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About Hunter's Goldstrike Golden Retrievers

At Hunter's Goldstrike, we breed top quality golden retrievers and strive for the best hunting dogs. We have over 25 years of experience in breeding and hunting goldens. We look for the best hunting line pedigrees to add to our breeding program.   Hunter and Striker were major assets to us and accomplished many great things for us in United Kennel Club and Hunting Retriever Club. Striker is the third Golden Retriever to achieve 1500 points in the history of HRC.   Clearances are done on eyes, hips, elbows and heart on all our breeding dogs. We are proud of the many excellent hip ratings that we have.  Many are in the CHIC program for clearances and you can check this link out on our website.  We also do some other clearances like ichthyosis and PRA.  Check out our website for more details about us! We have a new project, Amos.  He has accomplished his SHR, HR, HRCH and UH titles.  Check out his excellent pedigree and clearances.  We will continue to run him in Hunt test and hope to accomplish great things with him maybe even get his 500 points.

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Lee Ann Heldt
33681 County Road 13
Windsor, Colorado 80550
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Linda Meincke on Apr 18, 2017
My Golden Retriever Banner is 1.5 years old now, and I just certified her for air scent Search and Rescue.

She has absolutely incredible drive and stamina in the field, and, at the same time, is a total pleasure to have around the house. She also has a superb nose. On her Mission Readiness Exam, she found her third subject after ~3.5 hrs. She came up out of an arroyo, hit a slight breeze, and took off at speed across the next ridge as though she was running a jackrabbit. Such a strong finish!

From puppyhood, she has LOVED to retrieve, and she will find her ball no matter how long she needs to persist to find it. She also loves the water. Also from puppyhood, I have taken her to my mother's nursing home, where she is incredibly gentle with the residents. She just seems to know...

I would totally recommend these dogs for hunting and SAR!
Submitted by: Kathleen Schwader on Sep 12, 2015
Hunters Goldstrike Golden Retrievers are top notch breeders of golden retrievers. 'Maggie' is almost a year and a half, and she is my first golden retriever. I am totally in love with this beautiful and intelligent creature! I was able to check out Lee Ann's facility and meet quite a few of her dogs and 'visitors'. What a set up, and this is a breeder that works hard (and succeeds) at breeding top quality golden retrievers. I would suggest looking at this breeder for a new companion.

Thank you Lee Ann and family for the FANTASTIC job you do! Looking for a beautiful, quality, intelligent, healthy golden, then look up Hunters Goldstrike Golden Retrievers - you won't be disappointed! I plan on returning!

Submitted by: Molly on Jan 12, 2015
14 years ago we picked up a beautiful fluffy male pup from Lee Ann - and we just lost him to heart failure today. He was one of the best dogs we have ever owned. Sweet, loving and loyal - and the best part - healthy. Living a very long and wonderful life. We live on the Western Slope now, but Lee Ann - one day, when we are ready for our next golden we will be in touch. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful companion!
Submitted by: greg finnegan on Apr 21, 2014
Lee Ann and her family raise and breed the best dogs I've seen and worked with . It was a pleasure to do business with them . Lucy is part of our family now .She will be 2 in July and its has been a joy to train and live with this beautiful dog .When people tell me she is a beautiful dog I say that is what a golden retriever is suppose to look like . Great hunter and friend .
Submitted by: Sheri Anderson on May 03, 2012
I have known 2 golden's (one is mine) from Hunter's Goldstrike and they are both exceptional dogs. I love my dog Gabriel more than anything. He started swimming at 3 months old and even body surfs in the ocean. He is my best friend in the world and is beautiful too. I will get another retriever from these wonderful breeder's.
Submitted by: Kathryn Touran on Apr 05, 2012
I have taken care of several of these dogs from tiny pups to adults as their veterinarian, and I must say that the breeders are absolutely wonderful. The dogs themselves are top notch, both in health and with fabulous personalities from the beginning!
Submitted by: David Cook on Sep 09, 2010
Dear Lee Ann,
My wife and I purchased a female puppy out of the Katie and Striker litter born March 18th. I was just returning from a year long deployment to Iraq and I was looking for a versatile hunting dog primarily for upland game birds, with a little waterfowl every once in a while. Abby is now five and a half months old and she has been a pleasure to train. I think she's taught me more than I've ever taught her. I introduced her to live birds on opening day of Dove season on September first. The doves were there, but my accuracy was not. I eventually managed to down two doves, which Abby retrieved without hesitation. Her only hangup was that she was a little gunshy. Which was my fault of course for skimping on intro to gunfire. (Not to mention missing so many birds.)
Labor day weekend my brother and I have a tradition of going up to the mountains and hunting blue grouse. Three hours into our first day in the mountains, I was limited out for the day. With Abby's help, I limited out every day of the hunt. There were three of us hunting together, and the second day of the hunt, I was the only person to kill birds. There were at least three birds that I shot that weekend I would have never found without her. There was a couple she retrieved for me, that I didn't even know I'd hit. She also got over her gunshyness, once she figured out that birds were supposed to fall when the gun went bang.
All-in-all I could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you Lee Ann!
Submitted by: Pat & Rita Johnson on Jun 23, 2010
We have known Dave & LeeAnn for a long time through the HRC/UKC they are exceptional people and wonderful breeders. We have always had yellow labs but we recently decided to get a golden retriever whom we named Izzy from Dave & LeeAnn. She is a puppy from their Striker male whom I have always admired for his look and skill. Izzy is a fun dog and has been retrieving and swimming well since 6 months. We look forward to all she will be doing in the future.
Submitted by: Patrick Youngquist on Jun 23, 2010
We have had golden retrievers in our family since I was an infant. These are the dogs we have hunted over, backpacked, camped, and gone fishing with. I was certain that my last dog was the finest golden I would ever have the experience of knowing. My search for a kennel was long and hard. I feel fortunate to have found Lee Ann and David Heldt. Exceptionally clean kennels with insulated dog houses. They breed for working dog traits in a size that the golden was intended to be. Our two year old male is alert, intelligent and well mannered with great instinct. He began water retrieves at six months. He is beginning to display qualities that run parallel with my last golden. I feel truly fortunate to have him.
Submitted by: Amanda Kohl on Jun 22, 2010
I have a beautiful female golden from Hunter's GoldStrike, Marg and she is a wonderful dog. She loves people, kids and has a good nose on her for hunting. I would recommend this breeder highly, she cares about each and every dog she places.
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