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  Thomas Brittanys is located in Ellijay Georgia, we have been loving and breeding brittanys for over 30 years.

 Our main focus is having a dog, that is as good in the field as it is for the hearth;  we believe that our dogs have this winning combination.

We found ourself  hearing about the "Bullet " dog after we had purchased a little female dog from a breeder. She was about 4 months old and very bidable. Did not matter what we showed her, she was up for it. It did occur to us that we had seen that name on her papers. We did some research and found out just what a treasure we had in our little Ellie.

Ellie was our only dog at the time, and we soon got another female named Pearl, also another excellent dog.   Pearl is out of Renegade's Kansas Kid who is traced back to Windsept Clay's Bullet.  Clay is the brother to Nolan's Last Bullet. 

We took those dogs hunting everywhere, one trip we made that stands out in my mind was a trip to North Dakota. There were four of us, three dogs in crates, 8 pieces of checked luggage, 9 pieces of carry on, 5 guns checked of course. oh did I say that there were two ladies on this trip, hence all the luggage. all we really needed were the dogs, guns and two carry ons'.  We arrived in Minneapolis, so we just had to stop in at Cabalas and guess what, buy more clothes. Our journey on the plane was wonderful, that is the way to travel with a dog, delta was our carrier and we had no problems, but there wasn't a hop that could carry three dogs, so we drove to Bismark. Some of the most beautiful land, I'm sorry we did not have time just to stop and let the dogs run those fields. I could go on about this trip but my space is limited, it was a week long, i killed my first bird a record with 30"tail feathers 15minutes after i stepped on the field, we limited out every day but one, that day it snowed 8 inches. IT WAS WONDERFUL. Can't wait to go back.

When Ellie was two we made the fateful trip to North Carolina to visit Nolan Huffman. We met Nolan, a very modest and humble man, on a grey December day. There was Buddy laying in the driveway, he slowly got up, his muzzle was turning white with age and his years of running NSTRA was telling in his walk but there was a female to see Buddy, he stepped lively to the truck. I said," I think that's Buddy, he looks like the picture."  We met Nolan and it was like we had been friends for life. He took Ellie down to his kennels for his girls, Buddy following all the way, Ellie looked pretty indignant about the whole thing, like I thought you would sell Pearl first. We left, that is a 6 hour trip one way for us, it took nearly 3 weeks for Ellie to get her mind straight about why she was there and what had to happen for her to go home. Many cold nights in the blue barrel and not on the foot of the bed.

But not in vain, she delivered a litter of 4 puppies, we kept 3 and our daughter got one. Tess, Jack and Pete came from that litter 5 years ago.

I must stress something at this point, we do not raise many puppies and if you cannot keep your puppy please contact us.

We raise our puppies in our home, we don't let the puppies go outside on the ground, before they have their first series of shots at 6 weeks of age. This is very important because puppies cannot fight off the different diseases that live in the ground and that are carried by bugs. To be raised in a home is also better because they are already adjusted to the sounds of the television, vaccum, phones, and the sounds of people coming and going. About the age of 4 weeks we place a live quail in a container in the whelping box. You would not belive the puppies at this young age, they are drawn to this quail, they might just be 4 weeks old but they have years of hunting in their genes.

I start feeding my puppies at 3 weeks of age a special diet. This offering of food helps them from being so hungry and also helps the mother from being depleted from the nursing puppies. I then increase the times of being fed and add a white meat of poulty, like turkey. I put turkey thru the food processor and add it to the soften dog food at week 4 1/2 week. Offer dry food to the puppies at 5 weeks as much as they can eat, or self feed, don't forget water, change it often to keep it clean. If you have city water, use bottle water for your puppies. 

We also start our puppies on puppy papers so that you will be a little a head on house breaking and the create should only be used for sleeping not for punishement. They will start sleeping in their crates in week 6. 

Our dogs are a great blessing in our lives, and we work at being good breeders and choosing good homes for our puppies. Anyone that have had one of these wonderful dogs in their lives will understand just how smart, loving and just how endearing they become to you.  We never ship puppies, your first experience with your puppy will be pleasant for you and the puppy. 

