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**We currently male and female puppies available! We live on 20 acres next to a reservoir in southeast Idaho with our 4 sons and our wire-haired pointing griffon dogs, Scout, Oakley, Millie, Belle, and our stud dog Frank. Scout is a natural bird dog and has had many experiences hunting, swimming at the reservoir, and training for marathons with my wife. She is also the perfect family dog and very intellectual which makes training very easy. She comes from an excellent line of Griffons out of Boise, Idaho (check pedigree), the sire is out of Oakley, Idaho and is also from an excellent line. He is a fabulous hunter and a beautiful dog. You can check both pedigrees out on our website. Oakley is a pup out of Scout and Merlin and is a beautiful pup with a natural drive for birds. She is a classic griff look and is such a sweetheart. Millie is also from a Scout X Merlin litter. Belle is the newest female to our breeding program. She has the same sire as Oakley and Millie and also comes to us from Oakley, Idaho. Frank is our stud dog for all our litters and he comes from a very excellent line out of Idaho, his dad is the famous Mr. Brown. We are excited to use Frank with our females and think they will produce some beautiful pups. Our puppy guarantee is also available on our website. We are willing to fly puppies to their destination. We have fallen in love with this breed of dog and after having labs we choose the wire-haired pointing griffon hands down! All our pups will have the opportunity to explore, swim, hunt, and learn before they go to their new homes. Please email or call with any questions about our pups! Check out our website at or find us on instagram #glendalegriffons where you will see many pictures and updates on our litter. Thanks for looking Cort and Amanda Jones 208-851-1131 email Now taking deposits for future litters planned coming next year! Call today to reserve your spot on the picking order list!
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Cort or Amanda Jones
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
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Submitted by: Heath Anyan on May 23, 2020
We have dealt with a lot of breeders over the last 30 years, and Glendale had to of been the most accomodating, and friendly one thus far! We even drove 9.5 hours to get to them, and it was well worth the trip. We would recommend them to anyone for both their stud as well as litters.
Submitted by: Vena Martinez on Nov 22, 2019
My pup is perfect! Perfect coat, teeth, toes, eyes, ears, tail. He is gorgeous and prances around flaunting his pure posture. The best looking animal and best friend.
Submitted by: Alysson on Jun 09, 2019
Cort and Amanda were a pleasure to work with. They were quick to respond with any questions that we had and were in constant communication with us throughout the whole process. Our pup Gouda came from the September 2018 Scout x Merlin litter. She was quick to train, is smart as heck, super affectionate, and a stunner of a dog. We couldn't be happier.

When it's time for us to bring another Griff into our family, we'll definitely be reaching out to Cort and Amanda from Glendale Griffons and recommend them to anyone in search of a hardworking and/or family dog.
Submitted by: Leo Welf on Mar 06, 2019
Lots of good communication with the breeder. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have and will continue to recommend this breeder to friends, family and those interested in Griffons.
Submitted by: Darcy Birdsall on Mar 06, 2019
Our puppy, Mr. McGruff, just turned 6 months old. His temperament is amazing! He loves everyone, is great with children, and incredibly sweet with our other dogs. At 6 months he will sit, stay, fetch the bird, and loves searching for antlers. He’s also quite certain that 42 pounds still constitutes a lap dog, and often asks to crawl into our lap and snuggle in the evening. He has tons of character, and quickly became a favorite dog as well as a favorite breed. I’m sure we will always have a wire-haired Griffon in our family. We adore him.
Submitted by: Darren & Reetta on Dec 17, 2017
We got our beautiful WPG puppy, Maggie, from Amanda and Cort's September 2017 litter. We'd done our research into the breed and knew it would be a good match for our lifestyle and family.

Throughout the process Amanda and Cort kept weekly contact via messages, photos and videos. They were always happy to answer our questions. Maggie flew to us (we live in DC), and Amanda kept us informed every step of the way. At the airport we were greeted by a well-travelled but a healthy, happy puppy who instantly started wagging her tail and licking my fingers. There was no whinnying or whining in the night; she felt right at home with us. We could not be happier with our puppy girl.

