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About Morningstar Shorthairs
We are a small family run hobby breeder. We breed to enhance our needs and goals for our guiding services and to protect and improve the genetic traits which make our lines truly versatile German shorthairs.
We test our dogs through the AKC hunt tests and NAVHDA programs. We have many titles on our dogs and are very proud of those accomplishments, but we do not select our breeding program based on titles alone. We look for only the best traits that will continue to produce the original German Shorthair.
Our breeding goal is to produce truly versatile gun dogs for the field, the marsh, and the home. Our bloodlines are carefully chosen and well established. They have been proven and tested through NAVHDA & AKC hunt tests and in the field.
The end results are puppies with sweet dispositions, natural hunting instincts, intelligence and a calm demeanor for a loyal and affectionate companion gun-dog.
The German Shorthair excels when they are part of the family pack. They do not do well as a kennel dog. Our puppies are sold to the discriminating foot hunter who wishes to have a companion living in the home. Our next litter will be in the Spring of 2021.
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Bill Paul
Waterford , Connecticut 06385
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Karen C on Apr 12, 2013
I purchased Lily (formerly Sasha)almost 4 years ago from Paul and Trish. She was an 8 week old puppy from the Jenna/Josh litter. She is a beautiful, intelligent shorthair who receives a get deal of attention from hunters, breeders and the general public. She is also the most loving shorthair I have ever had and I was raised with this breed as my dad was an avid hunter and I have owned other wonderful shorthairs. Although I do not hunt with her in the traditional sense, we spend a good deal of time in the field and woods. She has a very strong prey drive, holds her point, flushs birds from the field and regularly stalks rabbits, squirrels and anything else that crosses her path that is of interest to her. In agility class she has been fearless and is a natural athlete. She is also a great family dog with a wonderful disposition. Would love to get another puppy/dog from Paul and Trish in the future. Thank you so much for Lily!
Submitted by: Erin Simon on Dec 12, 2012
A little over a year and a half ago my husband started looking around for a bird dog, we ended up contacting Bill after several weeks of researching and contacting breeders. Bill had the answers we were looking for and was the most down to earth breeder we had talked to. Elliot has turned out to be a wonderful happy family and farm dog and a great hunting partner for my husband. They regularly hunt pheasants and Elliot continues to impress my husbands peers at the gun club with his willingness, obedience, drive and athletic ability out in the field.
Submitted by: FRANK C on Mar 14, 2012
I have had the distinct pleasure of owning two of Bill and Trish's german shorthairs. The first one is Dakota a soon to be four year old male, with a extreme level of prey drive but in the same breath is more than comfortable on the couch at night. My other is a 10 month female we call Sexy Lexie, she has the best personality I have ever seen, loves to bust through the brush looking for game. At night you can find them both on the recliner with me napping. Both are very loyal and obedient and are very family oriented. I would never think of getting a dog from any other breeder in the world.
Submitted by: Paul Z on Dec 23, 2011
Bill and Trish,

I can't tell you how pleased I am with "Jenna". Talk about a wonderful pup. I have had good dogs over the years, however, at 8 months old I can say I have a GREAT dog with Jenna. She is holding nice on point and if she tends to get a little too far out a simple blast of whistle gets her back on track without the slightest hesistation. What a nose, doesn't miss a trick!. . Awesome with kids, easy to manage in and around the house and gets along great with our Maltese. Couldn't ask for a better family dog.

Thanks for all your help with training and introducing her to birds right from the start.You guys make it easy. I wouldn't consider another dog from anyone else. Looking forward to next puppy, spring of 2014.

Thanks again, Paul Z
Submitted by: Tom Whittall on Dec 14, 2011
This is my first experience with a hunting dog ever so my process of picking a breeder was only by luck. I stumbled across Morningstar only by chance because They happened to have a puppy that looked they way we wanted. Once I made contact with them they were more than profesional and tried to steer me in the right direction as best as they could knowing they were dealing with a "ROOKIE" Now that I've owned our dog for almost 3 years I can tell you that words like biddable, lucky bastard, drive, and unbelievable are comments that have been made by his trainer and people that I have been in the field with.
I can honestly say after having the dog for a few years now I do feel lucky because he is a great hunting partner who works well with anyone I put him on the ground with as well as other dogs and is the most loveable house pet we have ever had and I truly feel blessed to own him. Thanks to Bill and Trish
Submitted by: Neal Cunningham on Dec 14, 2011
I own Morningstar's Ring of Fire (June-3 year old GSP), who is a littermate of the dam of Bill's current litter (Sophie). I got a NAVHDA UT 1 with June, and she's hunted wild birds with me in canada and 4 states. She's pointed dozens of grouse, many more woodcock and even few snipe, and retrieves ducks and geese right through january. Of my three dogs (2 GSP's and a griff) she's the most cooperative in the house. She has astounding prey drive and will hunt all day. To me, Sophie is just like June. I expect her pups will be high drive hunters and cooperative and loveable in the home. I've been able to assist in training 6 other morningstar gsps, and I haven't seen one I wouldn't want to hunt with. Bill is very helpful with training assistance/advice, and is great to work with when selecting a puppy. Anyone who wishes to contact me for a reference can e-mail me at
Submitted by: Chris on Dec 13, 2011
I purchased my now 8 month old GSP, Cooper, from Bill and Trish at Morningstar Shorthairs this past June and couldn't be more pleased. I am a golf course superintendent and Cooper goes to work with me each day. When you spend 24 hours a day with your dog he has to be perfect and Cooper is just that. Whether he is chasing geese or hunting squirrels(his favorite) his enthusiasm and prey drive are second to none. That being said he must come home each night and deal with my 3 boys ages 5 - 7. No matter how long a day he's had he is more than willing to take all they can dish out and then curl up with my 5 year old by the fire and watch some TV. If you are seeking a great dog look no further than Morningstar Shorthairs...
Submitted by: Steve Ries on Dec 13, 2011
We have purchased our second GSP from Morningstar Shorthairs and are pleased with the natural traits and customer follow up and service provided by Bill. Our two dogs are versatile hunting companions with great desire to find birds. Bill select proven parents and provide health certifications on both parents. We are very please with our investment and choosing Bill with his efforts to promote this breed.

Central City, IA
Submitted by: Andrew on Jan 17, 2010
Shane and Liz and Bill and Trish were great. We got Brewer our now 8 month old GSP from them this summer. It was a great experience. We plan on getting another GSP soon and we will go with Morningstar Shorthairs. Only good things to say about Brewer and how we have been treated by all involved in the process. Brewer has great instincts and drive and is very intelligent. He is my first gun dog and he is all I hoped he would be.
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