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Keith Pirkle
Glennville, Georgia 30427
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Submitted by: James and Tracie Lea Benzmiller on Apr 17, 2021
We took our English Cocker to a regionally famous gun dog trainer....Dokken Oak Ridge Kennels. Justin, our specific trainer, was quite impressed with the drive and holding ability of our lemon and white cocker. His drive, genetics, and demeanor surprised the previous English Cockers trained by Justin. In fact, he was very impressed that Whiskey Barrel (our dog) hauled in three large pheasants and begged for more. At one year I watched him miss a bird being shot, start the hunt and run whilst it was falling 75 yards away and find the dog in old dry chest height corn within 15 seconds.... proud little guy was strutting his feathered little tail with pride on the way back. Dang good dog!!!! Our three kids absolutely adore him and he REALLY took to gun dog training.
Submitted by: Cade Boman on Dec 13, 2020
I got my make Boykin puppy in august of 2020 and I can’t brag on the puppies he puts out enough when everyone ask where I got him because he’s the best dog. He was house broke and crate trained almost immediately, loves car rides, way ahead of training in the field and is laid back in the house. Can’t wait to get him on some ducks!
Submitted by: Tim Hooge on Dec 09, 2020
I picked up my Boykin Spaniel puppy Remington from Keith in late August. From the day we brought him home, it was obvious that Keith had done a fantastic job raising his pups. Remington was nearly housebroken at 8 weeks old and was very well socialized with both people and other dogs. He's now 5 months old and is happy and healthy. He's picked up basic obedience effortlessly and doing tremendous with his retriever training. At first, I was a bit nervous about getting a puppy over the internet, but I am completely pleased with the experience and can't recommend Keith enough.
Submitted by: Yee Xiong on Nov 09, 2019
My wife and I have the pleasure to work with Keith from Tattnall Kennels to find our first English Cocker Spaniel. Keith is a very informative, helpful and knowledgeable person. Even though we live all the way across the states from coast to coast, Keith was willing to work with us to make sure it was possible. On top of Tattnall Kennel's awesome service, the puppy was everything we could ask for. And she's a beauty!
Submitted by: Megan Midkiff on Jul 11, 2016
I cannot say enough about Keith and Tattnall kennels. Since I have picked up my puppy Mallie in May she has become quite the puppy. She is very easy to train and so incredibly beautiful. Since picking her up I have gotten multiple inquires about where she is from and I have sent them all straight back to Keith. I now have a friend that has gotten a puppy from him as well as others who are interested. That just comes to show how beautiful the puppies are. I cannot thank them enough for helping me find my bestfreind.
Submitted by: Allan Shepley on Mar 07, 2015
I picked up my pup Sadie from Keith a couple of years ago. Great experience start to finish. It was a long wait as the pups were not born yet, but Keith kept me in the loop and updated. We brought Sadie home as soon as possible and the following Monday went straight to the Vet who went over her from top to bottom. He commented she was an excellent example of what a Boykin should be. He was very impressed. She has been an awesome addition to the family. I have owned a lot of dogs in my life mostly labs as I am an avid hunter. This is our first Boykin as were motivated to try a smaller dog as we keep our dogs inside. Sadie has always exceeded my expectations, I trained her just as I did my labs and was amazed at the power and strength these little dogs have. She is so smart it really is mind blowing. She has memorized everything I do and walks ahead of me as I prepare to go work. She is a real pal and wants to go everywhere I go. She is great with the grandkids and our cat. She has just the right amount of attitude to be a good watch dog. She knows our property boundaries and will let you know when there is an invader be it a squirrel, or neighbor. As you can tell I am very happy with Tattnall Kennels, Keith, and their dogs highly recommend.
Submitted by: Clay Moss on Mar 20, 2014
I recommend Tattnal Kennels if your looking for a pup. Very easy to work with. I have had my boykin "Hoyt" for about a year and a half now any I couldn't ask for a better dog. He is a healthy 60 lbs now.
Submitted by: Renee Shaw Cribb on Mar 15, 2014
We got our Baylor from Keith in March of 2013. He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes. We didn't get him for a hunting dog but he shows the want to hunt. I am certain if trained he would be awesome. We just want him to love on and he is great at that too. I know of another family in my area that has 2 of his pups and they are beautiful.
Submitted by: Jennie Hood on May 21, 2013
I got Hudson Easter weekend 2013 he is 13 weeks and perfect. He is already potty trained, he loves to retrieve and can already sit, lay down, and shake. He is a very smart puppy. He already loves the water and to play outside. He has a great personality and it exactly what i was looking for. The transaction with Mr. Pirkle could not have gone better. He was very response, answered all my questions and was so nice. I highly highly recommend him. If you are looking for a great boykin, he is definitely your man.
Submitted by: Eric branch on Apr 11, 2013
We got are pup Easter weekend of 2013. @ 7 weeks . Great temperament and already will sit and stay, with little teaching . He's a loving dog but gose through puppy moments of pouncing on any thing that wind blows by or moves but not crazy he will retreive short returns 10-12 times then gets lil board but thats understandable for his age .. He's gonna work out fine!!
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