We love how alert and affectionate Maggie is. She is easygoing and very, very happy. We can tell that she has been beautifully socialised and well loved by Cort and Amanda's family.

Maggie is such a delight with so much love for everyone she meets. She is well known in our neighbourhood, and people can't resist to stop and pet her. Maggie has endeared our daughter's school friends, who indulge her in attention at drop off and pick up times. Maggie is in her element, basking in all the attention.

Maggie also got used to socialising with other dogs at Amanda and Cort's; thanks to that, she is friendly with all the dogs in our neighbourhood.

Maggie's vet is very pleased with her progress, and always comments on how friendly and relaxed she is about being handled.

We have been astonished by how motivated Maggie is to learn and follow commands. At thirteen weeks, house training, lead walking, as well as commands like sit, stay, lie down and fetch are going really well. We are working on 'drop' and 'don't tear the newspaper' :D She already lets us know when she needs to go to the garden, and is able to hold it in if we are out.

In fact, even though initially we weren't planning on with hunting with Maggie, now that we understand better how her innate ability for pointing works, and how apt she is at spotting birds, we would like to respect and work with that. Thus, we plan to start training with a local hunting club in the spring.

Further, Maggie doesn't seem to be fazed by anything: building sites, different kinds of vehicles, lights flashing, loud noises, travelling by car, groups of people, umbrellas, water, bikes, leaf blowers....she is curious to explore everything, sometimes with due caution but never frightened.

We could not recommend Amanda and Cort Jones highly enough. Maggie had the best possible start to her life with them.
Submitted by: Zachary Geisler on Oct 16, 2017
We had the best experience with Cort and Glendale. They included us throughout the entire process and completely exceeded our expectations. Anytime we hear from someone that they are interested in a WPG, we tell them about Glendale Griffons. We felt extremely at ease knowing our pup would be cared for tremendously until she got to us!
Submitted by: James K Johnson on Sep 19, 2017
Our family has a dog from their March 2015 litter. Our "Camo" is a great dog. She is a awesome companion to our kids as well as a good hunter. We would be lost with out her.

Thanks Again,

The Johnson's
Submitted by: Colin Nicholson on Sep 17, 2017
Absolutely awesome experience. Amanda gave weekly video updates of the whole litter and individual pup updates as they progressed. I had the last pick and have an outstanding puppy Gus. He's smart, with high drive and loads of natural hunting instinct. I would definitely purchase another pup from this breeder!
Submitted by: Jordan Rushton on Sep 13, 2017
Our dog "Copper" was from Glendale Griffons first litter with their dog "Scout". I found out about Glendale Griffons via their instagram page when it was new. I am very happy to see the success they are having with their dogs and would like to say that they have done a phenomenal job!

I would highly recommend Glendale Griffons to anyone looking for a griffon. Outstanding breeder who has worked very hard on their success. Not only do they provide premium dogs with high quality genes, they really hit the nail on communication. All throughout the process of getting copper, they provided timely updates on the whole process from start to finish and answered any question/concerns we've had.

One thing I did not expect was their follow up communication after purchasing our dog. We got copper about 2.5 years ago and Glendale Griffons has reached out to us multiple times since to check on how things are going.

Our lives have changed since we got copper and we couldn't be happier. She is the perfect fit for our family. She enjoys hiking, shed hunting, going for car rides, and makes us laugh with her personality. We haven't introduced her to bird hunting "yet" but I can definitely comment on her natural instincts as they are very dominant. she points at all birds (and things that look like birds) lol. She is very alert with her surroundings and notices everything that flies over her head. She's been around gun shots and loud fireworks and is not frightened by them. She's also very athletic and strong. I'm proud to say I have a purebred Griffon from Glendale Griffons!
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