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About High Country Airedales

Pups from proven stock. Game of all kinds and sizes, water retrieving,service dogs, State Cert Therapy dogs,UD titled dogs, Obedience titled dogs. These are working dogs, bred for working people.

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Airedale Terrier
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Don Turnipseed
P.O. Box 13
North Fork, California 93643
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: H. McCorkindale on Oct 01, 2011
I purchased Ernie, my Airedale, from Don at High Country Airedales about 4 years ago and he is just simply GOLD! Ernie is the most confident, friendly, well-tempered, intelligent, fun, athletic, charismatic, big-hearted, quick dog I have ever been around. I can't say enough positive stuff about this dog!
He passed all of these advanced levels of training to be in films and t.v. with flying colors (some really hard stuff!) -- the quickest learner I've ever seen in a canine! Goes right to his mark, follows the "commands" and looks straight at the camera on cue PERFECTLY. And when we're out at the dog parks he is ALWAYS one of the fastest, most agile, athletic, talented dogs out there, chasing balls with lightning speed and jumping WAY up in the air to catch frisbees, etc. We call him Ovechkin sometimes (after the hockey player) because he is just that awesome of an athlete! People often comment that he runs like a race horse! He can take a tennis ball away from ANY dog (and they shouldn't try to take it away from him if they know what's good for them!) The only thing he can really chase out here in LA are squirrels, ducks & cats, but he does a darn good job of it and we often have to hold him back, as he's just THAT quick! The hunter instinct in him is so strong, we wish he'd have some opportunity to use it on something other than his stuffed toys! Maybe a trip to Yosemite to do hunting with Don's dogs one day?

And lastly, he is so sweet, gentle & loving with tiny children and babies, so a perfect family companion. He showers EVERYONE with kisses and just wants to play play play all day long. He is what Don calls a "real alpha", meaning he never starts a fight EVER. But if someone tried to take him down, he'd win! He brings love and laughter to all he meets and gets more attention when we are out and about than any dog I have ever walked. We love him and know we made the best choice out there by going to Don up in North Fork. I've been around dogs my whole life, but he is my first dog of my own. He was a strong-willed pup and still is, but I was up to the task and got a dog who is GOLD in return. When I'm ready for a second, I will be calling Don again! Maybe Ernie will need a Bert one day :)
Submitted by: Mike Berger on Jan 11, 2009
I just purchased a pup from Don and couldn't be more pleased. Don told me he breeds 'working/hunting dogs' and thats exactly what I want, I'm not looking for a show dog to prance around a ring, I live in 'the country' and want an 'all around dog' that will guard my property, follow my horse when riding, and also have strong hunting instincts and plenty of grit and drive.When I picked up my pup at the airport, I expected to see a scared, confused little dog in the crate, (after eight hours of flying, transfers e.t.c.) instead, I found a calm, confident 'little fella' that when taken out of his enclosure, started walking over to a cactus, to 'check things out'. He rode home snuggled in my lap and spent the night in his crate, (no whining). I constructed a temperary kennel in the yard, put him inside, and again, no whining.He was 8 weeks when he arrived, and by 12 weeks was housebroken and sleeping on a pad at the foot of my bed.At 13 weeks I am taking him on hour long walks in the desert, firing guns over his head,(no problem),he comes when I call, curls up at my feat in the evening and doesn't want the other (large) dogs to take 'his spot'. I have had many pups and never seen one with this degree of confidence and tractability. Don told me he has spent many years developing a line of 'super airedales', and I believe him. I can't wait for 'little Jake' to become 'big Jake'.
Submitted by: Meena Moitra on Jan 07, 2009
I have a dog by High Country Titan, out of High Country Natasha. Julius, dob 07.13.08, is awesome!!! Eager to work, even temperament, great appetite, solid nerves, adapts quickly to all that is presented. Worked well in 1st series of obedience classes; getting ready to start in Rally-O in Feb. 09. Plays beautifully with all sorts of other dogs at park. Was house-trained at 4 months.
Never mind the fact Julius is gorgeous, IMHO. Great coat, true black, nice red, perfect ear set and good working proportions.
Best of all Julius is my willing partner.
As for Don, his care for his pack, his study of dogs, and overall integrity - can't go wrong. He lives for them and takes no shortcuts in his breeding program. Temperment, health, drive, and looks. It is all there.
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