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Field Bred Labs for the purpose of duck hunting / hunt test / companion dogs. AKC/UKC Registered. All of our breeding dogs are pedigreed from some of the best championship lines in the country. All have Hunt Test titles of their own and have been hunted over. All dogs have health certifications. Pups come with 27 month health guarantee for hips, elbows, eyes, CNM, and EIC. Training is available. We sometimes offer started dogs for sale.  Please see our website.

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Kenneth Farris
Somerville, Alabama 35670
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: S Howell on Dec 27, 2013
It’s been a while since Major left you so I wanted to give you an update on him. This is the first year he has hunted and I couldn’t ask for better results. I know he was a “Hard Case” but I really appreciate you not giving up on him. I know other trainers would have. He is very steady and he has done excellent this year. When I got him home, I really concentrated on obedience and it paid off. We are at a point now where I want to start pile work with him and I hope to get it started shortly. Every time I open the garage door he immediately jumps in the boat. He loves to hunt and all of my hunting buddies have been amazed at how well he has performed this year. Just wanted to let you know how he was doing and how much I appreciate the effort you put into him. It really paid off. Thanks!!
Submitted by: Mike. R on Apr 25, 2012
Give Kenneth Farris(South Wind Outfitters) a call, he trained my hunting buddy Hank and I have nothing but good things to say about Kenneth's work. Great trainer and great guy and for the great results you get he is more then reasonably priced.
Submitted by: Robert on Mar 29, 2012
We still have a long way to go, but we are a hell of a lot closer than we were a month ago and I have to say that I owe it to the help you have given to Hunter and me with Zeke. I think a month ago, an HRCH title was a dream to Hunter, now it's a goal. When that happens, I'm gonna come get you and buy you a big 'ol steak and all the beer you need to wash it down.

Keep in touch,
Submitted by: Mike on Mar 29, 2012
I thought that Angel’s initial interaction with Kenneth was very positive, even though he did a different type of training. Kenneth was very helpful from the moment I spoke with him by phone and I never looked for another trainer. Angel took to him and seemed happy to be back in a kennel environment while he trained her.Kenneth was always a gentleman and did not bash the previous trainer. He seemed less interested in how the dog got messed up and more interested in how to get her back on track. I was pleased that he seemed to use a predictable, fairly low pressure approach with all of his dogs. He did a lot of explaining and helped me understand some of her odd habits. After working with her for a couple months, he handled her to a seasoned pass in TN. Considering that at one point I was afraid that Angel was so emotionally damaged that she might have to be euthanized, this was a major triumph.
Submitted by: J Wisener on Mar 30, 2011
Thanks to Kenneth and Dawn Farris at South Wind. I have several pups with them for training and could not be more pleased. The training is exceptional but the care that the dogs receive is just unbelievable.
Submitted by: Brian Brooks on Nov 19, 2010
Want to give a BIG!!! HUGE!!! shout out to Kenneth at South Wind Outfitters (home of the beast Brody) Thank you for all the you did to help me get my dog HR Judge Hiram Brooks through all these test, it was a long process and well worth it. Thanks for not giving up on him and having the patience it took to get him this far. You do very good work Kenneth and it shows
Submitted by: Daniel Cobb on Feb 05, 2009

How has it been going? I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you've done with Ringo. I am very happy with him! He ended up retrieving 12 ducks for me after I brought him home. He brought them back and gave them to me like like he'd been doing it for years. Got him where when I tell him to sit, he stays there till I tell him to do something else. I can see me and him chasing alot of ducks together! Thanks again.

Daniel Cobb
Submitted by: Nick Biasini on Sep 10, 2008
Ken Farris is one of the most honest and genuine people. I am very grateful that I was able to find Ken and get a pup off of Brody. I not only gained a pup, but also gained a good relationship with a very knowledgeable trainer and breeder. Brody is truly an outstanding dog, and anyone would be very fortunate to have a pup from him. The dogs he owns are very well bred and excellent dogs. They have all of the traits that you could possibly be looking for in an incredible retriever whether it is for hunt test, field trials, just hunting, or just a good house dog. They are beautiful, well mannered, high drive dogs with consistent need to please and extremely trainable. I would more than recommend anyone to purchase a pup form Southwind Outfitters.
Submitted by: Todd Turley on Sep 03, 2008
I researched breeders within a 500 mile radius of my home in Northern Florida before selecting South Wind Outfitters, and could not be happier with my decision. The breeder Kenneth was constantly in contact with me throughout the entire process answering every email and phone call with expediency and accuracy. I was hesitant to purchase a puppy from so far away knowing I would not be there on selection day, but with the pictures and color banding process Kenneth uses, it was easy to keep track of each puppy as they progressed socially and physically. I picked a puppy primarily based on Kenneth's scoring chart
and I feel it was very acurate. Shadow is a beautiful black male lab that is very smart,so he was easy to obedience train. He is loving, social, and very athletic, he can run, swim and retrieve with the best of them! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a quality field trial dog or family hunting companion to check out South Wind Outfitters!

Todd Turley
Niceville, FL
Submitted by: Brian on Sep 03, 2008
I would like to say thanks to Kenneth at South Wind Outfitters. I bought a Black Lab male and it was an enjoyable experience. It was handled very professionally and I would highly recommend there services to others.

My pup is 7 months now and is doing exceptional. Come November, I'll have a new hunting partner.

Thanks again.
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