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Suncanyon Setters has been producing English Setters from top field Champion bloodlines for over 25 years. Our breeding program has a proven track record of producing natural front running setters that develop early, exhibit the desire to handle, physical power plant to run the country as it unfolds and the brains to do it right. Here in the southwest they have to tough enough to handle the desert terrain, and the heat.

Most of our setters go to hunters all over the country, and have proven themselves on wild birds from the northwoods on grouse and woodcock to south Texas on bobwhite quail, to pheasants in the midwest, chuker in the northwest, to the piney woods in Georgia, on several species of quail in the dry desert southwest, to partridge in northeastern Canada and everywhere in between. They have been proven in field trials from NSTRA, US Complete Shooting Dog, NBHA, walking and horseback trials; including the National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship. Our customers are hunters who demand quailty, class, intelligent hard working setters whether foot hunting, falconery and even southern plantations.

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Paul Grogger
4730 E Desert Forest Trail
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Paul Gardner on Jul 04, 2010
I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to thank you for selling Jaeger to me. I managed to get him out a few times on wild chukar before the season ended and he did fine for 5 month old puppy. The snow was too deep or I’d have gotten him out more.
Once the season ended, I started working him on whoa and retrieving in my shop, but he really didn’t need either. He is a natural retriever and has always retrieved to hand. I also didn’t need the whoa training to get him to point. He natural points about 40 yards off the birds. He also backs naturally.
The whoa training did come in handy once I started working him on live birds. When the birds would start to run so would Jaeger, but it only took about 10 sessions to work through that.
He is now just shy of nine months old. He points and never creeps. He is absolutely gorgeous on point with a very high head and rock solid perfectly erect tail (occasionally it will curl forward slightly, but his fan is so nice it hides this). I’ve trained him steady to wing, but in competition he breaks when I mount the gun (or so I’ve been told by the judges) which I’m fine with. He backs instantly. He retrieves aggressively and to hand. His range is moderate, 150-450 yards so he’s not All Age material (I’ve already got that covered with Roxy), but I expect him to open up once we start hunting.
I’ve run him in six competitions and he’s won two of them. He would have won three others but I didn’t shoot when he broke on running birds.
They say you only get one great dog in your lifetime, but I have been fortunate to have 3 and a half. One is a lab I breed myself, the other three I got from you (the half is for
Roxy who is a joy to hunt behind but either takes first in competition or last depending on whether she wants to run or wants to find birds; I think she has a dozen wins and a dozen lasts). Being president of our local bird dog club and having either shot in, judged in or competed in over 100 competitions, I think I’m a pretty good judge of what a great dog is, so don’t take that compliment about your dogs lightly.
Submitted by: AZ Pointer Ranch on Jun 25, 2010
I have known Paul and his program for some time now and he breeds some top quality Setters. I have seen his dogs perform at American Field trials and do very well. If you are looking for a Setter then you want to talk to Paul. You will not be sorry you did.

AZ Pointer Ranch
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