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Breeding pudelpointers for 15 years

Eight Natural Ability Breeders awards.

Utility Breeders award.

Versitile Champion

We breed only for quality not quantity.

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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Patrick Shea on Oct 14, 2011
Mark's dogs are top shelf. I have personally seen over a dozen of them "working" and have nothing but admiration for his lines. I have also seen a lot of other pudelpointers from other breeders, and wouldn't buy a dog from anyone but Mark. I bought a dog in 2007, and managed a 112 in a Navhda Natural ability test at 14 months in '08. In 2011 I ran him in Utility and got a Prize 1, 202 out of 204 points. The dog has a ton of drive, is very social, tolerates my 3 year old no problem, and has that "off" switch in the house. I got the flu last year, and then it passed around the house from family member to family member. Dog was relegated to the yard or the dog bed in our bedroom and he just laid around for two weeks. No destructive behaviors you might see with high drive hunting dogs that aren't exercised daily. He is so connected to me it is like he can read my mind...
Anyhow, I am not one to write reviews, but Mark's dogs are all he says and more. Gonna get another pup in a year or two I hope. Don't really need it though, as the one I have does it all.
Submitted by: Tim and Debbie Baugh on Jul 16, 2007
Mark Westerlund of Dreamwork Gun Dogs lives in my home town and before I got to know him well had heard that he was a breeder of dogs. I learned quickly that pudelpointers were his passion and it took him no time to excite my wife Debbie and I about the breed. A wonderful, loving and highly intelligent hunting dog seemed a bit much to be true, but turned out to be so. I hunted with Mark over two of his dogs for chukars in northern Nevada more than several times before asking him if I could end up with one of his dogs. Luckily he said yes and the rest is history.

Dixie Belle Huntress Westerlund Baugh, as I refer to her, has been a blessing. Dixie, Debbie and I have all learned plenty about chukars and the beauty of hunting them; so much that when people ask me about her I tell them that she is a "Chukar Dog". Maybe the most challenging upland game bird in the west, the chukar tests the physical ability and stamina as well as the training induced and natural attributes of a dog.

We have found that a pudelpointer's needs are simple but require commitment and regiment. It is important that they be exercised hard an hour each day, love to be loved, and of course require a good diet and the services of a top notch veterinarian.

I would not call it a down side, but if there is something to watch for it is the breed's extreme enthusiasm for the hunt. It can put a dog in danger if they are not allowed to cool down, consume water and rest. The pudelpointer has an abundance of heart and can get into trouble if the hunter does not look out for them.

Debbie and I have had dogs of other breeds and have loved them dearly, but our pudelpointer has been a treasure and has opened up the world of bird hunting and gun dogs to us both beyond our wildest dreams.
Submitted by: Ken Reynolds on Jul 12, 2007
If your looking for a Pudelpointer, then I'd only recommend Dreamwork Gun Dogs. I have had many different hunting dogs and none of them have the overall qualities of the versatile Pudelpointer.
Laci, is my best friend. She is 4 years old and played a part in Marks success in obtaining one of the many "Natural Ability Breader Awards" and "Utility Breeder Award". I have taken her to South Dakota, Nevada, California, Arizona and Montana, where we have hunted ducks, pheasants, quail, geese and grouse. I have guided and used Laci, to point and retrieve my clients birds....one time as many as 124 birds in two days. Laci, plays with my grand kids and gets along with neighbor and friends dogs. She will play "retrieve the dummy" for hours and has made as many as 5 blind retrieve of dummies....on birds.....endless...it you get my point. Mark hunts his dogs and only breeds quality Pudelpointersf from proven traits. I have recommended Mark and his kennel to many friends and all have been 100% satisfied with their dogs achivements and finished product.....a quality hunting dog and companion. For those looking for a quality hunting dog, family dog, and dedicated companion then you can't go wrong with Mark and Dreamwork Gun Dog Kennel. Call him and you will see what I have found to be the most professional, and compassionate breeder/trainer in the business. By the way.....Pudelpointers do not "shed".
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