 Thomas Brittanys are not just a bird dog, they will be your friend for life.  For a brittany that will sleep on your bed and then outperform all others in the field a true Hearth and Field dog, call us and we can give you references. Thank you for your time in allowing us to share a little bit of our lives with you. Laura and Frank Thomas


We have one puppy available, Mickey is 8weeks old, orange and white. he is paper trained and working on site pointing. We have a 2 1/2 year old male dog son of Beeline Bullets Oxidation and grandson of Nolan's Last Bullet. Works great, retrieves, half of points to jr hunter title. Call for information on both dogs. 706 2731250

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Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Chris Ratliff on Mar 02, 2011
I purchased a started pup {Dusty} from Frank and Laura at the first of Nov. Being from Nolan's Last Bullet bloodline I had high hopes for his hunting ability. Frank had done alot of work with him, he points steady until the bird flushes, retrieves pretty good and has a good nose. He worked good on wild Chukars in Jan.When I flew back to pick Dusty up I was impressed by obvious care the Thomas' show for their dogs. Dusty was well socialized and fit right into our household, {a foo-foo dog and 2 cats}I would recommend Frank & Laura to anyone looking for a excellant birddog.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Nov 14, 2010
During the Spring of '10 it came time for me to find my second Brittany, and I conducted an exhaustive search for the best. I found them. Laura and Frank Thomas are good as gold, and so are their dogs. The following July I took home a terrific male who was already pointing wings at 7 weeks, and even retrieving balls the day we brought him home. Ever since, this dog (Aero) has been my constant companion. Without a doubt, he's a terrific pet, and he shows signs of being a first-rate hunting dog as well. In the latter, Frank could not be more supportive. When Aero got a little older, Frank had us back to his place to introduce my dog to live birds for the first time. After seeing Aero point and chase several quail, Frank then assessed Aero's progress and advised me on what we should be working on over the course of the next few months. That kind of support is invaluable and, let's face it, quite rare. I'm so happy I chose Thomas Brittanys because not only do I have a great dog, but I have knowledge and moral support from the Thomases to help me make Aero into the happiest pet and the best hunting dog he can be. If that's what you're looking for, you just can't beat Thomas Brittanys.
Submitted by: Deb Babinski on Sep 09, 2010
I purchased a puppy out of the Tess/BeeLine litter (Major - Gunner) and he is the most wonderful puppy I've ever had!! I completely agree with all the other testimonials on Frank and Laura's amazing love, understanding and committment to these dogs! As the owner of a brittany from another breeder I can say the difference was amazing. These puppies are raised in the home and truly adored which is evident from the first time you walk in. I also spent hours with Frank and Laura to pick out the perfect puppy for me. Their patience with me and a housefull of puppies was phenomenal. I've now had my little boy for 7 weeks and I cannot imagine ever not having him. He truly is the absolute sweetest, smartest and most well behaved puppy. We get compliments on both his dispostion and appearance everytime we go to the Vet's office. I could go on and on about my Thomas Brittany experience, but bottom line is, you cannot go wrong with a puppy from Frank and Laura. THANK YOU BOTH for your time, and for my puppy love!!
Submitted by: Jason Soto on Mar 12, 2010
Frank and Laura are honest, down to earth, loving good people. My family was interested in having a "family dog" and we had several questions about the Brittany breed prior to adopting our little "Bauer", aka Captain.
Frank and Laura were extremely patient answering all my questions, giving me guidance and making sure I truly understood my responsbility. As we drove up to their home we quickly got a glimpse of their passion for raising these beautiful dogs. My family spent at least a couple hours in their home asking more questions while being introduced to their "other family; that being their dogs". I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the Brittany to seek out Frank and Laura. They're simply the BEST! And oh, Bauer our dog. Is absolutely wonderful!
Submitted by: Betty Morgan on Oct 25, 2009
I already had my Brittany pup when I met Laura and Frank Thomas. However, I have seen their last two litters and the loving way they treat their pups. They take better care of their pups than many people take of their children. My husband and I approached the Thomas's with help training our pup. Not only have we found that help, but we have found new friends as well. Laura is a gracious hostess and dispenser of dog/puppy behaviour, while Frank is a patient and knowledgeable trainer of not only our pup but us as well. We could not have found a better high- knowledge, low- stress training environment anywhere. Betty Morgan
Submitted by: Richard Rathjen on Jul 14, 2009
My name is Rick and I purchased a male brittany in October 2008 at 7 weeks old. We were very fortunate to find the blood line of Nolans's last bullet.Frank and Lara are the most honest and caring kennel owners I've ever meet.There property is an outstanding environment for the dogs. They go way beyond to make sure there dogs are well cared for and go to good owners.I've seen Frank and Lara go to extreme measures to help owners be happy with there selection and give advice on training,dog health,and field trail info.As soon as the dogs are able,Frank and Lara start working with the dogs,sort of a head start program.My dog(Rusty)was pointing,holding the point,backing other dogs,and retrieving at 3 months.I'm really impressed with the size of the Brittany's.My dog should reach 50lbs. plus. I had outstanding bird season with such a young dog.Rusty is my second Brittany and when it comes time for another, Frank and Lara will be my first call.
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