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About Zoldmali Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel
Zoldmali Kennel is the most successful Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel in the World in both work and conformation, located in Hungary, but having big experience in World-wide exporting. We breed healthy, dual purpose dogs and own the most successful Wirehaired Vizslas in the World in work, with several all-round work champions, and  field trial champions.  If you are looking for a healthy, quality Wirehaired Vizsla with sound temperament, strong built and proper coat, you are at the right place! Where else would you get the best dogs, if not from the country of origin of the breed. We can provide numerous happy US customs who can share their experience with you, about us and their Zoldmali wires. We work with the widest gene pool and very carefully select our breeding stock! Our dogs are dual champions and are the highest titled dogs in both show and work among Wirehaired Vizslas. And to prove this just with some US results: first Wirehaired Vizsla with NAVHDA Utiltity 1st prize was a Zoldmali. First AKC Champion and Grand Champion were also Zoldmali.  First ever Westminster Best of Breed WV (in 2015), Zöldmáli Csongor, owns also the Senior Hunter title. Westminster 2016 BOB was Zöldmáli Cetli. We are also Professional Gundog trainers, organizing vizsla (and HPR) training all over the World (USA, Canada, UK and Hungary). We have references all over the World! Visit our website, to find out more, and don't hesitate contacting us! Our HQ is in Hungary, and we often export our pups to the USA, but occasionally there are Zoldmali litters in the USA as well from co-owned dogs or from Zoldmali lines.
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Zsofia Miczek
Visalia, California
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 19 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Emery on Jan 29, 2018
Zsófia Miczek, the owner of Zoldmali Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel, is the top breeder of Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas in the world. You can find her mentioned in hunting dog magazines, books and all over the web. There aren't any limits to what the dog I have from her can achieve in the field and tests. And she's a loving and calm house dog and certified volunteer therapy dog as well. Just as any dog, training is always required, dogs don't train themselves, but she's a willing and able partner, always eager to please, and so proud and happy when she accomplishes the task I ask of her. And Zsofi is always there to offer help with any questions you might have, or go attend one of her training workshops. You won't regret it! I couldn't have asked for a better dog and have no need to ever switch breeds. Wirehaired Vizslas are the best!
Submitted by: Alison Schaper on Dec 29, 2017
I purchased my dog Zeke (Zoldmali Szalma) from this kennel last year (he is now 16 months old). He has been the most amazing dog.

I purchased him for a hunting/family dog. He has been fairly easy to train and is always eager to learn. We have done his NAVHDA NA testing in which he received a Prize 1. We have also done some AKC Hunt tests in which he received his Junior Hunter Title and we will continue on in these AKC Hunt Tests in the years to come (Zeke and I both think they are a lot of fun). His first hunting season on pheasants went very well and I cannot wait to see the finished hunting dog that he will continue to develop into. He is the sweetest/happiest dog and seriously loves everyone and everything.

Zsofia is an excellent breeder. She is passionate about the breed and her dogs. She truly breeds for excellence in hunting abilities and conformation of the breed. I was very nervous about purchasing a dog from overseas and having him shipped to the US, but it Zsofia has done this many times and makes it really easy. I absolutely recommend a wirehaired vizsla from this kennel.
Submitted by: Darren Lexa on May 03, 2017
We have had a HWHV from Zoldmali a little over 1.5 years now. Rege will be 3 on 02 Sep 17. He has been nothing short of an amazing dog. He came to us "started" at about 14 months old and we have been so happy with him in every regard. He is a solid hunting dog, incredibly well behaved and obedient, and best of all - he is a wonderful friend, companion, and family dog. We have 2 young boys (2 months and 2 years old) and he is excellent with both our sons and other kids. He loves spending days outside with me fly fishing Alberta's mountain streams, and of course going out in the fall for pheasants and waterfowl. Zsofia and Laszlo have both been great as well. Although we have never met in person, they have both been great in terms of communication, training tips and pointers, tutorials/videos, etc. The process in getting Rege to Canada from Hungary was seamless and smooth. I have been a long-time dog owner (Rege is my 6th of varying breeds) for over 35 years and while they have all been incredible dogs in their own right - I can honestly say that Rege is the best all around package I have ever had the pleasure of having be a part of my family.
Submitted by: Larry Hersman/Jacque Wright on Apr 11, 2017
We met Zsofi at her kennel in Dec 2016 and was immediately impressed with both her and the quality of her operation. We met all her dogs (20 or so) an pups, before selecting Zoldmali Zacc (aka Zeke) as ours - a 9 wk old male. He has been a joy ever since - now 6 mo old and 50 lbs. To be honest, at home he is a goofball - playing constantly. Yet, at NAVHDA training session Zeke is showing constant improvement - tracking, pointing and swimming - demonstrating a determined hunting drive in the field. Also participating in dog obedience classes, Zeke is quick to learn and eager to please. It is our intent to enter Zeke in NAVDHA field trials, beginning with the NA test this coming fall - and continuing as far as possible with testing. And, of course pheasant hunting in Kansas. For those considering a versatile hunting dog, we strongly recommend a Wire-haired Vizsla, and as such, recommend Zsofi and her kennel. She is a loving and dedicated breeder, whose interest goes beyond the simple breeding of dogs, rather extends to improving the breed and all the while deeply caring for all the dogs in her kennel. It is too bad that there isn't a "6" rating, if there were Zsofi would be the only one in that category.
