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About Advantage Pointing Labs breeding champions

We provide you with a distinct Advantage over other kennels.  Why buy just a retriever when you can get both a fantastic waterfowl dog with a classic point for upland?  If you want a champion dog buy a pup that has the ability to become a champion! 

  • 2016 litter out of Hall of Famer 4X GMPR, GMHRCH Rockerin Medicine Beau MH and CP APR SHR To Cattle Kate, Kate competing for GMPR in 2016.  Beau was the foundation dog for the successful Medicine Beau Kennels.  He was Ultra-Hard Pointing and an incredible marker and he passed it on also. 

  • Summer 2016 litter 4X GMPR Cashman's Risky Raider's in Vaider's MH (Vaider is the only standing son of Hall of Famer Riks Risky Raider considered to be the hardest pointer in APLA history and 1.5XGMPR Advantage Annie Oakley SH.  Oakley like her mother has a fantastic hard tripod point, incredible marking skills, and a scent ability that is unmatched.  This will be her first litter all yellow litter.


  • We only have two female pointing labs that are outcrosses to the main lines so no genetic issues.
  • Our females are tripod pointers with great scenting usually pointing out at 20-40 yards.
  • We only breed one or two litters per year so we do not live off of the proceeds from the sale.  Therefore we are not pressured to sell but we place pups in a great homes.
  • Being small ensures personal attention to the pups and to you. If you call us or email us we respond in a reasonable time frame usually the same day.
  • Litter go home well on their way to successfully being potty trained.
  • By 8 weeks they are beginning to retrieve, coming to the "here" command, intro to gunshots, water if it is warm, and flash pointing birds at 6-7 weeks. 
  • Our females come from Champion lineages and are advanced titled to APR or higher and each year we compete in HRC or AKC events. 
  • Our females are hunted over about every 3-5 weeks, depending on weather and bird availability.  If you want to come by for help with training issues we will help free of charge, we believe a breeder should be more then a puppy pickup point they should be your partner.
  • We provide videos on our website that you can follow to train your pup up to 6 months in age so you can lay a great foundation.

We only breed to GMPR or SH titled dogs and provide personal attention, a 26 month guarantee on hips and eyes, and we want every owner to achieve success with their new hunting partner.  Being a small breeder we charge less than similar breeding. Visit our webpage to see the Advantage difference yourself and thanks for your business!

Plenty of references, videos, and pics on website. If you have an interest you are welcome to come shoot some birds with us and see the females work for yourself.

