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About Blue Sage Gun Dogs
We focus on breeding Gun Dogs that excell in strong versatility strong and it is our goal to match our new puppy owners with a dog that will hunt with the utmost desire.  Realizing that most puppies we sell need to be a loving member of the family we go to great lengths to socialize our puppies to love people and expose them to many situations before placing them in their new home.   German Wirehaired pointers have a unique personality that make them entertaining pets and exceptional hunters.  Our dogs track back to some of the best bloodlines available and we continue to strive to improve upon this genetic background.  We believe in breeding dogs that are proven and have the natural ability, durability and intelligence to handle the rigors of becoming a true Versatile Hunting Dog.  We are very selective in our breeding decisions and for this reason we are proud members and abide by the breeding by laws established by the German Wirehair Alliance.  GWA is an organization committed to  upholding the utmost breeding and performance standards for GWP's.  (see link below to learn more) " Please call for additional details or to put a deposit on a puppy- 208-880-8314.
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Cody Buick on May 06, 2018
I purchased Echo from Sage In the spring of 2014 from the Blue Sage Aringo x Bone Point Magnus liter. Sage was easy to communicate with and has been great following up with the dogs several years later. Echo was very interested in birds and hunting from the time that we got him. Within a few months he had developed a strong point and desire to hunt. Echo has truly evolved into a versatile gun dog. At 7 months old he was retrieving geese out of a layout blind. Since then he has hunted ducks, chukar, quail, and pheasant. He will hunt hard all day without quitting. He has a strong and reliable nose. Best of all he has been an excellent family dog going on daily jogs and playing with two toddlers the rest of the day.
Submitted by: Steve Beck on May 01, 2018
I began my journey of searching for a German Wirehaired Pointer more than a year before ever picking up our puppy. I interviewed breeders from all over the U.S. I settled on Blue Sage Gun Dogs after I spoke with the owner, Sage Kendall. I picked up Jaegar in Idaho in July of 2017, he has been a great dog and an even better addition to our family. He is very well mannered and easy going around the house, but once you get him in the field his nose is to the ground and he never stops, except to point at birds. He was seven months old when I started hunting him pretty hard and he has matured to a great gun dog and companion. I hope to work with him this summer to make him an even better hunting dog. He has so much natural talent that he learns very quickly and many things he needs no training. I plan to purchase another GWP in the next couple of years and when I do it will be from Blue Sage Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: T Wayne Sweezey on Apr 28, 2018
After having bad draws with two prior bird dogs, a Brit and pointer, my wife found the Blue Sage Gun Dogs web site and surprised me with a German Wirehaired Pointer from their kennel. When our bitch puppy arrived, we called her “Sage”. She was darling and extremely well humanized. Sage now is just two years old, has hunted wild birds in Texas and Georgia, released birds in Georgia and Kentucky. No matter the birds hunted, she’s a natural pointer. We have her delivering to hand, and by dove season she’ll be retrieving, delivering, and steady to shot. Having grown up with Labs and pointers, this bitch is the most useful and well rounded shooting dog we have owned. Kudos to Sage Kendall.
Submitted by: Tom Setser on Aug 18, 2015
after a lot of searching we came accross blue sage kennels and really liked the confirmation of their GWPs. We had many conversations and texts with Sage, (the owner of the blue sage kennels.) we found him to be very knowledgable of the breed, with a discipline for for bettering the breed, and helpful with our questions. One of the question asked in the questionnaire was what I was looking for in a GWP. My answer was a bragging rights bird dog, and home companion. Well, right out of the gate NEZ took prize 1 in natural ability test in a field of about 30 dogs. To say the least , I was thrilled. Many of the people at the test came up to ask where NEZ came from. NEZ is two now, and in one hunt , pointed and retrieved over 20 pheasant. She is scheduled to receive her utility training and testing soon. Thank you Sage for a great companion and hunting partner. Keep up the great work.
Tom & Sharon
Submitted by: Tye Bernall on Aug 11, 2015
I began Talking to Sage in December of 2013. I have been raising, and training Labrador retrievers for over 30 years, and while I have extensive experience with that breed I had never worked with a GWP. Sage was very generous with his time in educating me on the breed and answering numerous questions. In June of 2015 my daughter and I made the long trek from Bozeman Mt. to Emmet ID. and picked up my new hunting partner DIETZ (pronounced Deets). I have owned numerous dogs in my life, and have been blessed to have a few who were special. I have never been more excited about the future I see in Dietz. Intelligent, Confident, Birdy, good looking pup, who is a pleasure to be around. I still call Sage with questions, ask his opinion and advice, and he is always eager to help out. I feel confident in saying I not only acquired a great dog, but a friend in Sage as well. I would recommend anyone looking for a good gun dog to contact Blue Sage Gun Dogs with out reservation. You will not be disappointed.

