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Wasatch Kennel has been breeding and training field goldens for hunt tests and hunting for over 35 years. We specialize in hard driving dogs with great water attitude. Our dogs tend to be smaller, darker, and shorter haired than other goldens. I am very particular about health issues and breed only the most physically sound animals. All our puppies come with a 30 month guarantee for genetic diseases of the hip, elbow, eye, and heart. You won't find a better upland dog anywhere.


Mark H. Powell DVM

Powell Veterinary Service. Inc 

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Golden Retriever
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Mark H. Powell DVM
25505 Weld County Road 53
Kersey, Colorado 80644
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Submitted by: David Thulson on Nov 05, 2016
My wife and I have a 2 year old golden from Dr Powell's Wasatch Kennel. This is our first gun dog, so we had him professionally trained which was good both for the dog and for us. The trainers were very impressed with his drive and eagerness to work, and often comment on how smart he is. This past summer he even earned his UKC HR title. While I intended to mostly do upland hunting originally, he loves the water so much that I decided to try some public land waterfowl hunts this year. Just last week he got his first retrieve on a waterfowl hunt: a large Canada goose in a strong river current. We have done a lot of planted upland hunting already and hope to try some wild pheasants this year as well. All in all, he's developing into a great hunting dog and a wonderful family dog. I would strongly recommend Wasatch dogs to anyone looking for a Golden.
Submitted by: Henry Harper on Jan 19, 2014
I purchased a golden retriever female puppy three years ago and have been extremely happy with the outstanding dog I obtained. The dog is very intelligent, has tremendous marking capabilities, is exceptionally fast, and lives to retrieve. She has obtained AKC Junior title and one leg of AKC senior, has obtained UKC started title and one leg of UKC seasoned, and has WC title. She has received may positive comments on her abilities.
Dr. Powell has demonstrated excellent accomplishments with his outstanding breeding program.
Submitted by: Jay Schwisow on Mar 03, 2013
I have known Dr. Powell for close to 20 years. After losing my last dog to cancer about 2 years ago he was the first person I called when I started looking for my next gun dog. A few weeks ago I picked up our dog out of his Flyer x Banger breeding. Our puppy certainly exceeded expectations. At 7 weeks she had amazing eye contact and was retrieving anything she could get her mouth around. She is certainly bold and at the same time looks to curl up right next to a family member when resting. Wasatch dogs are smart. Our puppy housebroke in 1.5 weeks, figured out a pet door about 20 minutes and quickly learned which rooms in the house contained the most booty. If you are looking for a great golden retriever go with a Wasatch dog from Dr. Powell!
Submitted by: Myles Edwards on Feb 20, 2013
I have an 8.5 week old from the Flyer-Banger litter who has moved in. Very responsive puppy in great health, who is already chasing, picking up and bringing back rolled socks, knotted rope and tennis ball. Today she tried to carry around, and did a little bit, the big dogs "red ball." She was lucky the big dog did not see her.
Flora is our second dog from Mark. HRCH Mimi de la Cache La Poudre came to us as an 8 week old puppy, hunted hard for ll years, went to the HRC Grand and passed away peacefully at 14.
Having hunted with Mark Powell, trained with him, and judged his dogs for years - I can say with lots of first hand knowledge that they are fine specimens. "Close your eyes, reach in, and grab one."
Submitted by: Chris Christensen on Dec 25, 2012
I have purchased three (3) Wasatch Goldens from Mark and they have all been great bird dogs with excellent instints and talent. Very smart and easy to train. Mark is available for help and guidence at all times and goes out of his way to give you the very best Golden Retriever with the best temperment and talent to compete in hunting trials, and for the very best hunting line, bar none. Mark Powell is the MVP of Golden Retreiver dog breeders.
Submitted by: Karen Treibel on Dec 31, 2010
I’ve had 4 dogs from the Wasatch’s Kennel line, and I’m best impressed with the trainability. They run as fast as the wind, whether it’s land or water. While at the same time, close to home, they can settle to an obedient walk. All have had long heathly lives. The 11 year old can still keep up with the young ones. Plus Mark is considered family! See you at the next Hunt Test.
Submitted by: Danny Brown on Dec 14, 2010
I have hunted with Mark Powell for over 20 years. All of his dogs are very well mannered. He is very good with his dogs. The Golden Retriever is the breed to have if you want to have a dog that will be very diverse. They will be good house dogs, good with kids, but are very hard workers in the field. Mark's dogs are excellent at marking and retrieving. Great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Brent McKell on Dec 14, 2010
Over a span of 33 years, I have purchased four Golden Retrievers from Wasatch Kennel. These Goldens were used primarily for upland game and as family pets. All of the dogs possessed a wonderful temperament, a strong desire to please and excellent hunting skills. My dogs have been healthy and free of congenital health problems. When the time comes, I plan to purchase my next Golden from Wasatch Kennel.
Submitted by: Jim Pickering on Dec 13, 2010
I have been fortunate to have owned two Wasatch Golden Retrievers. The first, Peach, from the Mo x Jazz breeding 18 years ago and currently a littermate to Wasatch's Juniper Red. Both capable field trial retrievers with outstanding working and training attitudes yet having the off switch to become great dogs in the house. The fact that Mark is a super guy and great to deal with is icing on the cake. Good luck to the owners. Based on my experiences you may need to hold on tight to keep up with these puppies, but you will enjoy the journey and have a smile on your face all the way.
Submitted by: William F. Cox M.D. on Dec 13, 2010
I first met Dr. Powell in the 1980's while competing in UKC field trials. I always admired his dogs, but it wasn't until 2001 that I got the oportunity to purchase a Wasatch puppy. Wasatch Full of Zip got his AKC senior hunt title in three months. His enthusiasm,his visual acuity, his boundless energy are unbeatable. Hunting in South Dakota has always been his favorite hunt. I have a new Wasqatch golden, Wasastch He's My Buddy. The same enthusiasm, boundless energy, eagerness to please and learn are at the core of his training. But most of all, both of these dogs have become members of the family. I will never go anywhere else for a gun dog.
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