submitted by: Ryan S on Jan 07, 2021
I was very pleased to see how far my young dog had made it in 3 months of training at Sur le Delavan Kennel. When I drop her off, I hadn't done anything field related with her. At pick up she is excitedly pointing, hunting hard in the field, retrieving to hand, not gun shy in anyway. She is 100% steady to release to retrieve and honoring other dogs points. I couldn't be happier. While I will not be field trial or hunt testing, I will be hunting over a very finished dog this fall.
Submitted by: Nancy on Jan 07, 2021
Anyone interested in a top quality puppy or training: You need to take the time to check out Sur le Delavan Kennel. Clint took many of my phone calls and never pressured me to make a down payment or to offence when I asked or talked about other breeders. He spoke very highly of other breeders and their dogs. He will take the time to talk about the national club and why shows and trials are important even though I was at the time interested in either of those things. I was surprised to hear that a top breed like Sur le Delavan didn't charge as much as many of the other breeders out and even more surprised that lesser proven breeders were changing even more for their puppies. You owe it to yourself to give Clint a call before picking out your puppy.
Submitted by: Scott on Jan 07, 2021
My training partner at NAVHDA; Ralph Ricci, has a LaFary dog. Ralph used to be the running back at Northwestern University in the 80's and now spends his free time chasing birds & putting up with me!!! Seriously, I had my doubts when I first saw Topanga (Mademoiselle Sur LeDelavan) but she proved me wrong. She is so small for a hunting dog! (30 pounds?) I laughed so hard last fall when Ralph dropped a wood duck in the creek over her and she brought is back! The wood duck was as big as her then! The dog is a firecracker who is VERY cooperative, has an intense point and natural retrieve instinct. Topanga is also demonstrating good sign that she can handle more complicated training such as steadiness on point and by the blind-yes the dog also dove hunts!. Ralph and Topanga are a good team and are good representatives for NAVHDA, LaFary Kennels and the Breton breed. We train on public land in Wi. and people always approach Ralph & ask him what kennel the dog is from, etc. What they have to realize; however, is that these dogs are not robots and need time & training to develop just like other dogs. Who knows, maybe my next dog will be out of LaFary :-)
Submitted by: Steve on Jan 07, 2021
This is a good breeder. I saw one of his pups named Topanga. She belongs to a guy from Northern Illinois and was already being shot over when she was 4 1/2 months old! Pup has a nice point, is very athletic, pretty, fast and full of energy. Very impressed.
Submitted by: Judy on Jan 07, 2021
Clint is one of the top breeders and trainers out there. You will never go wrong getting a puppy from him or hiring him for training your dog. No one has done for the breed or the cub then Clint LaFary. He is a very honest person and truly loves this these little pocket rockets as they are known as by many. I got my first EB from Sur Le Delavan. Nothing has changed my life more then my Bo! He maybe more dog then I can handle as he is one strong hunting buddy if there ever was one. I am sure had he been in Clint's hands Gun Ch Gracen Sur Le Delavan TAN (aka Bo)would be a grand champion as so many of his family are. There are few trainers out there as loving with your dog when training as he is.
Submitted by: Phil on Jan 07, 2021
Clint runs a topnotch facility. He strives to produce dogs of the best quality. As he says, he will not cut corners. He is always willing to help with training questions whether you have one of his dogs or not. He is totally dedicated to the concept of a "Total Dog."
If you are looking for a puppy, help with training, or just information on this wonderful breed, he is the one to talk to...
Phil Bowers
Submitted by: Jackie on Jan 07, 2021
GRCHF CH Gallant Thor Sur Le Delavan TAN came to our family as a puppy and has excelled in the field. He has earned his grand champion of the field title and his champion of the show titles at 3 years old. Thor had a close call at 8 months old when he and his 6 month old girlfriend ran away from home. We found Thor and Harriett 8 days later. He had been hit by a vehicle and his front leg was shattered. A surgeon in Dothan Alabama was able to fix him up and with a plate and 14 screws in his leg Thor almost won best of show but he had a limp that cost him the win. We had the plate removed and Thor healed up good as new and has never looked back. He has hunted birds all over the US including ruff grouse, huns, prairie chicken, pheasant, woodcock, and so on. He has 8 open class wins on wild birds, liberated birds in solo and couples. Thank you for producing our dog. Not only can he hunt, field trial and show but he is an excellent house pet and our family truly loves him as part of our family.
Submitted by: Cam on Jan 07, 2021
We are very excited to be getting a puppy from Sur le Delavan Kennel. It has bee a long wait but one I am sure will be worth it. Clint has be very willing to talk and answer questions (and we have had many) over the past 2 years. We have visited his farm a number of time to see the dogs and he even invited us to go hunting over his dogs. I had no idea that dogs could be so good!

The fact that Clint will take his puppies back in fro training and help us out during the learning process set him apart from the other breeders we spoke with. Clint hides nothing from you while you are looking for a puppy. We hadn't even heard of the Sable Coat pattern until meeting him.

Thank you!
Submitted by: Doug on Jan 07, 2021
When I first spoke with Clint over the phone, I quickly realized that he had exceptional knowledge about this breed. I had looked long and hard for the right breeder and I knew soon after speaking and meeting clint and his family that my search was over. I could easily tell his heart was in the right place and his passion with strong. Clint, Sur le Delavan kennel is astounding. Thanks again!
Doug B.
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