Tye Bernall
Project Manager
North Fork Builders
Submitted by: Randall Rector on Feb 04, 2015
Si just finished his first complete hunting season. He has an outstanding desire to please, a strong natural hunting ability and behavior, non aggressive personality. He is all business when it comes time to hunt and a great companion around the house. I have hunted Si a lot by himself and when hunting with other dogs I was amazed at his natural ability to honor other dogs. Honor is something that I had not worked with him on and it came to him all naturally. He excelled on all birds upland and waterfowl. Si from the day I got him has always displayed a great natural ability in all aspects. This comes from a great Breeding program and parents with generations of great dogs all with NAVHDA certification. I would encourage any one looking for an all around hunting dog to not pass up an opportunity to own a pup from Blue Sage Gun Dogs. My veterinarian is really impressed with Si's outstanding conformation and temperament. I was hunting over in Oregon last December and had to take Si to a local vet office for a wire cut. The two vets that were on call were really impressed with Si's temperament, conformation and structural soundness. Their comment was they had never seen a nicer German Wirehaired Pointer. Sage is a great guy and will help you with any questions that you may have and you will find him to be a great friend as well.

Randall Rector
Submitted by: Deena and Russ Vradnburgh on Dec 30, 2014
I got a puppy from Blue Sage Gun Dogs out of Elka's June 2014 Litter, He is almost 7 months old, his training is going wonderful , he is the most gentle, wonderful Wirehair pointer I have owned. His natural abilities are OUTSTANDING!!!! I think the breeding choices and the Love for the breed make Blue Sage Gun Dogs a TOP breeder . If you want an OUTSTANDING all around Dog, I recommend Blue Sage Gun Dogs!!! Deena Vradenburgh
Submitted by: Rick Branzell on Dec 18, 2014
I have been hunting Otto at least a couple of times a week since the first week of September. Started out on mountain grouse. Sent you a picture of him with his first two ruffed grouse. Since then we went on to pheasants. He really put it together the last three weeks. Just returned from a pheasant hunt near Great Falls. He pointed at least a dozen birds (hens included). He is lock steady and has a great nose. He has two successful retrieves to the hand. He has no problems finding cripples augered into the grass. Digs them out and plucks out the live birds we would never found. Gets along well with all other dogs. Is an absolute sweetheart in the house with wife and other dog.

This is my first Drahthaar. It has been a grand experience!
Submitted by: Eric and Shannon Jacobson on May 06, 2014
To be quite honest, we were more than a little nervous buying our next pup online. We searched and searched through miles of pages of German Wirehaired breeders throughout the country and Canada, too!
We finally decided on Blue Sage because of his Association with NAVHDA and his Commitment to breeding a spectacular hunting dog, as well as an enjoyable member of the family.
When we were to pick up the pup, we also had reservations with Sage picking our dog for us. How would a questionaire, or a short paragraph adequately describe our needs for this dog? How would someone who doesn't even know us, or met us for that matter, be able to pick our next family member??? The answer to these questions is simple: Perfectly. He has years of breeding, hunting and owning. He gave us the choice between two dogs, and the one that we inevitably brought home, has been better than we could have every expected! She was perfect to crate train, house train, and was pointing and stalking our chickens at 6 1/2 weeks like a pro.
I know the reservations of trusting someone to come through with your next companion and hunting partner. Trust me when I say Blue Sage. Every time.
We are sold on these top of the line pups, and will return for our next German Wirehaired Pointer from Blue Sage.
Thanks for the amazing pup, Sage!
Eric and Shannon Jacobson
Submitted by: Larry Bowlin on Nov 09, 2013
When we decided to purchase a Wirehair, we decided to purchase a pup, knowing the joy and
heartache that comes with it.
In searching the Internet for available pups, we decided that we wanted a progeny of proven Navhda parents--a proven quality dog. When I came upon Blue Sage Kennels, not only did Sage have pups, but their parents were at the top of the Navhda certification, which would offer me the best of progeny. Game on!
I spoke with Sage and felt he was a "stand-up" guy and I respected his breeding program.
Since Donar has been home, he has gone to work with me daily to enhance the bonding. None of my other dogs have had the same enthusiasm at this age(4 months old) for retrieving in all levels of cover. He won't give up until he has found and retrieved his prey tactically. He is learning to use his nose exceptionally well.
This is his DNA-nothing I have done. He has been exposed to quail and pheasants and has retrieved from the hand launcher at 150 feet.
I want to thank Sage for entrusting me with this pup. He was right--he is where he belongs--with us. He belongs in our family 365 days per year, not just during hunting season. I believe that come May, he will be amazing. I can offer him the opportunity and exposure and he will rise to the top. Not by me, but by his breeding.
Thank you again for the opportunity to purchase Donar. Larry Bowlin 253-203-5218 Nov 9 2013

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