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We are grouse & quail guides who guide for grouse/woodcock in Wisconsin, Bobs and pheasant in Kansas, Chukar/Quail in California and three species of quail in Arizona. Our dogs hunt wild birds over 100 days a year in the forests, the plains and the desert. We have roughly 13 dogs on our guiding team at any one time. When the need to add young blood to the team arises we've found the best way to insure getting a high quality pup is to have a breeding of our own. Every two or three years we have a litter at Nissen's Classic Brittanys. The latest litter is due to hit the ground in March 2013. Training programs available.

As we have been in the guiding business for over 30 years and hunted with thousands of dogs, we are in a unique position to evaluate dogs for possible pairings. The dogs we select must be natural pointers, hard hunters that will adapt to the style and range needed to hunt a variety of wild game birds in their natural habitat. They will show the cautiousness needed to point ruffed grouse but also be able stretch out and hunt birds in the prairie and the desert. Around the home they will be calm, lovable and charming, well socialized with all types of people and other dogs. As one or two of these pups will find a home with us you can be assured this is not a random breeding as our livelihood depends on having top notch dogs not only in the field but in the house.

Classic Bird Hunts and it's Brits were recently featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Shooting Sportsman Magazine.

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Submitted by: Dick Wenninger on May 18, 2019
Having hunted with Nissen’s Classic Brittany gun dogs for over 20 years, I can say these are the finest pointing gun dogs I have ever hunted over. These dogs range widely while always under control. They point and hold birds for unbelievable amounts of time, reset when necessary, honor each other on point, and locate downed birds with skill. At home, the dogs are soft, gentle and loving. They love the trading game and it shows in the woods and field. I highly recommend Nissen’s Classic Brittany’s for the serious hunter who wants a real pal at home.
Submitted by: Jeannie Fenceroy on May 09, 2019
In November of 2017, my family and I made the significant decision to expand our family by one canine member and get a puppy from Nissen's Classic Brittanys. The breeder was very professional, accessible, knowledgeable and explained to us, the new puppy parents, what to expect and how to be good "puppy parents." The puppy, who our son named Caesar, was an absolute joy. For the most part, he came to us potty trained. We had a bell on the door for him to ring, when he had to go outside. Although our puppy has more energy than most dogs, he's obedient and very lovable. He's regal and muscular and very smart. Our vet cannot say enough good things about Caesar's health and well-being. I would recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking for a Brittany to join their family. We feel so blessed to have Caesar and are very grateful to have had such a good experience with this breeder.
Sincerely, J. Fenceroy, Fox Point, WI
Submitted by: Wes Stueber on Dec 17, 2016
I met Mark years ago hunting in both WI and OK w/ him and his bird dogs. I was recently in need of another pup to join the team and contacted Mark and Pat. Luckily, they were to have a new litter coming in April of 2016. Of the 8 puppies born, only 2 were males, one of which I wanted. Ace came home w/ my wife and myself later and has been a joy to be around. He's quite a character..! At 4 months of age, I began training him on quail. All this early fall he was worked with on pointing. He is a sharp little dude! He is in his first full season now at 8 months old, and doing well. Other than quail & pheasant, he will be adding Gambles, Blue and Mearns to his LIST later this season in AZ and TX, also. In Sept. he had a blast going after Ruffed grouse in Canada - his first BIG trip. He loves to strut around carrying his birds before giving them to me. You cannot go wrong getting a puppy from Mark and Pat - they love to raise them and it shows! Thank you...!
Wes Stueber
Submitted by: Jennie Smith on Oct 17, 2016
We will never buy a dog from any other breeder than Nissen's Classic Brittanys! Our puppy Sassi was born on April 1, 2016 and has been the easiest puppy we have ever owned. Pat spends a tremendous amount of time socializing, handling and caring for her puppies. We've owned several dogs over the years, including brittanys and I have never met a breeder as excellent as Pat. Sassi was crate trained and had an idea of potty training already when we brought her home at 7 weeks! Sassi is very obedient, loves to learn new skills, and is confident and aware when working the field. Our puppy has a loving disposition and is happiest when she is spending time with her family. Great hunting dog, and great family pet! I highly recommend Nissen's Classic Brittanys!
Submitted by: Mark Nissen on Apr 01, 2016
First I will have to admit to having a certain bias as it is my mom who does the breeding. That being said, we take the last pup left from each litter and they become a part of our Orvis endorsed upland bird hunting guiding team. Male or female, big or small, all dogs have been excellent hunters and great house dogs with lots of character. They adapt well to all species of upland birds and adjust their range to the terrain being hunted. They have strong pointing instincts with just the right amount of cautiousness. And best of all our grandchildren love them to pieces!
