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About Jayhawker Perm Regd Brittanys

Dual Quality - Field and Show for a Balanced Hunting and Family Companion Brittany. Top Standings in Canada for Show, Obedience and Field ( Puppy and Derby so far ) . American and Canadian Champions ,with Field Trial pointed and Hunt Test Titled. Health Certified with OFA and CERF. Family house raised puppies. References available. I'm very proud of my puppies and my wonderful owners and I try to show that on my website. I'm posting a Few here but there is alot more on my website that my owners have shared with me, Have a look!  I am there for my owners to help if they need me.  My puppies are excelling in Show , Field ( Trials or Hunting ) , Rally-O , Obedience, Aglitiy. One of my pups is also being trained for Search and Rescue in the Colorado Mountains which is exciting to know he will be Saving Human lives!

 Stud Service Available to OFA Certifed Registered Quality Females.

Am.BISS / Am.Ch./Can.Ch. Jayhawker's Masked Bandit - OFA Good ( USA Field Trial placements , 1st Award of Merit at the American Brittany Club Summer Specialty )

Click here to see Bandit's Gait

Ch.Jayhawker's Maxwell Smart FDJ , FD - OFA Excellent - Here pictured winning 1st place in Open Derby for 2 points toward his Field Trial Title.

Picture of Jayhawker's Just Casey - on his 1st Duck Hunting Trip at 7 Months old -  Show pointed:


Jayhawker's Runnin Down A Dream - Tilly, pointing at her PA. Field Trial - 7 Months old , She is USA Field Trial Pointed with her Puppy and Derby points for her FC and AFC titles and Show Pointed :

Picture of Beautiful Can.Ch.Jayhawker's Smoking Quinn Fortwo FDJ - Can. Field Trial Pointed. Very proud of this boy and his Owners.

Picture of Can.Ch.Jayhawker's Agent Ninety Nine FDJ , FD - Dallas, Can. Field Trial Pointed, Awesome hunting Dog pictured here retreiving from Water:

and Dallas again on Land, Dallas even retrieved a Canada Goose for her owner( Not pictured). It was hard for her with the birds size but Dallas's desire to please and retrieve is very strong..

Conformation is just as important to me. Here is a picture of Kiddy winning 2005 Canadian National Specialty Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Female, She has Field Trial Placements. Kiddy is Sired by one of my Ch. Boys - Can.Ch./1999 NBPIS Jayhawker's Sharptail Ranger FDJ.  Kiddy is OFA Good and CERF Certified and will have puppies early 2008 sired by AFTCH / FTCH / Ch. Kinwashkly Smoking Hank FDX - OFA Excellent /  CERF - Click here to see her page


Picture below is of Jayhawker's Tucker To The Rescue - learning to repell down a Mountain in his Search and Rescue Training, He is also learning Water Cadavor Training. You can read about Tucker on my website. One day soon he will be Saving Human lives like his Companion Brittany he lives with:

Am.Ch./Can.Ch./Can.National Best Puppy 2004 / BPIS Jayhawker I'm A Teddy Bear Too, CD, AmRN - Tess, pictured below with a perfect score in Rally-O, She is amazing in the Field also with Strong Pointing Skills. She will be going for her field Titles in time. She is my most Health Certified Pup. Her owner took her in for OFA Hips , Elbows , Heart , Thyroid and Patella and CERF for her eyes and she has now passed all the Tests with great results. Very proud of that girl and Very Proud of her owner. She will have pups in 2008. Click here to see Tess's page

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Lori Haldorson
529 Spring Haven Court
Airdrie, Alberta T4A1C5
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 17 years.
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Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Joanne Archibald on Nov 14, 2007
We first met Lori over the internet in early 2006 and were delighted to meet her in person a few weeks later. Shortly thereafter, our female Jayhawker's View From Saturday joined our household. She is now 21 months old and has 9 points toward her Canadian championship. She is a great representative of her breed, correct for height and weight, beautiful mahogany coloured markings. Throughout our dealings with Lori, we have found her to be enthusiastic, ethical, open and fair-minded. Her breedings are carefully planned and the success is evident. She is eager to follow the lives of her dogs long after they have left the nest. Her Brits are defintely bred to be dual purpose, but they are also beautiful pets and precious family members, reflecting true Brittany temperaments, intelligence, loyalty and affection.
Submitted by: Vic Retherford on Nov 14, 2006
In my opinion, Lori Haldorson is a quality breeder ranking with the best, both in Canada and the U.S. I believe this opinion has been repeatedly validated by the accomplishments of the dogs bred by Lori.

I feel so very fortunate to have contacted Lori through her website where I found my best friend, great hunting partner, and a beautiful show and field trial competition dog.

Lori kept my boy, BISS/AM/CA Ch. Jayhawker's Masked Bandit, for 6 weeks and made it possible for him to become a Canadian Ch. She has kept in touch asking for updates frequently and has never failed to answer one of my numerous emails.
Lori is a hard working, dedicated and conscientious person. She strives for excellence in the quality of her dogs and she helps and nurtures her carefully selected owners as much as their needs dictate and her time allows.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Lori for my wonderful dog, Bandit, and for all the help and support you have given me these past 5 1/2 years. You are doing a SUPER job. Keep up the good work.

