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About Sunburst Brittanys

   Our kennel is located in New Plymouth Idaho, USA. We breed quality Brittanys.  We breed our dogs for the weekend foot-hunter, and his family. A calm, intelligent, loyal companion is what all American households are looking for in a dog today. To find a bird dog with these characteristics can be a challenge. So that is why we selected the Brittany.  We later decided to breed our dogs so that others may enjoy this unique breed too.  The Brittany is one of the most ideal pointing breeds in the USA, because of its inherent abilities & dual purpose. (Hunting & family dog).  Give us a call for more information. Visit us on Facebook at Sunburst Brittanys. Prices of brittany puppies $1000. Air shipping available, and is commonly done. Cost paid by buyer.

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American Brittany, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
Breeder Contact Info
Gabe Mouritsen
New Plymouth, Idaho 83655
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Les Albjerg on Nov 09, 2018
Most reviews on here are about puppies including my first. Frankie is now four years old. He is an amazing hunting dog. Brittanys are not suppose to like the water, but Frankie loves to retrieve ducks. He has an amazing nose. With minimal training he is an excellent pointer and retriever. On our last hunt, he was amazing. He pointed a bird, flushed the bird on command, and after shooting the bird he went to retrieve it. On the way back he dropped the bird and went on point again! He flushed the bird on command and retrieved it. On the way back he dropped the bird next to the first one, and picked up both birds and brought them back to me. He is the best do I have ever owned. He is also a great family dog - a lover.
Submitted by: Thomas Taylor on Aug 27, 2018
Got my Pup Harper from Gabe and Katie this past April and are just now getting into bird season for the year. She has been such a joy to train and is such a smart and well mannered dog. She quickly learned basic obedience and has been doing very well on her bird work. Everywhere we take her people love her and compliment her on her manners and behavior. She has such a sweet nature and is a great addition to our home and hunting companion in the field. She retrieved naturally from a very young age and i have no doubt that she will be an excellent pheasant and quail dog in the coming seasons.

We love her so much we already have plans to get a pup from one of Sunburst's upcoming litters next fall. She has truly enriched our lives and if you are looking for an amazing family dog that will hunt its heart out in the field look no further than Sunburst's French Brittanys. You wont be disappointed.
Submitted by: Alan Lance on Jul 07, 2018
Gabe and Katie are great to work with. Put a deposit on a dog and was lucky enough to get what I was looking for in the first litter. There were a few complications that had to be worked through before I could pick Trigger up, but Gabe and Katie went out of their way to make the entire process as smooth and as seemless as possible. I will be talking to them next year for another dog.

Thanks Sunburst!
Submitted by: Bob and Leslie McMichael on Apr 21, 2016
Peat, our second Sunburst Brittany (born Apr 2, 2015- Sioux and Candy line), is one amazing bird dog. He's super intelligent, high-energy and athletic. He also has a great nose and can find the birds and hold them plus he loves to retrieve.
Towards the end of his first season of hunting he started out hunting our first Sunburst Brittany that was the star of the show. He also naturally backed our older more experienced Brittany while out in the field.
As a family pet he's very affectionate and sweet.
To see video of Peat go to "You Tube", search "chukar hunting highlights 2015-16"
Submitted by: Yvonne Thompson on Jan 05, 2016
We got our French Brittany pup Hunter 2 yrs ago .He was the last puppy from the litter,my husband & I were just going to go see him,but ofcourse I fell in love.Hunter is a beautiful, really smart,energetic & vocal dog.He loves the outdoors,he is a great dog .Recommend Sunburst Brittanys Highly
Submitted by: John R on Nov 29, 2015
I bought a female from the April 2014 litter. Great experience all around. Gabe drove the dog from his home to Tri-Cities, WA for me to pick her up, for an extremely reasonable fee of $100. Rosie is a great bird dog, points and holds well on grassland species - Huns and chukars - and can hunt all day. She is a house dog, very well mannered and extremely smart and sweet. Weighs 30 lbs on the button. I highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: barbara on Mar 09, 2015
We picked up a 6 week old female black roan pup in June of 2014. This is the smartest dog of any breed we have ever owned. By the end of August she knew sit, stay, lay down, shake, and speak: she rang a bell at the door to go do her private business, and was pointing grasshoppers in the yard. During upland game season she hunts with natural skill and stays close. We haven't found any pheasant, but she finds chukar and quail and retrieves naturally. She has boundless energy, and yet is the first bird dog we have allowed to be a house dog, because she is calm and happy in the house. 42 pounds, and quick as a flash. Love her!
Submitted by: barbara Kwader on Feb 24, 2015
We gave my husband a black and white pup from Sunburst Brittanys in June of last year. She is the smartest dog we have ever had. After very little training she performed very well hunting upland game birds this fall and winter, and is a great family dog. An amazing little girl, and not yet a year old! Great with our grandkids, horses, and cats. She is not too sure of the tortoise.
Submitted by: Angie Lakey-Campbell on Oct 23, 2014
We purchased a male black and white French Brittany from Gabe in the summer of 2013. At 16 months, he was holding birds for us in the field. Last Sunday we were able to get our first kill with Paddy! His instincts for hunting have helped a couple of inexperienced chukar hunters get into the birds several times this fall! We are looking forward to seeing what he will be able to do in the future!
Submitted by: Phil K. on Oct 20, 2014
We picked up our female liver and white in June 2014. She is 7 months old now and we could not be happier. She is our fourth Brittany (from different breeders) and wow, she is very intelligent, athletic with huge amount of natural birding instincts. Her temperament is very sweet and well socialized. We look forward to many years hunting with her.
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