Submitted by: Randall Matis on Apr 01, 2016
I have spent time with, and have hunted many of Nissen's Classic Brittanys. I have found them to be quite birdy, biddable, and a well mannered lot. Pat and Mark are clearly aware of their breeding program, producing fine looking dogs beside their hunting attributes. I would recommend NCB to anyone looking to acquire a truly classic Brittany!
Submitted by: Armstrong Family on Dec 17, 2013
We own a puppy from Nissens Classic and have had a wonderful experience, enjoying every minute. This is especially remarkable considering we are first time pet owners. Rudy is four months old and has adapted to our family and routine so easily. He is everything we wanted in a pet; lovable, enjoys the outdoors like we do, low shedding, smart and easy to train. He is the star at training and if we had a nickel for every person that stops us to comment on the breed of dog or just how darn adorable he is we'd have a hundred dollar bill in our pocket. My husband enjoys bird hunting as a hobby and in the spring Rudy will begin bird hunting training. Our experience with Nissens has been excellent. Pat helped us get Rudy home which was 4.5 hours away,included all information we needed for our vet, his AKC registration, his food to get him started with little adjustment and is available for questions too. She loves her dogs and has a tears in her eyes as they leave her home. Our puppy is part of our family and it is hard to imagine life without him.
Submitted by: Carol Earley on Dec 11, 2013
Bogey is awesome! We lost our 20 year old cat this summer and the house was too lonely and organized so I did my research and decided a Brittany would be a good fit. Little did I know how wonderful Pat and Mark would be to work with. We met with Pat and Sabrina (the mom dog)prior to the puppies being born. Pat kept us informed and shared pictures for the first 8 weeks. During puppy classes, the trainer commented often how smart Bogey was and how quickly he learned besides just being adorable. Our little Brittany puppy turned the family room into a play zone. Our house is filled with love and excitement and we could not be happier!! I did read "Puppies for Dummies" before we got our Bogey since I have not had a dog since childhood. That was a huge help in knowing what to expect and no surprises. Bogey is a wonderful addition to our family. We do not hunt but go for long walks and jogs. I recommend Nissen's Classic Brittany's to anyone interested in a Brittany.
Submitted by: Barrett on Dec 08, 2013
I've not owned any of this breeder's dogs, however I've hunted over them since 1998, so that covers several generations of their dogs in the field. Training certainly makes up a part of the experience, but these dogs are obedient, enthusiastic, biddable, and dedicated in the field. You spend little or no time waiting for the dog handler to get the dogs attention, or to get a runner back to business. they know their job; they do it very well; they point, flush and retrieve as they are instructed to do; they back and perform with abilities that are hardwired into the bloodlines. To have lunch among a dozen or so of them sleeping happily and dreaming of the afternoon's birds to come, is something of value.
Submitted by: Don Kirmess on Dec 08, 2013
Well Beau is going to be 4 years old in the coming January and I can say that having Beau has been a real pleasure since we got him as a puppy. This is easily the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. I've hunted Ruff Grouse and Pheasant with him and he's done a great job at both. Among his tributes are hunting wild birds(obviously)and being a very loving pet that wants to be with us and please us no matter what we ask of him. My wife has taught him to ring a cowbell when nature calls, do his outside business in a 6'x6' gravel pit we affectionately call "the potty pit" (no stepping in something unwanted under foot), when he plays with his toys that we keep in a bin we put it on the floor (or ground outside) and he picks his toys out one by one to play with, when he's done we tell him "Clean Up" and he puts his toys back in the bin. He also does the typical doggy tricks like rolling over, sitting, staying and many others. For the hunters out there thinking of getting one of the pups from Classic Bird hunts all I can say is this French Britt that I got from them is a hunting and retrieving machine. Points well and holds the point, retrieves are nothing short of fantastic and has a soft mouth. In the 4 years I have hunted Beau I have yet to have a tooth hole in any of the birds that Beau has retrieved. At home Beau is a real treat too! His laying at my feet as I type this and when done he will follow my to watch TV and either snuggle on his bed or lay with my wife on the couch. He's one very easy going dog with us and with strangers that come to visit. When we decide to get another Britt it will be from Mark at Classic Bird Hunts. I have been at their home base during hunting season and have been with as many as 8 of Marks Britts at one time. All have been biddable and very affectionate and possibly the most easy going bunch of dogs I have ever been around.

I would highly recommend that anyone considering a Britt to look at the Britt's from Classic Bird Hunts. Mark really has some great dogs!

Don Kirmess
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