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At Sunhill Kennels we raise Brittany's not because we feel that they are the best breed, but the most versitle breed to have.   The Brittany can be shown, hunted and they can be you kid's best buddy.  Here at Sunhill Kennels we are always looking at what we can do to improve our dog. Whether it is with different bloodlines or the ways we train and treat our dogs.  Our dogs are always treated with the best of care.  They are part of our family.  When our puppies are born we handle they daily. We let the kids play with them to give them the socialization they need.  They are not just kept in pens all day.  We let them be part of our daily family routines.  They run and play as dogs should for this makes them better dogs.  When you buy your  puppies from us they have been exposed to all the aspects of a hunting family. They are exposed to quail, chickens, and horses.  They know what a bath is, a leash and even the crate.  We like for our dogs to go to people who will take good care of them.  There is a lot to think about before you get a puppy. So, if you are ready to have one of our Brittanys become a part of your family give us a call or email and get ready for a friend that will steal your heart for life. Call us fo details on the Sire and Dam of each litter. WE HAVE PUPPIES AVAILABLE

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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Timothy Curley on Dec 18, 2021
On 12/11/21 I purchased my fourth American Brittany. I trained and raised my first three dogs as family pet, then hunting companion. Each in their time gave great joy to my family. My new pup from Sunhill seems to show intelligence, boldness and a good nose. Like all Brittanys she is a chow hound and if you open her food bag she could be in another room but the nose goes up and she comes running. Ten weeks and she comes running to her name and is trusted to go to the back door. On the day I picked her up I was shown the pedigree of my pup and the parents. The owner gave me a tour of the kennels and showed me his training methods. I learned more about Brittanys during the process. Good ethical breeders who operate as advertised.
Submitted by: Melissa on Feb 14, 2014
Our baby boy Toby was born 5/30/2013. From my first conversations with Joni I knew Sunhill cared about the Brittany breed, but also ensuring their puppies were matched with appropriate families. We are not a hunting family, but that doesn't stop Toby from pointing all of the squirrels and birds in the neighborhood. His instincts are impeccable and I am constantly stopped by strangers telling me how beautiful he is. He is also smart as a whip! My husband taught him to sit, give paw and lay down all on week one in our home. He is excellent with children and other dogs. He has seemingly boundless energy when outdoors, but settles down nicely once it’s time to come in. He did well with crate training. He is now nearly 9 months old. His impulse control still isn’t 100%, but what teenager’s is!?! Joni remains in contact with us to this day. She checks in, offers advice, answers my MANY questions, and enjoys seeing Toby grow. The Brittany is a special dog and Sunhill is run by special folks!
Submitted by: Amy on Oct 26, 2012
If you want a Brittany, you have to look for one. When we were ready for another puppy and a companion for our Labrador Retriever I had my heart set on a Brittany. I am delighted that we found David and Joni only 3 hours away! They were not the closest breeder, but from the first time Joni and I exchanged emails, I could tell that they love what they do. We are all very happy with our experience and most importantly, our new family member. Our "puppy" will soon be 5 months old and weighs 25 lbs. He does love to dig, but it is really not a big deal; everyone has quirks! He was just very well rounded all the way around (and still is). David and Joni take great care of their puppies. They are cared for, loved on, and socialized. I am delighted to be a part of the Sunhill Brittanys family.
Submitted by: Samantha Pealock on Aug 04, 2012
Hi there I have wanted a brittany for a long time and could never find any in the area I lived or at least near by. So one day I started looking online and found Sunhill Brittanys and i called and talked to David for over an hour and that was before they even knew if they was for sure that they would have any pups soon. Well David and Joni kept in touch with me and once they had pups they called and I picked out our new baby Bella. She is a wonderful dog doing good with house tranning and loves my kids as much as they love her.Her only down fall right now which is with any pup she is chewing everything in the house lol but we love her and she was very well taken care of before we got her. David and Joni contacted me the whole time I was waiting to go get Bella got her use to her name and everything she is just so amazing we love her so much already and she's just 9 weeks old tomorrow. I would go back to them anytime to get a pup and would tell anyone that was looking for a brittany to go there and we are getting a boy from them this October we can't wait to add to our growing family with another brittany thanks David and Joni for Bella and can't wait to see and meet our new baby boy!
Submitted by: david grace on Jul 23, 2012
just picked up our puppy on sunday july 22 1912, and the experience was just great, the puppies are very well taken care of and all were clean and ready to go, i could tell that the owners really care about the quality of their dogs, we are very pleased and would surely do it again, i recommend the breeders highly. if you are looking look no farther
Submitted by: Sandi Edwards on Sep 05, 2011
Last year we unexpectedly lost our 6 1/2 year old Brittany (Bailey)to a kidney infection. We felt the need to bring another Brittany into our home immediately to help us heal. We found Sunhill Brittanys Kennel had puppies available that weekend so we made the 1100 mile round trip to pick up Annabelle - 7 week old puppy. She has been a tremendous addition to our home - so much so that this year, we decided to add another Brittany to our family.

We immediately contacted Joni and David at Sunhill Brittanys Kennel again and went to pick up 4 month old Jackson. These two are precious together. They have bonded amazingly well and we highly recommend Sunhill Brittanys Kennel to you!!!
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