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Windmills Kennels is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeder .  Both male and females on site. The Mother to the one of the females was a service dog, so that will tell about how good of a temperament is breed into these dogs.  Male is excellent hunter.Females were pointing retrieving at 9 months. Our price is $1400. Shipping is available nationwide. We are a small kennel that is family owned in Burley, Idaho. Contact Steve Ranstrom at 208-431-4439.     

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Steve Ranstrom
3639 Hiland
Burley, Idaho 83318
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Submitted by: Cody on Mar 29, 2018
Amazing. Hands down. I've had Chester now for a solid month. Within the first week, I was able to take him off leash (no distractions) and he was retrieving as if he's been doing it for years. A month in, he's responsive to Sit, Down, Stay, Shake. Chewing like crazy but come on... he's only 14 weeks! Within the first day he would sit at the door (in the hotel as we had a road trip home) and look at me. Its time to potty. A few accidents inside when we got home but now, if I don't see he's at the door, he'll come find me and paw, this I now know he has to go.

Another week from this post before his last round of shots, then, he can adventure and jump in the lakes. So far, pumping up the paddle board in the backyard, he loves to sit on it, loves his life jacket, and is ready to go. Crate trained within 2 days! This pup is incredible. I've always rescued older dogs. This is my first pup and tell you what... I'll never seek any other breed from a different breeder. Steve and Family, you're stuck with me! Thank you for all you've done and caring for your dogs the way you do. To all whom have the little ones from Steve and Family; much love and I know you have the best pup as I do!
Submitted by: Doug Sugden on Mar 11, 2018
This whole experience has been excellent. In my quest to purchase a new dog I spent hours researching kennels. After a few phone calls I was thinking I found my place. I live close so I was able to visit Windmill Kennels. When I got there I new I was making the right call. The kennel was as close to immaculate as a kennel gets. Steve Ranstrom was not only informative about the dogs and their history, but he was just great to let us "hang out" a while and get to know the dogs. We were able to meet mother and father (dad was a little shy at first but a sniff and a lick and he was great). Steve gave us some hunting history for both dogs and let us meet some his other dogs. All had good temperaments. We visited a couple times before "the pick" and Steve was always welcoming. The day of the pick the pups were clean and ready to go (first/second shots, etc). Some of Steve's family were there to help in the picking process (forgive me for not remembering names) and were great as well. We made our selection, received all the necessary paperwork, some food, and welcomed "Gus" to our little family. Now it's only been a couple weeks mind you, but Gus has been great. His temperament is as good as mom and dad's, he's close to potty trained already (he's a pup... cut him some slack), and is learning fast! (Whoa... need to work more on whoa. LOL). Even getting in some beginning retrieves in. And maybe I'm just spouting about my new dog, but dang he's a great looking dog! So in your quest for a good dog, DEFINITELY look at Windmill Kennels. Thanks, Doug Sugden
Submitted by: Brian Looney on Sep 10, 2017
We love our dog so much. It was a great experience from start to finish with the Ranstroms in Burley Idaho. They were absolutely professional and kind, they did everything right and were very hospitable to us when it was time to go and pick up our new Wire Hair Pointer Griffon. The environment at their residence was nice and well kept and you could tell the dogs were happy and well taken care of. They had all of the correct paperwork and records of Vaccinations and Vet visits. They allowed us plenty of time to interact with all of the dogs, and then finally choose the right one for us. His name is Vinny and he is a smart, healthy, and beautiful dog. We want to thank Diane and Steve Ranstrom for the the fabulous experience the afforded us in getting our wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Amber Glassett on Jul 27, 2017
I have been so pleased with my puppy and adopting her from Windmill Kennels. Steve and Rhonda were so sweet and helpful. We picked up our pup at 10 weeks old. She is very smart and almost potty trained. She has been great at retrieving and has been sniffing and finding antlers. Our pup has great instincts and a good ear for birds. She stops and listens to the quail in our area. She is a sweet puppy.
I would highly recommend Windmill Kennels to anyone! They are professional, trustworthy and made us feel like family. They want to make sure you pick the best puppy for your family and that the puppy is a good match. If I had a question, Steve would respond quickly and with the information I needed. He sent me pictures and videos of the pups. The kennel is terrific. They have indoor and outdoor areas for the puppies. There is well manicured grass. On the inside of the kennel they have air conditioning, and heated floors for the cold. They have also installed cameras so they are able to check on the pups at any time. My puppy was the runt of the litter, but she was loved and bottle fed and is thriving! It is a family business and they are all knowledgeable about Griffons. I'm so happy and would adopt from them again!
Thank you Steve and Rhonda!
Submitted by: Bob & Betsy Murphy on Apr 09, 2017
Our WPG is now 13 months old and we couldn't be happier. She was retrieving at 12 weeks. She pays attention and stays close. She is everything Steve said she would be. At 6 months she was hearing the safety click off on my shot gun and looking to where I was pointing the gun for retrieval. She hunted doves, pheasants, grouse and chukars. I have never had a dog that wanted to please as much as she does, it's all about us with her. It isn't just my wife and I that think this about her, but everyone she meets is impressed with her. From the way she minds, the way she wants to please and the she behaves. Her name might be "X" but her report card says she's an "A++"!
Bob and Betsy Murphy
Submitted by: Nate on Apr 07, 2017
Bought a female WPG from a March 2016 litter and am very pleased! Very smart, attentive and an extremely enjoyable family pet and showing great signs as a hunter! Has a great natural instinct for working in the field and flushed several birds as an 8 month old. Very happy so far!
Have several great pictures but can't add to this review.
Submitted by: Ryan on Aug 18, 2016
We had an excellent experience with Steve, Rhonda, and Windmill Kennels in getting our first WPG. The interest/waiting list and then selection list was quite smooth, and Steve did a nice job of providing photos of all the pups leading up to pick day. We were able to drive up from Salt Lake City to choose our pup, and Steve and Rhonda were very helpful in pointing out differences in behavior, activity, physical traits, etc. as we honed in on our guy. Windmill's Snake River Bridge, aka Bridger, came home with us back in May, and he has been a wonderful pup. He is attentive, playful and loving (without any concept of personal space!), and he gets along very well with our Belgian Shepherd. Training thus far has been very easy, and he is excited about all things birds. Looking forward to getting out with him this fall! We highly recommend Windmill Kennels.
Submitted by: Robert on Apr 11, 2016
Steve was very helpful when we purchased our griff. We got the last pick of the litter and he is an excellent hunter. He loves to retrieve.
Submitted by: Diana K. on Dec 15, 2015
Very happy with our beautiful Griff! Steve was very nice to work with when we chose our pup. She has grown into a very special dog and is very popular in the RV parks we have lived in. She has become an ambassador for the breed since we hear someone ask everyday, "What kind of dog is she?"
Submitted by: Jacob on Dec 06, 2015
I went with this breeder due to my gut feeling and the reviews on this site and couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

Steve and his family were excellent to work with. He has a professional kennel set up, even though he didn't think it was up to par. At the time he was building a more permanent kennel for his dogs, but the set up he had was more suitable than most I've seen.

I live in Boise, so it was a bit of a drive to check out his kennel before I made a deposit but well worth the experience to get a feel for him as a person and as a breeder. You definitely can't go wrong with this breeder. Very knowledgeable and experienced.

My pup is about 4 months old now and he is doing great. After a few vet check-ups he is healthy and growing like a weed. Very energetic and playful. Does well around other dogs and people. Overall sweetheart of a dog but very smart. Already have him obeying commands and a natural hunter/retriever.

I couldn't be more pleased with choosing Steve and his kennel to find my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon pup. Would highly recommend!
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