Submitted by: Shawn on Apr 06, 2017
Truly great breeder of WHVs! I brought my started female over from Hungary, Zsofia was great to deal with and made the entire process smooth and easy. There are good reasons why Zoldmali can be considered the world's best breeders of Wirehaired Vizslas, their dogs are exceptional in terms of form, talent, desire, intelligence and willingness to please. In addition, our WHV arrived off the plane after a 9 hour flight calm and composed and then promptly eased into a busy household with young children. A testament to the breeding of stable, well adjusted dogs with an off switch.
Zsofi and Laszlo are exceptional dog trainers and their achievements speak volumes. I am so happy with our dog from Zoldmali, she has exceeded my expectations in terms of sheer talent in the field and her stable, calm demeanour in the house. I would highly recommend Zoldmali - certainly this is the only kennel we will deal with for WHV's.
Submitted by: Ronald Brokhausen on Apr 05, 2017
Zoldmali Gumo...age 20 months now, purchased at 8 weeks.
Buying a puppy from Zsofia is a breeze!
After much research on the HWV breeders, I chose the Zoldmali kennel and Zsofia's expertise in selecting breeding lines. Note...her dedication to the HWV's true purpose shows in her dogs. Zoldmali Szinva is the first WV to win a Versatile Champion in the NAVHDA tests at the age of 3...incredible accomplishment.
Zoldmali Gumo has exceeded all expectations, getting a perfect score on his NAVHDA NA test last year. I expect the only thing that will hold him back is my talents in training him.
He is a natural hunting machine, using nose to track and find birds, even in his first year afield. He also is the perfect companion, willing to please and smart. (Oh Lord help me, smart)
If I could give higher than a 5 rating, I would.
Submitted by: Andy Bailey on Apr 05, 2017
I purchased a female pup (Zeline) from Zsofi at Zoldmali Kennel in December of 2016. She was out of Extreme (sire) and Rozi (dam). I have owned and trained Vizslas for over 25 years and title dogs in 4 different disciplines (hunting, tracking, obedience and agility). Can't be more happy with my purchase as Zellie has a great disposition, eager to learn and is a quick study. I have started her in agility and hunting training. I purchased Zeline as breeding quality stock and her wiry coat started coming in nicely at 4 months. The whole purchase and shipping process was very easy and Zsofi was a pleasure to work with. Through emails and a couple of facetime audio calls I got all my questions answered, was able to see videos of the sire and dam working in the field and had plenty of pictures of Zeline to make an educated decision. My decision to purchase from Zoldmali Kennel versus an American breeder was based on the fact that Zsofi breeds and trains for a dual purpose dog (field and confirmation) where the majority of American breeders were not placing an emphasis on the field aspect of their breeding. The cost was comparable to purchasing from an American breeder if you consider having to travel to pick up the puppy. As I hope to breed Zellie and advance the working qualities of the breed, I will be going back to Zsofi for her input and expertise. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or purchase another pup from Zoldmali Kennel. It is obvious Zsofi has a passion for the breed and does all the right things to prepare a pup for a new home. Can't go wrong with Zoldmali Kennel.
Submitted by: Roland Blanding on Apr 05, 2017
Zsofia a Zoldmali is exactly what one should expect when dealing with a gundog breeder. She is passionate about the breed, her dogs are her family, and she breeds for natural hunting ability 1st. Her success with the breed is world renowned. If you are looking for a well adjusted versatile hunting companion with superior natural instincts you can not go wrong with a puppy from Zoldmali.
Submitted by: Shawn on Apr 05, 2017
I have a started female from Zoldmali that I brought over from Hungary. Zsofia and Laszlo are great people to work with - they are passionate about their dogs, thoughtful about the breeding program, a wealth of knowledge and exceptional trainers. They also guided me in the process of bringing the dog over from Hungary - there was no guesswork!
It is no surprise that the kennel is breeding consistently exceptional dogs in form, desire, drive, biddability, coat, temperament and natural talent. I now have a dog that is not only a joy to see working in the field (she effortlessly covers ground and has an exceptional nose) but she has an off switch that allows her to transition to a busy household with young children. She loves to work, is extremely athletic and talented but loves her family. I would highly recommend Zoldmali, both as breeders and trainers. There are many good reasons they should be considered the best breeders of Wirehaired Vizslas in the world. I am very grateful for the female we have from Zoldmali andI will be going back to them in the future!
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