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About Teton Bird Dogs
Teton Bird Dogs where champions are made, and legends are never forgotten. Here at Teton Bird Dogs our primary focus is on Family oriented, naturally driven German Shorthair Pointers. We don't just deal with one aspect of the competition word. We believe in the combining varying titles and lineages to produce the GSP's of tomorrow. We have dogs with Heavy NAVDAH backing, strong field trail lines consisting of Field Champions and Hall of Fame dogs, from Shoot to Retrieve Champions and Hall of Famers to our Favorite ACK Master Hunters. There is value brought to the table by all of these Proven Athletes. Through careful consideration and screening we apply them all. We apply three main levels of screening to all of our Breeding dogs. The first Criteria being disposition and confirmation. Being a family run kennel, we seek dogs that can be around our young kids, easy around the house, and most importantly the legendary "off switch" that is so sought after. Let's be honest, a conformationally correct, cosmetically appealing dog is what we are all after. If the disposition and confirmation are there we now will consider the next criteria. The second Criteria is field work/hunt ability. We seek dogs that want to work for us and with us. We like our dogs to range from 20-100 Yards, none of that next county crap will be found here. All in all, German Shorthairs have been bred to Hunt. 95% of shorthairs you see, and touch will instinctively have prey drive and the desire to point. That being said, the most important thing in this criteria is trainability. That means will the dog engage, be motivated and by what. Does the dog understand the crucial pairing between itself and handler? For these Reasons we choose to participate in AKC Hunt Tests focusing on Trainability and Biddability. Currently two of our studs are running for their Master Hunt Titles. The third Criteria: Once the previous criteria are met, we seek the healthiest stock possible. We participate in the industry's leading screenings and tests available. We want your new family member to be as healthy and full of life as we possible. All of our Breeding stock is OFA Certified or Prelim with a standard of GOOD or Excellent. We also complete the Full Paw Print Genetic German Shorthair Panel Clearing our dogs of Cone Degeneration, Degenerative Myelopathy, Hyperuricosuria, and Von Willebrand Disease II. We are so confident we offer a 2-year health Guarantee covering what has already been listed as well as heart and eyes!! Our pups are family raised and well socialized. We pride ourselves in producing personable pups, tailored just for you. We will let our clients and dogs speak for us. Visit our Facebook Page Teton Bird Dogs, or our Website www.tetonbirddogs.com and see what others are saying about Teton Bird Dogs. This isn't just a one time thing, we will provide you with advice and tips for the life of your puppy and the next. Our success is driven by your success. Give us a call today and become apart of the Teton Bird Dog Legacy.
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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: Juan on Mar 01, 2020
We purchased our first GSP from Chris 2 years ago and all I can say is what an amazing dog. Awesome hunter, pray drive, does 25mi no problem, never stops trying to please us and smart. Kids love him, and even the wife considers part of our family.
Chris was fantastic thru the process, thank you!
Rocket turns 2 next month, son of Teton.
Submitted by: Alex Ballinger on Nov 01, 2016
Chris has been an unbelievable help in assisting my wife and I with our new puppy, Miles, a German Short-haired Pointer who is now 12 weeks old. Chris has continued to be a great resource for us as questions pop up regarding training, communicating, and shot-scheduling. We both absolutely love Miles and have had incredible success with his training and development. He is a great companion dog, mild-mannered, smart, and extremely loving. And we get all kinds of compliments on his good looks!

We just can't say enough about Chris and our experience with him. He drove all the way out to Snohomish, WA from Idaho Falls with our pup, to save us the 16 hour drive, and has just been a wonderful help.
Submitted by: Michael Smallhoover on Oct 11, 2016
We bought our first GSP puppy from Chris and we couldn't be more satisfied. He is absolutely outstanding! Beautiful puppy and he is extremely intelligent. We can tell he was cared for dearly before being handed over to us and we just wanted to say Thanks!
Submitted by: Parker Hill on Oct 05, 2016
This breeder is 5 stars all the way. I am proud to be the owner of such a beautiful & healthy 8 week old German Short Hair Pointer with impeccable blood lines. This breeder is supportive with any questions I have regarding raising & training my first pup for field work. This breeder was referred to me, by my friends & connections with a local veterinarian in Washington State.
Submitted by: Jared on Oct 03, 2016
Just wanted to share a great experience our family had with Teton bird dog team..Chris and his lovely wife were kind enough to meet us in a location that was close to our home.. They were both so kind and had extensive knowledge about our new pup.(we named him Otto) . Otto is easily the best pup I've ever had.. mild in temper , smart as all hell and most important he is amazing with my 2 boys...I can't wait to see them grow up together..After just a few days Otto has already learned several commands with ease and is ready for more.. I can't tell you how happy we are with this little guy..Otto is going to be a wonderful extension to our family and we all couldn't be happier..
Submitted by: Julie Norman on May 19, 2016
I would highly recommend chris in purchasing a forever puppy. His family does a outstanding job socializing and bird work on the pups. Puppies are very healthy.
I didn't have any pups available so I sent several clients to him and everyone is exstremely happy. Thank you chris for being a outstanding breeder. Julie Norman (UPLANDSHORTHAIRS.COM)
Submitted by: Carter, C on Feb 04, 2016
I would hands down recommend Chris @ Teton to anyone. I spent hours on the phone with him before I even met him, he's very knowledgeable about his dogs. And after talking to me he knew what I was looking for. I got my pup in Dec, at 15 weeks Mose is pointing pigeons, walking at heel, sits on command, and retrieving like a 6 month old dog. The prey drive with this line Is incredible.
Submitted by: Travis Peterson on Jan 13, 2016
So far I have been very impressed! We received a solid liver male from Chris a month ago and have been extremely happy with him. He has not had a single accident in his crate and within a week he was 90-95% potty trained. He is very witty and picks up commands quickly. After one week he had learned come, sit, and down. This is my first German Shorthair and so far my family is very happy with him. Can't wait to get him out on birds! Thanks Chris!
Submitted by: Josh King on Dec 18, 2015
I have now picked up two dogs from Teton Bird Dogs and am very happy with my pups. My first Hatch is now two and I've been very impressed with him, tall, athletic, great nose and a really good family dog. Also, I get nothing but compliments on his looks, great looking dogs. I knew I wanted another and picked up a little girl, Lady a few weeks ago. She too is going to be a great dog, very smart and learning quickly. Two great dogs were a plus, but I am also impressed with Chris and the knowledge he is willing to share. Thanks again for two great pups.

Josh King
Submitted by: Jeffrey Meckfessel on Feb 17, 2015
I have had many German short hairs dogs during my lifetime .I currently hunt in Nebraska where the Pheasants are plenty. I just recently purchased a solid liver male shorthair from Teton . So happy!! Super bloodlines. Both of his parents are absolutely amazing. This dog is going to be incredible . I would highly recommend Chris at Teton . You won't be disappointed.
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