Vic Retherford

Submitted by: Greg Biamonte on Oct 25, 2006
Hello everyone!!

I am exceedingly happy with the dog I purchased from Jayhawker Kennels. The dog exceeded all my expectaions thus far though he is only 9 months old. He already hunts ducks and upland game birds like Pheasant and Hungarian Partridge.

Here for example is an experience I had this past weekend.

My father and I took Casey (our 8 1/2 month old Brittany) Pheasant hunting for 2 days in southern Alberta. The birds we were pursuing were not "released" birds, but the wild ones. Casey had been exposed to "released" Pheasants on a couple of previous occasions and I had spent considerable time training him with a frozen pheasant since August. He was already well familiar with the scent of a Pheasant. What I was unsure of was how he would deal with a running bird.

When we reached the designated area, I equipped Casey with his "skid pad" chest protector and a "beeper" collar. The chest protector is useful in limiting burr attachments on his chest and belly, as well as prevent brush from stripping hair and scratching his underside. The "beeper collar" sounds when Casey locks up into a point.

Once we were ready, I released Casey from his traveling crate, gave the command to "hunt the bird" and began to follow him. Characteristically, Casey runs with his nose down for about 25 yards, then stops, raises his head to scent the wind, and checks back for my position. He never lets me out of his sight. Casey quarters and extends as much as 50 yards in front of me. When he gets wind of a bird, he snaps into the direction of the bird like someone yanked on his leash. Nose down, he then investigates further.

There were a couple notable events in the day for Casey. One was when he found a wily old rooster Pheasant. We were hunting in an area already passed over by another group of hunters with dogs. Casey had been quartering about 40 yards in front of me when I heard his "beeper collar" sounding. I look over to him and saw him pointing in an unlikely spot for a Pheasant. I was not sure if he had spotted a snow bunting, a rabbit or something else but carefully played along. I slowly walked over to Casey with gun at the ready while encouraging and coaxing Casey by repeatedly saying "eeeaaassyy" "eeeeaaasssy". When I reached Casey, I slowly walked past him...but no bird flushed. I then commanded Casey to "find the bird". At this command, Casey jammed his nose against the ground and moved on the hot trail of the Pheasant. His tail wagging profusely. He also stopped, puffed his lips and snorted a couple times, I had never seen Casey snort or slink along the ground like that before. I knew something was up. He bulldozed through brush and I knew he must be on a running Pheasant. In less than a minute we had covered about 60 yards. Suddenly, a long tailed rooster exploded from the grass about 20 yards in front of us. I loosed two shots but missed both. Casey did not seem to care. He was so excited, he chased the bird for over 100 yards as it flew off into the distance. I let Casey go and savor the moment. After all, hunting was supposed to be fun for everyone.

Over the course of the 2 days, we put up 21 Pheasant and over 60 Hungarian Partridge. We all had a great time nonetheless.

I cannot imagine how good the dog will be next year.

Submitted by: Ed & Janet Rossie on Oct 24, 2006
We decided to own a Brittany about 5 years ago, we looked at all the breeders, noting their commitment to Hips, as we knew this was breed issue.

Lori Haldorsen at Jayhawker Brittanys was the most diligent breeder we could find on the web, she was committed to breeding only the best Brittany's that she could.

We started out looking for a PET. we fell in love with a Brittany "Show" and "Field" dog that Lori had bred. Lori would not sell her to us unless we agreed to either show or field train her, and have her hips OFA certified at 2 years.
We loved that dog and so we agreed and signed a contract on the dotted line...

Have we been repayed? You Bet! Many times over. Sienna (Ch Jayhawkers Sienna Marnier) had her OFA xray at the University Hospital in Saskatoon and the doctor there brought me into the xray room to show me what he believed was the best Hips he had ever seen!

That was when we agreed to Breed Sienna, because we know nothing about Dogs, but we knew we had something special, and if Lori was committed to breed dogs like that we were more than willing to help her along....

check out her website at www.jayhawkerbrittanys.com we did and now we are also committed to helping Lori breed the Best Brittanys.

Ed & Jan Rossie.
Submitted by: Franco Tallarico on Oct 23, 2006
I am very glad I went with Jayhawkers. Lori was a dream to deal with. Professional and very helpful. Our dog, Jayhawker's Princess Leia, is doing exceptionally well in the field. She got her FD in three consecutive tests and scored 98 on her first leg of FDX! She also has 7 points twards her show title with a major win under her collar.....I highly recommend Jayhawkers if you're at all serious about an awesome dual dog. Bred for Field and Conformation....ALWAYS>>>
Submitted by: Ann Harris on Oct 23, 2006
After 25 years of German Shorthaired Pointers I decided a smaller dog was needed and decided on a brittany. I very luckily found Lori who sent me the very best brittany anyone could possibly have. She (at 3) is now Am.Cdn. Ch. Jayhawker I'm A Teddy Bear Too, Am. RN, (OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Heart Normal, Cerf'd, Thyroid normal and Patella normal)aka Tess, is without doubt the dog of my dreams. She has a tremendous work ethic and will succeed in any field I decide to turn her to. I couldn't wish for a more ethical and supportive breeder than Lori - she believes in health testing and testing the dogs in the field and show ring - this was very important to me. Tess is certainly a credit to her breeding program.
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