We took Kate and three 15week old pups to the HRC Hunt Test in North Platte NE. Kate finished a title and all three young one gained passes for their SHR title. Pretty impressive pups that do 100 yard land and water retrieves at so young of an age. That really is the Advantage Difference pups that perform beyond anyone's expectations.
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Testimonials (8)
Submitted by: chris m on Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014
Barkley pointed and retrieved his first pheasant today. We have a ton of practice pointing, but it's always a hen. He finds them with ease and holds a solid tripod point. He was very proud of himself when bringing back the bird today. He brought it right to me and placed it in my hand like a champion.
Submitted by: chris monohan on Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 4:35 PM, "Chris Monahan" wrote:
Barkley pointed and retrieved his first pheasant today. We have a ton of practice pointing, but it's always a hen. He finds them with ease and holds a solid tripod point. He was very proud of himself when bringing back the bird today. He brought it right to me and placed it in my hand like a champion.
Submitted by: Charlie on Dec 18, 2014
He is doing great!!! I have never met a dog this easy to train in my life. His attention span and drive are like nothing I have ever seen. He knows the difference between balls and birds (bumpers) and will retrieve them on command. He holds steady to shot. Two weeks ago I was firing 3-4 scented bumpers into deep crp while he stayed right where I told him. Then on command he would retrieve each one of them no problem. Birds are few and far between this year, but we have found a couple and I managed to get some to plant. He finds them like they were waving a flag and calling him over. He holds an impressive tri pod point. We are still working on whoa. He is 52 pounds as of last week and as tall as our older lab. Thanks again for an amazing dog. C. Monohan.
Submitted by: Lex on Dec 18, 2014
Lex says
"Katie Mae and I, had a good first night and are bonding inside. She has the
doggy door handled and working on going down stairs. Going down tough going up
a breeze. She is training me to let her out to potty." 03/28/13 We are now masters of the stairs, dog door, "here" and "potty" commands. Working on sit commands 2x day. Having a good time, going for 2 good walks a day. Sept 2013 "I was referred to Advantage Pointing Labs by a friend and I was extremely pleased with the breeding quality and customer service received. The pup has excelled and has been tripod pointing from day one. Katie Mae was the first dog I have campaigned in field trials. The Owens' came to my house and we worked on some training issues early on and after 3 months of professional training she has gone far beyond my expectations. In our last shoot she finished her 4 birds in less than 5 minutes and I hope to place her in the competition for Colorado Pheasant Champion this year at 9 months of age. It is simply incredible! I definitely would plan to buy from Advantage Pointing Labs for my next pointing lab. Francis and Teressa thank you for your dedication to quality!" Lex G. Katie Mae is out of our TO Bell Star and Medicine Beaus Sooner.
Submitted by: Brad on Dec 18, 2014
Brad, Amanda, Ethan say, "We wanted to drop you a letter letting you know that Jessie is adjusting well to her new home. We want to thank you for all of the work you put into training and socializing your puppies. Jessie is fitting perfectly into our home. She has been playing, pointing, and napping! Last night, her first night in our house, she whined for about 5 minutes and then settled right in and slept all night. She is a joy and we are so happy with our choice. Thank you again!" "Out pointing and chasing scent this AM". 3-29-13 Sorry been busy, she has been pointing our other dog when they are in the yard together and the cat a few times. she is doing great! were getting some retrieves with her also.
Submitted by: Eric on Dec 18, 2014
12/22/13 Eric says, He's doing well and some teeth are falling out. Hes fetching nicely and dropping on command. Hes pointing too. Right now, my only concern is that Im not able to get in front of birds enough. I'll throw the word out there to folks I know about a spring litter. The local place has no pheasants available and we cant use chukar to train now that they are out of season. Real pleased with he little guy!01/02/2014 Excellent! I bought 5 chukar and went to a friends house to train. Maverick did great! We blind released each of the 5 birds individually and then hunted them up. He really has the strongest drive to hunt at this age of any dog ive hunted with. He was scenting well and found every bird. Every time we take him out, we keep opening the area up that he is hunting in. He responds well as he is now ranging out better. He has a VERY VERY pronounced point. He even hold a little. The only thing I noticed yesterday is that he is regressing in obedience. He didn't eat the birds that I shot in front of him, but he didn't retrieve them either. He was retrieving birds just a month ago. I think its his age as well. Hes getting more independent and it shows up here and there. Hes a great dog, having never owned a gun dog, let alone a upland bird dog, I may not be expecting as much as I should, but as he hunts and finds birds, I cant ask for much more than that at this time! I recommend you where ever I can, again thanks for a great dog, I enjoy him a lot.01/22/14 Francis! I've been recommending you all over the place due to such a great dog we are enjoying in maverick. Here is a pic of him with his first wild quail that he hunted. He works the wind instinctually and he is a natural hunter. I took him to Norton Kansas to look for a pheasant or two and he found a covey of 8 quail! I wasn't paying enough attention so I didn't get one out of that covey. We did go and hunt singles and he ended up getting on a nice pair of which I shot one. He isn't gunshy, he points and as you can see in the picture, he finds the birds and retrieves them. The funny thing is that my shooting vest had a hole in it, the quail fell out and he then went and found it in tall grass where I would have never found it. At 6 months old, he is effectively hunting. I would not hesitate to take him on a full on wild bird hunt even at 6 months old. The training tips you sent were invaluable! thanks again, Eric Paul
Submitted by: troy on Dec 18, 2014
Dec 12 2014 Send me a flier and I will distribute. Bolts is doing really well. I got some videos of him pointing and retrieving. Also some video of some handling drills he's in the middle of. Overall he is really, really, really good. Lots of drive. Pretty high intelligence.
Submitted by: Gibb on Dec 18, 2014
12-16-14 Last weekend I got invited to go pheasant by one of my contractors out at Still Roven Gun Club. I took Sage and everyone couldn't believe he was just 10 months old, pointing birds and making really long retrieves on birds that finally die several hundred yards out. We are pleased with both dogs and how they turned out. 12-10-14 Hi Francis 3 days ago Josh and I were talking about you and that we need to send you some pictures. Duck hunting this year up in Wyoming was short because of going to Montana, but we were able to get our limit of ducks one day out of three. This was Sages first hunt and she was still green, but she made a couple of short water retrieves and learned to stay for long periods at a time in the blind. Up in Montana on the Canadian border we got into Hungarian partridge and sharp tails. Here age made some Sage made some nice long dry retrieves on sharp tails and was able to retrieve some downed Hun's in the tall grass. We got to S.D. Nov 13th in a cold snap and snow. The pheasant hunting was the best I have seen in all my years of going up there. We hunted four days and shot 91 roosters. Overall we are both happy with the dogs and love their company in the field as well as in the house. Take care.
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