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Cove Mountain Kennels specializes in training quality pointing dogs for today's hunting situations. Our philosophy is that a combination of socialization, companionship, behavior and lots of experience on wild birds makes for a quality hunting dog and wonderful fulltime companion. Because of their availability on public land in the mountain west and southwest for today's hunter, Cove Mountain Kennel trained dogs are skilled hunters of chukar, desert quail, forest grouse and sage-grouse. We also breed and sell high quality Brittany puppies, and occasionally, started and finished dogs.

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American Brittany
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Nick Muckerman
2221 N Inkom Rd
Inkom, Idaho 83245
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Robert Murphy on Aug 21, 2011
Chris - I wanted to thank you for helping me with Mia's (our Spinone) training. You turned a pup who didn't have any confidence in herself, into a real bird monster. She passed the first AKC Junior Hunt test that she entered and got several favorable comments from the judges. But more importantly, you trained me how to train her. Thanks again and I look forward to hunting with a good steady pup this year.
Submitted by: Chris Romrell on Jun 04, 2009
I highly recommend Cove Mountain Kennels as an outstanding producer of top quality hunting/family dogs. Their training philosophy develops the dogs to perform to the breed’s highest potential. Their dogs are bread for the diverse hunting types the west offers from upland game to water retrieval. Cove Mountain Kennel produces the nearly impossible product of a well rounded bird dog that fits in as a loyal family member. Please read our experience below.
Close to two years ago our family was in need of a dog. I had had dogs in the past that were either strong hunters or good family dogs but I could never get the best of both worlds. Knowing we wanted a dog as part of our family and for the upcoming hunting season we started to search for that one-in-a-million family/hunting dog. For a half a year we searched the western states calling and interviewing kennels. We searched all over to find the right kennel that could produce the type of dog we needed. After some tips from friends we found Cove Mountain Kennels. I immediately called Chris and found out that they had a started lab, Zeke, for sale. We arranged to make the long trip to visit the kennel and see the young lab in action. When we arrived we where greeted by two of the friendliest people we had ever meet. Right from the start we could tell that Chris and Julie loved the animals they trained and that they took pride in the animals they produced. They went over their training philosophy of basic skills and obedience training. They then introduced us to the 60lbs well build lab named Zeke. My little girl Brooklynn immediately began playing with Zeke. Zeke was very genteel and loved the attention the young kids gave him. Chris showed young Brooklynn how to give commands to Zeke and how to properly walk him. I was amazed that Zeke was just as attentive and obedient with my 3 year old little girl as he was with Chris and Julie. After showing his well mannered behavior around the family Chris and Julie started demonstrating Zeke hunting abilities. From field hunting to water retrieval we were amazed at the attention, action and obedience that Zeke possessed. After several hours in the field we made it back to the kennel around dusk. Sitting in the Colts home I could not believe that we had spent the whole day with them. As the wonderful hosts that they were they offered to make us dinner while my wife and I discussed the purchase of Zeke. The discussion did not last a second. I looked at my wife and I could see in her eyes the same thing that I was thinking. Zeke was the dog we had spent the last 6 months looking for. From that night on Zeke has been a wonderful member of our family. Zeke and I hunt birds in the fall and in the spring and summer months he goes camping and fishing with the family. We continually get comments from friends, family and strangers about how well behaved he is and what a joy he is to be around. He has also earned bragging rights in the field and in the marsh with my hunting buddies. Our relationship did not end that day with the Colt family, it has continued on and they have become great friends offering training advice and even advice for me to become a better trainer. Our experience was more then we could had ever hoped for and ended with the ownership of the dog of our dreams. I highly recommend Cove Mountain Kennels and know I will never look anywhere else for a dog or trainers.
-Chris Romrell
Submitted by: Troy Thompson on May 05, 2009
I had the pleasure of hunting with the allie this last speing on the Utah spring snow goose hunt,Chris had made the arangments to meet me in Delta and take a look at duke and drop allie off to me for the breeding,he told me that she was not much of a waterfowl dog but if I got the chance run her in the feild,so the next day we gave her a go and to my suprise she is one great goose dog,did not take her long to figure out the game of hide and fetch, she made some great runs on long birds and for a dog that did not know me she was a real sweet heart to hunt with.Duke is a real trooper when it comes to waterfowl hunting in his years he has seen many goose and duck hunts from the airboat to the feilds of MO where we hunt snows, he is always ready and willing to go rain or snow, he is great with kids and just a great huntin partner to have with you
Submitted by: MIKE PINNER on Apr 23, 2009
My experiance with Chris at Cove Mt. was outstanding. So much so I will go there for all my gun dog needs. Chris spent some time with me to determine what exactly what I wanted from my german wire hair Zoey and i got more than I could ever expected, she is a valued part of the family and steady at point well beyond her years. I know Chris is expecting some pups from his own lab and desire one for myself but the wife told me three is enough. Cove Mt. was the best desision I made for the long term investment in my dog. Want a "GREAT DOG" go with Cove Mt. You'll never be sorry.
Mike Pinner
Submitted by: George Ralphs on Apr 23, 2009
Cove Mountain Kennels and their owners (Chris and Julie Colt) run a great operation! Not only have I had them train 3 of my dogs I purchased a black Lab puppy from them (Sophie is aprox. 2 years old)and am thrilled with my selection. I am very much impressed with Chris' and Julie's "down to earth" knowledge of all of their dogs as well as how to breed and train them. They have a real passion beyond just running a business. I know the rating for this review only allows a "5" to be the highest rating, but I would give Cove Mountain Kennels a "10" rating!
Submitted by: lars rasmussen on Apr 23, 2009
A few months ago I found Chris on the web ( I loved his website. It has a good mix of information, experiences, links and is well written. My brother and I decided we'd spend some training time with Chris to see what he was all about and see if we could pick anything up that would help us with our dogs. I was impressed. I liked his approach, both our dogs took to him immediately. He had a knack for finding just the minimum amount of pressure to get the dogs to respond correctly and then lavished them with praise. Often silently but praise none the less. He also took the time to explain to us exactly what he was doing and why. I think we learned more than the dogs. I came away thinking I should come back. In fact I did, I left my 10 month old Braque du Bourbonais (I call him Bean) with him for a months worth of training. Chris laid out a training plan that we both were comfortable with and did exactly what he said he'd do. I couldn't be more pleased. He was well cared for. Came home in better physical shape than I left him. I got a dog back that was keyed up on birds, pointing well, and pretty much steady to flush. I got some good training myself. What more could I ask for? I'd recommend Chris' training program to anyone that wants to enjoy a good hunting dog.
Submitted by: Jon Lee on Feb 13, 2007
Chris Colt runs a fine outfit. He is currently training my little Brittany female "Annie". I have been impressed with his gun dog training skills and his focus on obedience training. I have had the opportunity to hunt behind other dogs that he has trained and I only hope that Annie turns out half as good. Another thing I like is his focus on getting the dogs experience on wild birds. I would recommend Chris and his gun dog training program to anyone. You will not be disappointed.
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