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1 Year Old Started Dog For Sale: https://www.facebook.com/xerxes.llewellins/videos/1725526334421591/?__xts__[0]=68.ARDrGTFso2BHBEKGah1PRBqWTCMd0n0FiRJzdmoZlV79mIEQKqxwUibNhdkMi0whMiJCWSn6vNa2uLFvoj8x1Gb85UuVWFT1UAwy4A49XV-8vMPasQmwG3gXxLzudSAtY6kL0rJsytHJdz06n-QsSx7fWOfh5XFqRV-eMxeRS_BU70X_Eqh5b6FBm1NlWFZRLslhfpXgy59oVx6vR5y02BmfqsN_DhkLEhMgVCg-LdXQtqXh143lR7yCSNEGv5DY9GTATHJWG6TX_3Yo6RQTcjveayaDmxcJZljWcMbMXZTVhXktU6IncuXwj8pspkPTh8tJ1dx6y-sOR-dJej8mgJwU6Wegtvj2nkGGAg&__tn__=-R

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Dave Kunselman
4010 Upper River Road
Gray, Georgia 31032
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 26 years.
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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: vincent james gorden on Feb 26, 2021
just WOW!!! PERFECT DOG LISTENS TONS OF STANIMA VORACIOUS BIRD HUNTING D N A ,,,, hatchet recommend hatchet enough
Submitted by: Mike Holloway on Mar 26, 2014
We have two Llewellins from this breeder. Our 4 year old, Cape, is the best natural pointer and retriever I have ever had. (Cape is brother to Xerxes Brenin Y Breoedd.) Our pup (from Ginger Irish Lady Bondhu's 2013 litter) pointed 4 wild quail coveys in her first season. Outstanding bird dogs!
Submitted by: Conway McCrary on Apr 29, 2013
I picked my Llewellyn (Cate)up one week from Christmas. Just 4-5 months later she was pointing and retrieving birds. She covers a lot of ground and has a awesome nose. The first time she was introduced to birds she locked in on them like a 2 year old dog. I was super impressed! Thanks for setting me up with a great bird dog. Can't wait to hunt her next bird season.
Submitted by: Jennifer Boyd on Jul 10, 2011
He is doing great!!! He is a good natured dog and is learning commands quite well!!! We love
him!!! We got his registration papers back and he is "Tazewell Highland Pride" aka "T". Thanks again for supplying us with such a
great dog!!!......Jennifer
Submitted by: Dr. Helen Watt on Jul 10, 2011
Dave, he's nothin' but pure JOY!! Much admired by all and what a smartie!
Submitted by: Mike Holloway on Jul 14, 2010
We got Cape from Dave Kunselman last fall. Cape is now a year old and is doing great. I have hunted wild quail since the 70's have had several dogs but will never own another one unless it is a Llewellin from Dave. Cape is well breed,trained,and is a great pet for my kids. He is a big part of our family.
Submitted by: Racy Florence on Feb 22, 2010
I purchased Duke from Dave as a 5 month old. For the past month I have hunted him primarily on wild quail but with a few released birds as well. Lots of natural instinctive ability, Duke is pointing wild birds on his own and is already backing other dogs with no formal training. Great disposition around the house and all business in the field. I would recommend this line of dogs to anyone looking for a great hunting or family companion.
Submitted by: Steve King on Feb 16, 2010
Macy is coming along great. She has most basic commands down- working on getting her to hold (whoa) when she sees birds. She is quite a companion- she goes everywhere with me. She may be a little spoiled!
She weighs 33 pounds and is quite fit- I can't keep up with her. She loves running at the farm
Submitted by: Scott Ruby on Dec 02, 2009
Man these guys are knockouts. The pics look exactly what I was hoping Mollie would produce with your nice male. Would love to see what some of the females are like.
Submitted by: Mark Conklin on Dec 02, 2009
I totally agree with your assessment of the smaller pup...wow is she athletic and I love watching her; she seems like a real natural.
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