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Breeding quality Brittany's for field trialers and serious hunters. Dog training available year round, I will design a custom plan for you and your dog to help you become the best team possible. I specialize problem dogs: gun shyness, bird blinking, running off, and fighting with other dogs. You name it, I can fix it.
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Joseph Plote
29412 IL Hwy 40
Walnut, Illinois 61376
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: Becky Blevins on Mar 07, 2017
I have known Joe for 5 years. We immediately hit it off and had many long discussions about all things hunting/training. I am an AKC Hunt Test Judge for Pointing Breeds- my life circumstances changed and I lost my previous trainer that I had worked in partnership with for years. It was a natural choice to turn to Joe as my dogs trainer. He has had Faith- a beautiful and headstrong GWP that needed a firm hand- he brought her to a place where she was snapped up by a couple in Chicago burbs and hunts with Dad and does Agility with Mom. Next he took on a Hunting Club guide dog/GWP male that needed to polish and sharpen his performance . Lennie was a dog OBSESSED with hunting, but needed some finishing and fine-tuning- Joe handled him perfectly. Lennie recently sold for $6500. Next he helped me train my newest kid- Rumor. Force broke her to retrieve and got her pumped about birds. I took her in to a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test and she passed with flying colors! Joe is a firm and fair trainer who takes his time to get the best results. All of my dogs trained by Joe love him completely. As do I! You cannot go wrong sending your dog to PSR for training. I HIGHLY recommend his program and techniques-he is number #1 !!!
Submitted by: Mike on Mar 06, 2017
I bought my pup (Brittany Spanial) with the full intentions of trying to teach myself how to train a bird dog. Work and life got busy, and the next thing I know, I'm looking for someone to bring him to. I contacted quite a few trainers in the area, and was at a loss of whom to bring him to. Then, I talked with Joe.
Joe instantly made me feel comfortable bringing my dog to him. He explained in detail the process that he would be going through. My wife and I went out to meet him, and he even gave me a book to read that covers his training methods. I read the whole book that night, and then did more research on top of that. The training methods just made sense to me, and apparently, they did for my dog too.
The entire time that my pup was with Joe, he was keeping me in the loop as how my dog was doing and sending pics of the progress (my wife was REALLY grateful for that). After a few weeks Joe had me come to start working with him and my dog. At this point, he was essentially training the dog, and probably the even harder one to train, myself. He walked me through what the dog is thinking, and how to handle the dog.
Come time to pick him up, I left feeling very confident with the dog. The pup and I went out pheasant hunting two days later with my dad (actually, it was also my dogs 1st birthday) and WOW. My pup was transformed into a hunting machine. I was amazed at the intensity at which he would now hold a point and work the field, along with also responding to my very simple commands. I can't stress that enough. I don't need to yell or whistle for my dog all day long like a lot of people I've seen. The dog knows his job and he LISTENS.
To top it off, a year later, and if I'm in a new situation with my dog, Joe has been there to answer questions. The training and help didn't stop the second I paid him.
All in all, it was an A+ experience working with Joe. I'm overly satisfied with my dog, and his communication throughout the training process was great.
Submitted by: Mike Heisberg on Nov 04, 2014
Joe was the 4th trainer I've taken my Vizsla Rooster to. The others made lots of promises and then washed him out as being to soft wasn't sure what they were talking about as he is my first dog. Joe took me under his wing and explained everything he does and was going to do with Rooster. He allowed me to come out to the kennel and watch and as the training went on help and start to take over the reins with Rooster. I'm very happy and was even able to harvest my first pheasant over Rooster this last weekend all thanks to Joe.
Submitted by: Todd Hendrey on Oct 31, 2014
Joe is a sort of man that you feel comfortable handing over your best friend. Not only did Joe(PSR Kennels) make Dexter a superstar, working with Joe was my first experience with a trainer he also made it a lot less scary by "training" me to. I can hear him laughing at me about that last line.
Joe worked on wing to shoot and steady with Dex and some other small other stuff.
The results are in, Dex and I went out on are own to find some scratch birds in some very thick brush and he worked like a CHAMP, remembering everything that he was taught, he did a lot better job than I did. I just hope that Dex will forgive all of my missteps alone the way. I'm still learning everyday.

Joe Thank you for everything!
Submitted by: Jarod Bruckner on Oct 30, 2014
I have known Joe for over a year. I talked with him almost weekly looking for a gun dog that would suit me needs. Thanks to all his help and advise I now am a proud owner of Blaze, a German Shorthaired Pointer pup. Blaze recently spent four weeks at PSR Kennels under Joe's supervision and training. Blaze is currently 4-1/2 months old and thanks to Joe, is on the path to becoming an excellent gun dog. When I dropped Blaze off he was just a puppy, now he is a focused, driven, & an obedient gun dog. I would recommend PSR kennels for anyone looking for excellent care and training for their dog.
Submitted by: Chad Daniels on Oct 29, 2014
Took my Lab Boomer to Joe at PSR Kennels early this summer. Boomer is my not my first hunting dog but is my first lab I wasn't sure how to go about a few things and get him started. Joe fixed us right up and got us to a place in the training where I feel comfortable taking over would highly recommend anyone going to Joe.
Submitted by: Dan Bragg on Dec 17, 2013
Joe Plote - The Dog Whisperer. I first met Joe when he was teaching a puppy obedience class at the Pet Smart and I enrolled my 6 month old rescue Brittany in for classes. It was obvious from the beginning that Joe has a special way with dogs. Joe recognized natural talents in Lucy as a hunter and agreed to take her on as a project. Lucy is a total family dog, so Joe worked with me differently than normal, I bring Lucy to him once or twice a week for an hour and he teaches me as he teaches her. After 1 year, my long-tailed Brit went 4 for 4 in her first weekend of hunt tests and earned her Junior Hunter title. Since then we have worked at getting her finished and ready for next years Masters. Lucy has taken pretty quickly to everything from holding point to honoring, but she didn't like to retrieve. Several months Joe patiently tried different techniques and we rejoiced at every small break through. Yesterday we went out on an actual hunt to see how she would do. It was perfect she held steady through everything including a double flush and aggressively searched for and retrieved every downed bird like she had been doing it all her life. If you are looking for a trainer who can bring out the very best in your dog, Joe is your man.
Submitted by: Brian Wynn on Nov 25, 2013
Joe has done a great job working with my very sweet but soft and gun shy english setter "Kate". He has been very in tune to getting her to a good and happy place in the field without rushing her to try and impress. With his work she hunted by my side this fall forthe first time! We still have lots of work with her but with Joes help she has improved by leaps and bounds and now loves the field! Well done Joe! Cant wait to get her back to you this spring!
Submitted by: Dan B on Aug 08, 2010
I recently got my year old springer spaniel back from Joe he had her for 2 months to get her ready for this upcoming season and i couldn't be happier with what he has done with her. she quarters in range retrieves to hand on land and water sits on the flush and much more. Just wanted to say thanks Joe and To anyone else who has a dog that they want trained or wants a dog go to Joe.
Submitted by: Jason Q on Feb 01, 2010
I had Joe train my male Brittany trigger the summer and early fall of 09' and i couldn't be any happier , i told him what i wanted out of my dog and he made it happen. I'm very pleased with Joe and his work he kept me up to date the whole time sent pics and i was able to come and sit in on some of the training sessions. I would refer anyone to Joe. Give him a call you won't be disappointed.
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