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About Sur le Delavan Kennel
Sur le Delavan Kennel, LLC is a small family own kennel in Central Illinois that is committed to professional pointing dog training and to continuing a strict breeding practice of Epagneul Bretons that only improves the traits and temperaments that took generations in Europe to achieve.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Hunting, Training, Stud Services, Birds for sale
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Clint and Suzanne LaFary
1598 Towerline Road
Delavan, Illinois 61734
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Sam T on Dec 12, 2019
Clint (Sur le De la Delavan Kennel) was great to work with. We did end up waiting about a year to get our puppy, but it was well worth it. He is now 4 years old and has settled down in the house but no the field. He is a very smart and hard hunting dog that goes all day long. We have another deposit down for the spring of 2020 and can't wait!
Submitted by: Glenn on Oct 22, 2019
I contacted Clint about purchasing a EB puppy last November, and while he didn't have any available, he did point me in the direction of a breeder he was familiar with, who he has gotten dogs from, and who he trains dogs for. Clint was more than helpful in finding me a great dog! I brought my puppy to Clint when he was 6 months old with very little training under his belt. Clint did an excellent job at gun and e-collar breaking my dog as well as getting him on lots of birds! Clint was great about keeping in contact while he had my dog and was very patient with my questions. When I picked my dog up from training, Clint was more than willing to take me out into the field to see what they had been working on and to make me feel comfortable working with my dog over the hunting season. I would certainly recommend Sur le Delavan Kennel to others and I will be bringing mine back to Clint to keep him on birds during the off-season and to fine-tune different aspects of his training.
Submitted by: Keith davis on Oct 19, 2019
I did not even know what a French Brittany was until I saw Topanga sure let delavan earn her Navhda utility 1 prize. The guy Ralph who handled her was well ptepared. Now I want a sir le delavan dog bad!
Submitted by: Jeanne Bell on Aug 22, 2019
Hi Suzanne and Clint,

Here are pictures of Karst pointing Ruffed Grouse in WV. George goes out on XC skis with his shotgun and the dog. Great fun. Please come and join us sometime. We may get out to your neck of the woods to hunt this year. We'll let you know. We love this dog. We want to get his TAN. Looking for a UKC event in easy reach. He's pointing really well on wild grouse. Lots of them this year. We are signed up for the foundation and intermediate Ronnie Smith seminars this spring in MD.
Jeanne Bell
Submitted by: Todd on Aug 20, 2019
My husband and I had a very positive experience finding our EB through Sur le Delavan kennel. Daisy is two years old now, and she is truly a cherished family member. In addition to wanting a hunting dog, it was important to us to find a dog tolerant of children, cats and other dogs as well as being a friendly companion....Daisy is all of that and much more! It's hard to describe this breed to anyone who has not met one, but this dog's personality is enthusiastic, silly, joyous and loving, and she has loads of serious bird-hunting talent. We enjoyed every step of the process of finding and adopting this dog, and Paulette was informative, friendly, and professional all the way. The Lafary's were very open and straight forward with us. I will say we talked to many breeders before picking Sur le Delavan. They took the time to talk to us and answer all our questions. That wasn't the case with many out there.
Submitted by: Mike on Aug 20, 2019
Griffin is growing by leaps and bounds! I think when I last sent you photos, he weighed about 9 he's up to 23 pounds! He's a little lover...he loves everybody and gives lots of kisses and even gives hugs by standing on his back legs and putting his front legs up around our necks...hahaha...the vet thought that was hilarious when he hugged her, too! Mike takes him for long walks every day so that he gets lots of exercise, and I usually have him outside in the backyard two or three times a day as well...we have snow now, so I shoveled paths in the backyard where the dogs can do their potty business and run and play...Griffin and Jaxon are friends finally and like to wrestle and play together outside, although Jaxon grows tired of it much more quickly than Griffin does!

I have lots of photos to send to you, so I'll send them in several e-mails again so they come through for you...he's a BEAUTIFUL (handsome) guy!! His coloring has changed to an even darker reddish color all over his body so now his body matches his head color, and he has LOTS of the roan markings and freckles on his face and legs...he's still got the cutest face!! Have any of the other puppy owners sent you updated photos? We've been wondering how they're all turning out
Submitted by: Judy on Aug 20, 2019
Bo is the first pointing dog I have ever owned. He has amazed me since the first week I had him home. At only two months old he was sleeping on the couch and heard a turkey on tv. He woke up and pointed to it. He is from Vern and Lucy's second litter. EXCELENT PUPS! Both Vern and Lucy are great hunters and it shows in their puppies. When Bo was 5 months I brought home my grandson's first pheasant from being mounted; Bo went to point the moment he saw it hanging on the wall! He has been training with Clint this August and has truly amazed us all as to just how fast of a learner he is. A natural hunter. Bo has been the fastest learning of any pup I have ever owned. I highly recommend Sur Le Delavan Kennels!
Submitted by: M and B on Aug 20, 2019
We have been blessed with our new puppy "Fancee Fae" from Heart of the Prairie. She became a part of our family the minute she walked in the door. Because of the socialization received from Clint, Suzanne and their children Will and Annabelle. Since the day I first talked to Clint about putting up our deposit on a puppy we have been friends. They kept us informed about the breeding of Lucy and Vern and after the puppies arrived updates were weekly. When we went to Illinois to pick Fancee Fae up and bring her home we felt very welcome to their home. They have done a wonderful job with the puppies and I'm sure in the future they will do it again. With the joy, heartbreak and time consuming love it takes to rear a litter of puppies they have done a fantastic job. Thank you Clint,Suzanne, Will & Annabelle.
Submitted by: Chris Smith on Jun 20, 2019
To those of you looking for a new puppy or trained dog,

I wanted to publicly thank Clint and Suzanne for all their time, effort, and help. Your passion for the French Brittany is clear and strong. It was as refreshing to meet a breeder who didn't want to talk about themselves more than their dogs. After meeting you all and talking to many other so-called breeders it is clear why you have produced as you call them "proven" champions. I talked with others in the area who wanted to spend way more time telling us why titles didn't matter to them. While we will never field trial our dog, it was important to know where our new puppy was coming from on paper.

Thank you for all you did in helping us out. Anyone looking for a puppy or started dog needs to check out Sur le Delavan.
Submitted by: Bethany Lawery on Jun 17, 2019
I have been searching for a French Brittany this spring. I was surprised in the difference in the breeders I have spoken to. Some were very friendly and had nice dogs but I was sure they were breeders. IAfter talking to Clint I felt very good knowing where he stood on things and walked me through all the sales pitches I had been hearing. At the end of the day, I am glad I picked Sur le Delavan Kennel for my first French Brittany. There are many breeders in this area but one stands out as being well ahead!
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