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Through the years Dave has trained hundreds of dogs and helped countless dog owners and handlers become better dog people. As the old saying goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," and Dave's method has proven its worth. The dogs he's trained and helped others train are what he calls good citizens - well-trained dogs. They do what they're supposed to do - hunting or field trialing - and are a joy to their owners. He has always shared his knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks for help.
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Submitted by: Pat Jones on Nov 29, 2015
About eight years ago my husband and I purchased a brown and white Brittany. He is the sweetest dog loves little kids and is am avid hunter I love him. My husband passed away two years ago COCO was his pride and joy! He is the smartest dog he learned tricks and knows tons of words. I recommend Dave Walker Brittanys they are great hunters and loveable! Pat
Submitted by: john on Apr 13, 2012
Dave,i just want to say thanks. for all you have done. my son jared purchased a puppy from you a couple of years ago.I sadly had to put my britt down last week do to age she was one of many great dogs my father raised brittanys his hole life and passed them down to me now myself onto my son. the purchase of one of your dogs has been an honor what a great dog she is we hunt alot in north dakota for pheasant and here in utah for chuckar and grouse. you just recently had some semen sent down to SLC UT for my son to have his britt artfically semunated. the dam: bucks hi proof dream. and the Sire:F.C ricoche-T.the semen was from FC nobel rocket.. i am looking forward to seeing what this litter brings. and spending time in the field with some pups. i just want to say thanks again for keeping the brittany breed strong and healthy and for all you do for us who enjoy the sight of a well trained hunt'en dog..
Submitted by: Rodney Marchant on Apr 23, 2008
I have been having Dave train my Brittanys for a while now and couldn't be happier. So happy that when it came time to get my next pup, I contacted Dave and Fay. My new Brittany, Summer, is turning out to be a real fireball in the field. She does everything you would expect out of a true field dog.

Thanks Dave.
Submitted by: Windy Dickson on Apr 19, 2008
I read Bryant's review of Dave Walker's book and went right out and bought it. Bryant didn't over compliment Mr. Walker or his book! This is a Great Book. I was fortunate enough to meet Bryant at the ABC Western Futurity where he entered his young female that he talked about being trained by Dave. What Bryant didn't say was this was the very first Competition this dog has been in. And what also wasn't stated was the he Won Runner Up Champion in Gun Dog stakes! I was in the gallery that day and watched the expert handling and the way this little dog responded to her handlers spared commands. One could tell this was a very well trained dog and what was even more impressive is that I don't think Bryant had to 'hack' on his dog even once. It was one of the most quiet braces I have ever watched. This dog and Handler was really trained. I want Dave to train me and my Dog! Maybe I can go to Idaho and get Dave to train my headstrong female Brittany to be as nice as Bryant's. Thanks, Windy
Submitted by: Bryant S. McGrath on Jan 21, 2007
Just "Clicking" through the various Pointing Dog web sites and Noticed that the Jordan's will be hosting a Two Day Seminar by Dave Walker! This is Super News! We have been involved with Competition Brittany's for over 30 years. I have been on both ends of Dave's Talent. He Taught me a big Handling lesson at the 83' Western Futurity where we were competitors (Dave Won) and just this last Fall where he Re-Trained ME and trained a little female Brit I brought to him with a few "issues." Dave is a man with a Vast Wealth of Knowledge and Talent. The Secret; Set your ego aside, close your mouth, Listen and Learn!! If you don't leave a more enlightened person/handler, well, you might want to give up the bird dog game. Dave is a Big Man with a Big Voice but don't let that scare you off... those that are Fortunate enough to spend time with Dave will find out behind all that "Big" is a Big Heart and a certain Softness that just makes these dogs Want to Work for him. Do yourself a Big Favor, Don't miss this Seminar, Don't miss what this man that uses Old School Proven knowledge Fused with New Technology can do for You and Your Dog! Absolutely Priceless! (Count Me In!) Bryant McGrath
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